EP-309 I Global Insights I Feb 16, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

EP-309 I Global Insights I Feb 16, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

Namaskar and welcome to Weekly Global Insights Episode 309. A shoutout to our viewers to Like this program so it can reach its maximum potential. Today is Wednesday, February 16th and here are the main points.

• Russia – Ukraine Developments:

o White House Takes Wait and See Approach as Russia Says Some Troops Pulling Back
o US Troops Heading to Slovakia from Germany for Joint Drills with NATO
o Ukraine Hit by Cyber Attacks as the Rhetoric Continues on both sides
o Russia ready to continue discussions with West on Missiles Says Putin, Stop the Hysteria he adds

• India News:

o In Maldives Indian Defense Secretary reaffirms Security commitment and Joint efforts for Military Capacity development
o Sri Lankan Finance Minister to Visit India to finalize the Economic Relief Package
o Some Indian Nationals including Students may consider leaving Ukraine as War Threat looms
o Taliban, Al Qaida, JeM, LeT links concerning, says UNSC Counter Terror Committee Chair Tirumurti
o India’s Exports increase by 36.76% to $61.41Billion in January 2022, and Overall Exports in 2021 April to 2022 January is estimated to be $545.71Billion, exhibiting a growth of 37.68%.
o Overall, the Imports for the Period April 2021 – January 2022 is estimated to be $611.91Billion
• China: Taiwan Defense Ministry said that Chinese Planes Flew Close to Dongyin, part of the Matsu Archipelago,off the Coast of Chinese Fujian Province
o Responding to Ukraine Tensions Taiwan says it is closely monitoring developments in China

• Asia News:

o Japan and Ukraine Diplomats Urge Diplomacy to Ease Tensions with Russia
o Germany which historically had maintained ties with Russia and China opens doors to Japan
o Malaysia which for past 40 years worked with West and ASEAN expands relationship with China for Markets and Investments
o Myanmar not to attend the upcoming ASRAM summit after regrettable exclusion of its DIPLOMAT by the block over the Military Crisis

• US News:

o Biden unfreezes Frozen Taliban Funds of $7 Billion Splitting Between 9/11 Victims and Humanitarian Aid, raising some eyebrows
o John Durham Investigation alleges, Trump White House Spied on and including The White House, and Trump’s Houses, raising National Security Implications. Clinton Lawyers Deny allegations
o Most Democrats say Hillary Clinton should be investigated for the Spying Scandal
o As Inflation Soars, Biden pushing for additional spending of $30Billion to support COVID 19 Aid

• Europe News:

o Ukraine says it alone is responsible for joining NATO and not any other nation
o COVID restrictions ease across Europe notwithstanding high number of Active COVID cases
o Polish Veterans prepare for Enlistment as Ukraine prepares for War

• West Asia

o US eyes Israeli Robots for Middle East Operation as PM Naftali Bennet Reaches Bahrain for discussions
o Russian Defense Minister Arrives in Syria for Joint Naval Exercises
o Israeli Diplomats Reach Vienna for Iran Nuclear Talks

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