Dr. Swamy Speech at the launch of his book RESET Regaining India’s Economic Legacy

Explaining how Shri Pranab Mukherjee requested Dr. Swamy to write a book on the economy is how this new book of his, RESET came about. A must watch as an 80-year young thinker lays out his vision for India and how it needs to grow at 10 percent to solve the unemployment problem.


  1. Swamy is boasting himself too much and a set of people following think that swamy is the only ECONOMIST who can turn around the economy and he shoud be made the FM.Sorry P GURUS is lobbying for him.SWAMY will be critical of his own PARTY’S GOVERNMENT as he is not made FM,which he thinks is BIRTH RIGHT.If swamy has a GOOD WILL towards the PARTY and the people he should shed his EGO and meet the FM and his advice and suggestions as a great ECONOMIST of the CENTURY. people close to him should advise him so that the country can benefit or swamy should openly join the TEAM of YESHVAN SINHA and the shot gun of BIHAR.


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