EP-128: Sen James Lankford discloses from the US-Mexico border what Biden does not want US to know!

Sen James Lankford discloses from the US-Mexico border what Biden does not want the US to know! Biden plans to split the spending plan in two and more

Top Headlines
1. GOP Senators report from the US-Mexico border – What Biden does not want the US to know
2. Biden plans to split spending plan in two
3. India on Thursday reported 59,074 new Covid-19 infections, the highest in a single day since October 17, 2020
Sree Iyer: Namaskar, Hello and welcome to Daily Global Insights by Sri and Sree. Today is the 29th of March 2021. And this is episode number 128. Sridhar Chityalaji is still recovering and we hope to have him very soon as early as perhaps tomorrow.

Here are the main points:

GOP Senator’s report from the United States-Mexico border: what Biden does not want the US to know.

Biden plans to split the spending plan into two.

India on Thursday reported 59,074 new covid-19 infections, the highest single day since October 17 2020.

In US News: President Biden plans are split up the next big government spending push into two programs and will lay out the vision at an infrastructure focused fund proposal including green energy programs at an event in Pittsburgh this week, a top administration official said on Sunday.


Senator James Lankford visited the United states-Mexico border including a processing area under a bridge in McAllen Texas where he says, documented immigrants are allowed and up and will be eventually released into the United States. Watch this compelling video.

The video:

“It’s about 11:40 and I am James Lankford want to be able to give you a quick update. I’m in McAllen, Texas. Literally write head to Texas Mexico border this is one of the underground processing areas that has been set up literally under the bridge. This is a bridge that moves from Mexico into the United States that far in down there the bright spot. That’s Mexico right down there. They’ll show up down that spot they’ll be able to walk through their picked up by border patrol here. They’re organized. They get their name their information. They’ll go through a very basic screening. We can have like 10 people together that all say their family and if they have one child, that’s five or six years old. All these folks will be released tonight into McAllen, Texas out with what’s called a notice to appear. It’s a piece of paperwork saying you’ve got to show up at a court hearing. Some of those Court hearings are three years later. So literally there into the country for the next three years and then there are buses here at the end and those buses will take them into the central part of McAllen, Texas and they’ll just be released at a bus station from there and they can go anywhere in the country. This is the problem. This is one of the areas that the media is not allowed to be able to come. This is the thing that Biden does not want you to see is that literally, people walk across the border, they check in here and they’re all released 100% of the people that are here tonight will be released. So this is absolutely an open border situation for anyone who wants to come in from any country in the world. No matter what your background is, no matter who you are, if you come through this spot right here, you’re going to be released. This is what open borders really looks like and this is why this is a problem”

Blinken Dodges questions whether the US will pursue repercussions on China’s alleged role in the Pandemic.

In India News: The first round of polling is completed in Bengal.

Did Amit Shah meet with Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel in Ahmedabad, National Congress party is mum. While Shah neither confirmed nor denied it.

Maharashtra has the highest incidence of one day covid positives at 40,414.

In Global News: Ever Given Ship still stuck in Suez Canal, may partially be unloaded to make it lighter and be liftable.

Myanmar military kills 107 people including seven children in a shooting.

Defence Chiefs from a dozen countries on Sunday jointly condemned the bloodbath that took place on Sunday.

Mozambique attack foreigners and locals among dozens killed say military spokesperson a convoy was attacked by militants called Shabab locally. Some allege that this is an ISIS operation. More details are awaited.

This is all we have for new today. We will be back bright and Shining tomorrow morning at the same time and the same venue and until then goodbye and Namaskar.



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