Is Sonia Gandhi greater than the law of India, which is impenetrable to investigative agencies?

When ED can issue summons to several big politicians for questioning, why can't they call Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? No one is above the law

When ED can issue summons to several big politicians for questioning, why can't they call Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? No one is above the law
When ED can issue summons to several big politicians for questioning, why can't they call Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? No one is above the law

Rahul, Sonia Gandhi has to follow the law

We reject the truth, only then are we vanquished by truth,” said Rabindranath Tagore in a very well-known phrase.

The Indian Constitution stipulates that, rather than emerging from someone’s womb, the king of this nation (President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister, etc.) would be chosen through the ballot box. The custom of making the king from the womb is a thing of the past. However, there are still some people in this nation who are misinformed. What came out of it? Answer: Their bad luck.

I was in Delhi in June 2022. The area adjacent to Delhi’s Khan Market is considered a very posh area. With a friend of mine, I was travelling there by car. There was a lot of traffic in one place and most of the vehicles had Rajasthan numbers. I inquired as to the purpose of the several Rajasthani vehicles gathered here. The driver then informed that the ED had called Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for questioning. These Rajasthan-based Congress workers have come here to protest for that reason.

I was shocked….have come from Rajasthan to protest!   Well, then things kept happening here and there. There are protests in Delhi as Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is summoned to be questioned by an investigative agency in India. But why protest? I had this query in my mind, but I was unable to put it in writing.

Today, the same thing is happening again. The reason is Rahul Gandhi’s mother and Congress President for the last several years, Madam Sonia Gandhi has also been called for questioning by the ED. Then a similar trend of protests follows. Again, I found myself wondering “why”? Is Sonia Gandhi above the law of India? Why she cannot be questioned? After all, what is the problem with questioning Sonia Gandhi? Why are the leaders of Congress incensed? Do they not trust the country’s judicial system and investigative agencies? Is Sonia Gandhi beyond criticism?

In these protests, Congress leaders across the country are tasting scrimmage. Rahul Baba is rolling on the road. Congress’ Chhutbhaiya (Small) leaders and others, whomever the media asks, are seen chanting only one melody, “Democracy is being murdered.” Maybe no one told them that hey! Brother Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi is not a democracy. And where is the murder taking place? They are being just interrogated. Is interrogation a murder? And where is democracy in Congress? As far as I am concerned and most Indians would agree that there is a ‘family system‘ in Congress. Then how did democracy get killed? If we look at history, it is known that democracy in independent India was murdered by Sonia Gandhi’s mother-in-law and Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother Indira Gandhi by imposing an Emergency. How will these poor BJP people kill democracy? They are engaged in the gratification of all, and their thirst for gratification (Triptikaran) is such that they ignore the death of their own workers or even death threats to them.

Both mother and son are out on bail in the National Herald case. In this case, why are the members of Congress creating such a fuss in the face of flattery if the ED summons these two for interrogation (which is within the ED’s purview)?

I snicker while feeling terrible for myself. Pratibha Singh (MP) wife of Late Raja Virbhadra Singh, is also experiencing shocks in these protests and she is also shouting Zindabad Murdabad. People in Congress will claim that this reflects her loyalty to the party. It is either flattery or compulsion, in my opinion.

They actually had to have cheerfully assisted this inquiry and addressed the nation with an ideal. However, they spread anarchy. This incident also supports one of my writings on Rahul Gandhi, “Rahul ‘The Anarchist’ Gandhi.”[1]

The idea that I foolishly expect from these veteran leaders of Congress has already been articulated by the current Prime Minister of the nation, Narendra Modi. He had been thoroughly “roasted” by the UPA government of Congress while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. But he gladly cooperated and today he is ruling the hearts of the people of the country and waving the flag of India all over the world.

Congress leaders are behaving as if they are not citizens of this country. All are equal before the law of India. Then why do they need special treatment? If the rest of the people can go without any hustle and bustle in the ED probe, then why is the problem with Sonia, and Rahul?

When ED can call National Conference President Farooq Abdullah (MP), Trinamool Congress’ Abhishek Banerjee (MP), Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut (MP) and another leader Anil Parab, NCP’s top leaders Ajit Pawar and Nabab Malik, Anil Deshmukh (who served as Deputy Chief Minister in the Maharashtra government), Karti Chidambaram (MP), Karnataka veteran Congress leader D Shivakumar, and Delhi government’s health minister Satyendra Jain, then why can’t they (ED) call Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi? Both of them are MPs like others. Why is there so much ruckus in the case of these two?

Now, the question of why the ED does not call the BJP people may come up. The simple answer to this is that the parties whose leaders are being called, those parties, and their people should brainstorm why fingers are being raised toward them.  In my opinion, investigative agencies like the ED operate in accordance with Indian law and the Constitution, never taking a decision without careful consideration and workouts.

So, it is important to let the agencies carry out their duties. By raising such a fuss, Congress leadership is either trying to inspire their supporters to save the party’s sinking ship or is collecting content for the media and social media. But it is now an established truth that the enlightened people of India are not going to take them seriously due to such an anarchic uproar.

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2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] Rahul the ‘anarchist’ GandhiJun 04, 2022,

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam. congress party is a sinking ship. They have thousands of crores of looted money and properties everywhere that brings hundreds of crores of rent money, Pappu can not win with his personality and his sister is a disaster with the criminal history of her husband. they feel by attacking Modi ji and fooling the people saying democracy in danger,they can start a mass mob movement. Their strength is their capacity buy thousands of criminals goons to start riots all over the country. They have kept hundreds of judges on their payrolls. These judges declared Nupur sharma as a criminal and declared her as guilty with out hearing her case, we need to fix the courts first and start confiscation all their properties and mke them fight to take their properties back.As sonia Chidambram have invested big overseas, they can create chaos and anarchy in the country.


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