Guilty as suspected: Agenda masquerades as outrage

By targeting the Modi regime, Left-liberals expose themselves as partisans

The Left-liberals mob burst into customary anger and indignation
The Left-liberals mob burst into customary anger and indignation

Why is it that Naxals or Maoists don’t appear anywhere in the rants of Left-liberals?

The aftermath of every major event in India is formulaic, predictable, and theatrical. A Left-leaning journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh is shot dead in Bengaluru, a case of cold-blooded, premeditated murder. The Left-liberal mob burst into customary anger and indignation. The saffron brigade responds with its typical crudity and coarseness. And politicians thoughtlessly try to score brownie points. Murder most foul becomes a game.

The Press Club of India meeting was almost hijacked by the familiar Modi haters

Lankesh was killed on Tuesday evening, and the next morning members of the Press Club of India were informed about a protest meeting in the club precincts; that’s par for the course. What, however, was objectionable was that the meeting was almost hijacked by the Fabindia, not-in-my-name crowd—the familiar bearded-spectacled-kurta-clad radicals, politically correct fads spewing feminists, sundry activists, even some anti-BJP politicians. In short, the familiar Modi haters.

The despicable remarks made by Modi-bhaktas lent a semblance of credence to their rants. The slain journalist, they said, had it coming. There was also some glee in their social media comments—an anti-national, pro-Naxal activist has been killed. One of the bhaktas even called her a b##ch. Sadly, the deranged guy boasts of having Prime Minister Narendra Modi as his follower.

“Anybody who speaks against the RSS/BJP is attacked and even killed.” said party vice-president Rahul Gandhi

Unsurprisingly, professional revolutionaries and Opposition leaders insinuated the Sangh Parivar’s involvement in the murder even before the investigation into the crime had barely started. “Anybody who speaks against the RSS/BJP is attacked and even killed. They want to impose only one ideology which is against the nature of India,” said party vice-president Rahul Gandhi. This was in line with his belief that something as nebulous as Hindu terror is more dangerous, more dangerous than Islamic terror. I say nebulous because so far no incidence of saffron terror has been proved in a court of law.

CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury too joined in the fun, alluding to the ruling BJP’s role in the crime. “The cold-blooded murder of Gauri Lankesh is reprehensible. Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi – such murderous violence has an eerie pattern,” he tweeted.

Not to be left behind, RJD chief Lalu Prasad, that champion of peace and probity, also tweeted, “Noted journalist and critic of right wing politics #GauriLankesh silenced in New India. Terrible time for dissent. RIP Bravo journalist.”

Needless to say, no intellectual reminded Yechury that in 1982, when his party ruled West Bengal, the state witnessed its largest ever mass lynching. On the morning of April 30, 1982, 17 Ananda Margis, including a nun, were murdered in broad daylight, allegedly by CPM members. The Jyoti Basu government concealed the facts regarding the gruesome massacre from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Fourteen years later, the NHRC had to take up the probe of the case, but nothing has come out of it.

“She succeeded in bringing a couple of them from Naxalism to the mainstream. For that, she was getting some hate mails, hate letters”

Nor has any parlor pink questioned Lalu Prasad’s own record. Journalists have been murdered under his watch in Bihar, allegedly at the behest of politicians owing allegiance to him.

In their jihad against the Modi dispensation and the Sangh Parivar, Left-liberals completely ignored the other suspects, the Naxals for instance. Her brother Indrajit Lankesh told NDTV, “She succeeded in bringing a couple of them from Naxalism to the mainstream. For that, she was getting some hate emails, hate letters.”

Why should this angle be ruled out without any investigation? The Naxals or Maoists have a history of violence; they have killed thousands of people—security personnel, politicians, innocent people. Why is it that they don’t appear anywhere in the rants of Left-liberals?

This is not to say that saffron hotheads did not kill Gauri, but only a probe can prove that. But to assume that they did that without any evidence, and that too with the connivance of the Modi dispensation, is absolutely unjustified.

By targeting the Modi regime, Left-liberals have actually exposed themselves as partisans who are interested in furthering their agenda and not bothered about justice to the fallen journalist.

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  1. The BJP is bunch of crude people (except some) who neither know what is good for them and what is good for the country. The burden of defending Modi ( and BJP, by that act) is being squarely taken up by the people (Bhakts ?) on Social media. The crude and senseless comments made by BJP leaders is harming their own cause. The Gauri Lankesh case is an example. Instead of pointing out that that lady is actually a convict in a defamation case filed by BJP and is out on bail, or that the Lady happily shares Tweets of “swachha Keralam”(Killing od RSS Activists) and hence is no saint as portrayed by the Liberals, they make insensitive comments and hand the initiative to the Liberals. Sometimes one feels digusted with these people and wonder if they are worth defending !!!

  2. I am very sure that she was killed by one of her own people.There are elections next year and the narrative has started like the church” attacks” in Delhi,”nun rape” in Calcutta and we can expect more from these ruthless people on the same line.Logically speaking since these murders benefit them the needle of suspicion is on them if one were to look into motives.And very deliberately they botch up the investigations and prolong it indefinitely so as as to not catch the culprits.They can’t catch one of their own,can they?

  3. A fair and balanced article. The more ‘liberals’ cry ‘wolf’, the more they spew venom on Modi mindlessly, the more they will strengthen Modi’s hands because their credibility with the people is very low.


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