EP 234 | Afghanistan Special Edition | Aug 28, 2021

EP 234 | Afghanistan Special Edition | Aug 28, 2021

This is Special Update on Afghanistan:

  • One Suicide Bomber killed 13 American forces and over 100 Afghan civilians
  • Many feel that Pakistan’s angle in supporting Taliban has been ignored by the Western Media
  • Biden administration in trouble over the Afghan evacuation chaos


  • The Site of the Incident that Killed 13 American Forces and more than 100 Afghan Civilians Fleeing the country
  • Pentagon Confirms that One Suicide Bomber Responsible with a Suicide Vest Responsible for Killing
  • More terror Attacks Likely as the Deadline Approaches tell US Officials
  • Pentagon says Taliban Released ISIS K Prisoners
  • Biden has been warned that another Terrorist Attack Likely in Kabul
  • Next Few Days of the Mission are likely to be More Dangerous
  • ISIS-K (ISIS Khorasan) is Seen as a Threat to Further Evacuations
  • Afghans Stranded and their fate will be decided in the next two days
  • It is alleged that Taliban Leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardar left Qatar in a C17 Plane from Doha, loaded with cash and equipment as he landed in Kabul to assume charge
  • The takeover was Swift, and the fallout of Afghan Forces was Abrupt
  • Many allege that the Western Media has ignored the Pakistani Angle in this analysis
  • Pakistan sheltered the Taliban and without its complex and multifaceted role resurgence of Taliban could not have been this swift per experts
  • US and Allies consistently have chosen to ignore the role of Pakistan
  • Most of the Taliban Leadership were domiciled in Quetta in Baluchistan and they move alongside the members of the local terrorist groups
  • The Taliban Leadership has also had access to various institutions in FATA and ISI seems to have provided all logistical facilities
  • Did they help and provide the leadership for the quick take over and it is being assessed?
  • Taliban Controls Most of the territories and has asked all Afghan Citizens to lay down Weapons
  • Has handed over the Kabul Security to the Most Dreaded Haqqani Network
  • All Prisoners – be in Al Qaeda or ISIS K have been released by Taliban and they are freely Roaming with American Guns
  • Pentagon also confirms that that Thousands of Islamic State Prisoners have been released by Taliban
  • We have seen Videos of Blackhawk Helicopters being operated in an Airbase
  • Many Terrorist Groups now operating with American Weaponry
  • Qatar has helped to Evacuate more than 40,000 People to Doha and continues, UAE More than 36,500 People
  • Germany Closes Embassy and ends its Evacuation with 5347 people evacuated, including 4,100 Afghans
  • Japan’s Evacuation Effort in Shambles with the C-130 Plane sent returning with One Passenger and some reaching nearby countries and others deciding to stay back
  • Japan has effectively suspended its evacuation Operations
  • Britain has declined to Specify when it would suspend its evacuation efforts other than to state that it will wrap by before US Leaves
  • France has evacuated 2,600 including 2,500 Afghans and Italy has evacuated 4382 Afghans
  • India has evacuated more than 565 People including Hindu and Sikh Afghans, No decision when it will end
  • Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Australia and New Zealand Complete have also completed evacuations
  • Biden Administration Teetering Amid Calls to resign
  • Biden Looks Completely Broken and Non-Coherent in the Press Briefing
  • There is a Potential Probe Over US Deaths in Afghanistan
  • Biden Doesn’t Deny Report of US Handing Over Names of Americans to Taliban
  • He However Vows to Hunt Down ISIS K After attacks, and the Success of His Mission is Driven by Taliban Cooperation which he often Refers in His Press Conferences
  • There will be a Day of Reckoning for Biden’s Actions on Afghanistan Says Kevin McCarthy
  • Republicans File Impeachment Articles Against Secretary of State
  • President Trump in his interview lambasts Biden for the state of affairs
  • Dumbest Move Made Ever in the History of Our Country
  • Woke Generals Have Shifted Their Priorities from National Priorities to Liberal Policies
  • They Did the Withdrawal exactly in the wrong order – People First, Machinery Second, And Army last.
  • What do we find – many people stranded and the most expensive and sophisticated equipment in the hands of our enemies
  • Russia Wants Them and China Wants them because they want to look at our equipment
  • Bagram Airbase is strategic with Proximity to Russia, China, Tajikistan, and Pakistan – would not have abandoned
  • Trump Agreement, News Analysts have reported that it’s a six pages agreement and the first point in the agreement is the presence of Afghan Government in the Transitional Government
  • No Attacks or Ceasefire Violations by Taliban Forces during the Execution Phase
  • Any attack on Americans and Allies would be met with disproportionate force and the agreement becomes void
  • This looks either botched up or completely ignored and what role Qatar and Biden Administration played is unclear
  • To conclude Attacks are Imminent and Threats Loom Large, and any attack on US soil could be the end of the Presidency. Next few days and leading up to Sep 11 and after are challenging times


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