Rahul’s Howdy bloomer

Does Gandhi mean that all the companies will give all the money thus gained to Modi to bear the cost of Howdy?

Rahul’s Howdy bloomer
Rahul’s Howdy bloomer

The Congress leader’s tweet linking Howdy with the fiscal package reeks of Leftwing pathologies

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s tweet jeering at ‘Howdy, Modi!’ in Houston and linking it with the important steps the Narendra Modi government announced on Friday to boost the economy may appear to be a routine salvo hurled by an Opposition leader. A closer look, however, suggests a serious malady that afflicts the grand old party.

“Amazing what prime minister is ready to do for a stock market bump during his #HowdyIndianEconomy jamboree. At + 1.4 Lakh Crore Rs. the Houston event is the world’s most expensive event, ever! But, no event can hide the reality of the economic mess ‘Howdy, Modi!’ has driven India into,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet is given below:

One is not sure if the Houston function is the world’s most expensive event ever, but it is quite clear that it won’t cost Rs 1.4 lakh crore; that’s a lot of money by any reckoning. Evidently, the figure Gandhi threw up is the estimated cost of corporate tax rate cuts Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Is Gandhi suggesting that the estimated loss to the exchequer because of the corporate tax cuts, Rs 1.45 lakh crore, is because of the Howdy event? But the gains from the reduction would go the companies. For Sitharaman slashed the base corporate tax for existing companies to 22 per cent from current 30 per cent. Inclusive of surcharges, cess, etc., most companies were paying about 35 per cent, which will now come down to 25 per cent. For the new domestic manufacturing firms, incorporated after October 1, 2019, and starting operations before March 31, 2023, the rate would be 15 per cent, down from current 25 per cent.

Does Gandhi mean that all the companies will give all the money thus gained to Modi to bear the cost of Howdy? Does he really believe in this preposterous theory? Is he living in a fantasyland?

Even if he is not, his coterie definitely is. Consider this: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) alumnus and ultra-Left activist Sandeep Singh joined Gandhi as a new political advisor in March this year. Singh also is said to be writing his speeches. With friends like Singh, does Gandhi need any enemies? And with enemies like Gandhi, does Modi need any friends?

A man is not just known by the company he keeps; he also gets transformed by it. The process seems to have completed in the case of Gandhi, for the tweet linking Howdy with the fiscal package reeks of Leftwing pathologies.

Commies and very many liberals believe that the top political and business leaders are hand in glove; their common goal is to exploit the poor and fool the masses. These self-appointed guardians of the meek of the earth also believe that the economy is a zero-sum game; the rich can flourish only at the expense of the poor. Since the slashing of corporate tax rates helps fat-cat capitalists, this must be bad for those at the bottom of the pyramid. To keep their attention diverted, Howdy is being organized. Hence the exploitation and the fooling. QED.

Needless to say, the pinkish intellectuals, and their prop Rahul Gandhi, can’t see that economic slowdown is not just about rich industrialists losing their wealth—or it not growing at the rate they desire it to—but, more importantly, it is about the millions of poor people. Lakhs of them have already lost jobs; this is extremely painful, especially as the unemployment rate is at a 45-year high.

For the umpteenth time, the Nehru-Gandhi family has proved that it is in the likeness of the Bourbons of yore: they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

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  1. Does the writer of this article have his brain inside his pichwada? It’s amazing how stupid the author is. What Rahul Gandhi meant was that the tax break was given to corporates to bump up the stock market in time for the Modi event so that Modi can boast what a grand economy he is creating. Everybody knows that such bumps are temporary and evaporate quickly and at same time increase the financial debt of the nation.

      • That’s all the real subject matter bhakts can come up with: Abuse anyone with concrete subject matter and call them names. No wonder these brainless bhakts are easily brain washed by fake nationalism and ego pumping Hindutva of BJP.

      • Who cares. Dig your own grave. After couple of years people like you will be jobless on streets unable to buy basic things. Jai Ho pranam mudiji.

  2. Good write-up. But it’s really not worth spending time to write on that dumb head. Even Narayana must have lost his sleep on twisting and turning on shesha shayana having created him.

  3. Good article.

    One agrees withe author.

    Why are pappu and his rants given so much importance.

    Bharat is one the move.

    150 million lifted out of poverty in 5 years.

    That is something to celebrate , not deride.

    Our slogan should be” Dil mange more”

  4. It is not about reproducing from The Hindu. The blog is well written alright. My objection is the importance given to Pup Poo. Journalists have many techniques. Serious criticism of an idiot non entity is one way to keep that creature in the reckoning. These days I wonder if in general several media persons are not providing such a service to this …… well…….this….whatshisname(?)

  5. When Rome was burning, Niroh was playing violin. Forget about RG claimed cost but what is the need of the rowdy event? In 70 years we gota got a PM ,the most expensive.

    • Reply from the author – The charge against me is absolutely baseless and silly. The person who claims that I have reproduced a piece from The Hindu must substantiate the charge by providing the supposedly original copy.
      By the way, two persons expressing similar views is not plagiarism. Many people have slammed Rahul for his tweet. Lifting an article from a newspaper or website means reproducing it fully or substantively.


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