Rahul the ‘anarchist’ Gandhi

Everything written in this article by the author is based on statements made by the Congress's 'Young leader,' who has been recharging his batteries in other countries

Everything written in this article by the author is based on statements made by the Congress's 'Young leader,' who has been recharging his batteries in other countries
Everything written in this article by the author is based on statements made by the Congress's 'Young leader,' who has been recharging his batteries in other countries

Indians need to rethink whether Rahul is really a ‘Pappu’ or an ‘anarchist’?

The title of this article may surprise readers. Because the image of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is well-known throughout the country. That image has been emphasized by leaders of Congress on numerous occasions. And followers of the BJP can’t seem to get past that single title ‘Pappu‘. Even during election season, he is referred to as the BJP’s star campaigner. This piece is not based on a fantasy, and I have no ambition to cause a stir or become famous. Everything I’ve written in this article is based on statements made by the Congress’s 51-year-old ‘Young leader,’ who has been recharging his batteries in other countries. I’m not writing this to hurt anyone’s sentiments; rather, like Rahul Gandhi, I’m merely using my right to freedom of expression and speech.

This article will make Indians rethink whether Rahul Gandhi is really a ‘Pappu’ or an ‘anarchist’? His statements are constantly laced with anarchism and intended to incite people to create anarchy throughout the country. This article is based on the last year’s worth of tweets from Rahul’s Twitter account.

In his bestseller book ‘Kahaani Communists Ki,’ renowned author Sandeep Deo has exposed the ‘Rajguru’ of Congress, the great Nehru, as a communist. After reading that book the reader will be able to understand when does Congress become a communist, and when do the communists become the Congress? Anarchism and communism are often used interchangeably. There are numerous examples that may be used to establish this. The question ‘When does the Congress become a communist, and when do the communists become the Congress?‘ can be understood by the example of Rahul Gandhi.

Example 1

Rahul, who has been citing the Constitution for quite some time, has been repeating a statement. With this infantile statement, he is playing the nasty game of “Nation vs Union of States.” It’s very simple to understand that in layman’s language or understanding, what we call Pappu, such a person could never create such kind of dispute. Because it’s not something that you’d ordinarily speak in humor.

As a result, Rahul’s ‘popular Pappu’ theory fails in the instance of ‘Nation vs Union of States.’ Then comes Rahul, the ‘anarchist’ Gandhi theory. We need to look at the history of the so-called “Indian” communists to understand this. We shall learn as a result that even Communists do not regard India that Bharat is a nation.

Isn’t it true that the Communists declared India a multinational state with 16 nationalities in a resolution passed in 1942?

Isn’t it true that the ‘Tukde Tukde Gang’ is leftist or communist?

Are those shouting anti-national and divisive cries like ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Inshallah!, Inshallah!’ and ‘Bharat ki Barbaadi Tak Jung Chalegi Jung Chalegi’, not communists or leftists or following in the Muslim league’s footsteps?

Secondly, who can deny that Rahul Gandhi is not sympathetic to these Tukde-Tukde gangs?

Isn’t it true that this Tukde-Tukde gang disseminates anarchism wherever it goes? whether it’s Shaheen Bagh or Jawaharlal Nehru University?

Has anyone ever seen communists objecting to Rahul Gandhi’s statements? Did Rahul Gandhi ever take a stand against these far-left liberal gangs?

In fact, tearing the country apart by fostering anarchy is a long-standing Communist nightmare. Rahul Gandhi is the outcome of the ‘Dutt Bradley Thesis.’ Rahul’s supporters defend his “Nation vs Union of States” statement by citing Article 1 of the Constitution.

But Rahul and his cultists fail to mention that Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution of India, stated that “states have no authority to secede from the Federation” and that the federation is “indestructible.” By making such venomous statements, Rahul is consciously pushing the communists’ anarchist agenda.

The Yaksha in the Mahabharat asks Yudhishthira Maharaj, When is a person considered to be dead? When is a country considered to be dead?” Yudhishthira Maharaj responded by saying, “A man in extreme poverty is as good as dead. A country in anarchy is considered to be dead.”

Let someone explain to Rahul Gandhi that the ‘nation’ he is denying is known in Sanskrit as the ‘Raashtr.’ By the way, using the English word nation to define the word ‘Raashtr’ is incorrect, but let’s assume. Rahul should study history because the word Raashtr originates in the Mahabharat period. The Hindutva that Rahul despises is anchored on the scriptures like Veda, Purana Ramayan, and Mahabharat. However, Rahul’s holy book was written in Italy.

By coining words like ‘Nation versus the Union of States,’ Rahul Gandhi is playing a dirty game. This is a conspiracy to destabilize India that is Bharat.  And for this, Rahul is stoking the fires of ‘anarchy,’ as described by Yudhishthira Maharaj in the Mahabharat.

Example 2

Read this tweet [given below] by Rahul Gandhi, in which he attacks the country’s well-known industrialist Gautam Adani, claiming that his wealth has increased, so why not yours? Isn’t Rahul Gandhi aware that the people employed by Adani’s companies are Indians? Will Rahul Gandhi assure us that no single Congress member in the country works for Adani’s companies or does not earn money from them?

Will Rahul Gandhi reveal that Adani was born in a country other than India? After all, what exactly is Rahul’s problem with the country’s industrialists? Has Rahul Gandhi ever said anything like that about his brother-in-law Robert Vadra? Is he still not making progress? In reality, the nation is curious about Rahul Gandhi’s source of income.

The purpose of Rahul Gandhi’s attacks on Adani, Ambani, and other industrialists is to highlight Modi and his government’s connivance with these businessmen. Rahul’s attempt is to sow anarchy by inciting the country’s naive citizens against them.

Why is their party’s Chhattisgarh government working with Adani if he is so opposed to him? Why is Adani being handed large projects? Is Rahul Gandhi going to come out and say something? No, the answer is no. By making such caustic utterances, his primary objective is to create an atmosphere of anarchy throughout the country.

Example 3

See this tweet [given below] by Rahul Gandhi; it’s fine because he’s in the opposition, and his duty is to oppose, but even during a pandemic like COVID-19, he sought to create the same anarchic atmosphere. While the country’s people are aware that the government imposed the lockdown at the appropriate time. During the pandemic, the public overwhelmingly supported the government and praised its efforts. But, the 51-year-old ‘Young’ Congress leader, Rahul the ‘anarchist’ Gandhi on the other hand, merely has to spread the anarchy.

After all, what’s wrong with Rahul Gandhi if someone chants Bhagavan’s praises? Foreign countries praised India’s vaccine strategy, and the government’s global ‘Vaccine Maitri’ Initiative was widely praised.

Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian president, even tweeted a picture of Hanuman Ji carrying ‘Sanjeevani‘ to express his gratitude to India. Even US President Joe Biden congratulated Prime Minister Modi for COVID-19 handling during the recent QUAD meeting in Japan. But Rahul ‘anarchist’ Gandhi is unconcerned; all he cares about is destroying the country’s atmosphere by inciting naive people to anarchy.

Example 4

Check out Rahul Gandhi’s tweet [given below]. He never fails to attack the RSS. However, he does have to appear in court for his statement on the RSS. Rahul had made this tweet during the ‘Violent’ Kisan Aandolan, which held Delhi’s borders hostage for the entire year. The RSS, according to Rahul Gandhi, teaches people to attack.

When did the RSS make a violent attack on individuals, someone should question Rahul? Can Rahul Gandhi name a single case in which the name of the RSS was written in lieu of the attacker’s name throughout the country?

The RSS, on the other hand, is attempting to bring everyone together. The RSS Swayamsevaks have demonstrated their bravery during disasters in the country. It’s a different story that Rahul has got Netradosh, an eye defect, at that time. Rahul Gandhi describes the so-called Kisan Aanodlan as non-violent in this tweet. While the entire country witnessed the ‘violence’ perpetrated by anarchic forces in Delhi’s Red Fort during the ‘non-violent’ Kisan Aandolan. Truth is that the entire country had witnessed Rahul Gandhi’s ‘non-violent’ agitators had held Delhi’s borders hostage.

Example 5

See this tweet [given below], in which Rahul Baba claims that “the land has been handed over to China.” Now, explain to me how a Prime Minister of a country like India today would hand over his country’s land to an expansionist country like China?  Isn’t Rahul Gandhi aware of this? Rahul, in reality, understands everything and makes such statements on purpose to cause anarchy in the country. While the truth is that Modi’s government has carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan and Myanmar. Also, the news of the Chinese army feeling the heat of the Indian Army in Doklam had reached the people of the country. As far as the handing over of land is concerned, its roots must go to the ancestors of Rahul ‘so-called’ Gandhi. The news of Rahul Gandhi signing an MoU with the Communist Party of China has also been in the news several times. To which Rahul has never opened his mouth.

Example 6

Hindutvavadi, Nafrat, and Kaayar take a look at this tweet [given below]. I’m not sure what kind of jargon this is. Why does Rahul Gandhi despise Hindutva so much? Is it because the Hindutvavaadi people have deposed the prince’s political party? In fact, these Hindutva ‘vadis’ are following the Constitution, which states that the country’s ruler or prince would be chosen from the ballot boxes, not from anyone’s womb. From Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi, this trend has undoubtedly continued. The Hindutva ‘vadis,’ on the other hand, have now twisted the wheel in accordance with the Constitution. That’s why, during the Uttar Pradesh elections, Rahul played the despicable game of purposefully humiliating Hindus in order to create chaos and polarize the non-Hindu vote. The people of Uttar Pradesh, on the other hand, taught Rahul anarchist Gandhi a powerful lesson. Yogi Adityanath, who is regarded as the face of Hindutva, received an overwhelming majority once again.

There are numerous examples that can be used to expose Rahul Gandhi’s “anarchist” character. Rahul’s hypocrisy is exposed when he criticizes BJP governments (which is his right as an opposition leader), but his mouth is glued to criticizing Rajasthan’s Congress government. Every day, Rajasthan makes headlines for inhumane incidents.

Even a minister in the Congress-led Maharashtra government is imprisoned on corruption charges, but Yuvraj, who is free on bail, does not say anything. The tribal community in Chhattisgarh is squatting in the forest to defend the Hasdeo Forest and agitating against the Congress government, but Rahul Gandhi, who backed the violent Kisan Aandolan, would not support the tribal community’s agitation. After all, what’s the point? Because the finger will be pointed at his party’s government.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi, the country has finally woken up to the ‘anarchic’ face hiding behind your Pappu mask. As a result, these devious ruses will no longer function. It is preferable to take a step back and contribute to India’s bright future; else, Wayanad, like Amethi, would not be a safe seat.

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