EP-282 | Daily Global Insights | Nov 23, 2021 | Daily News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

EP-282 | Daily Global Insights | Nov 23, 2021 | Daily News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

Namaskar and welcome to Daily News Global Insights Episode 282. A shoutout to our viewers to Like this program so it can reach its maximum potential. Today is Tuesday, November the 23rd and here are the main points of discussion.

• Philippines is set to resume the supply to its Troops in South China Sea after Blockade by Chinse Coast Guard

• Xi Courts ASEAN at Summit as Duterte hits out over South China Sea and says ready to sign ASEAN’s Nuclear arms free zone treaty. China on the contrary continues to Bully Bhutan risking South Asian Stability.

• US Admiral Calls for more Indo – Pacific Drills to face China Threat

• China Downgrades its Diplomatic Ties with Lithuania, while US and Taiwan is expected to meet next week for further expanding economic Ties

• Was Kurt Campbell Watching DGI Last Thursday, perhaps he was! He Sees India as the Fulcrum in the Indo Pacific strategy with Vietnam and next QUAD meeting planned for March 2022. He was speaking in a Think Tank last Friday

• Vietnam PM Visits Japan and with him a Delegation of 50 Leaders to Broaden Trade and Security Cooperation

• Europe is riveting with agitations Opposing Vaccine Mandates. Holland, Germany, Austria. On the Contrary COVID cases has been on the rise across Europe

• German Coalition Deal is set to be announced and imminent Government Formation, two months after the election.

• US Sends Patrol Boats to Ukraine amid tensions with Russia. Kremlin accuses West of Artificially whipping up Ukraine Tensions

• There is no letup in the Belarus Border tensions with more nations urging EU to intervene. Poland PM says Belarus will Use Afghan Refugees as blackmailing point in its border to secure its rights.

• India’s Q2 GDP pegged at 8.1% and FY22 Growth Now seen in the range 9.3-9.6%, with 42% of the Population Fully Vaccinated

• Indian Exports rose 55.13% to USD $223.54Billion while Imports for the same period rose 78.16% to USD $331.39Billion, leaving a deficit of USD $97.85Billion. Indian Exports are on target to cross $400Billion.

• India Invites Global Investors to join its Energy Transitional Journey at the Dubai Expo Meet

• Indian Government to Exceed FY22 Tax Collection Target, Exports of Processed Food Products and Agriculture grows by 14.7%

USTR Katherine Tai to focus on Market Access and revival of Key Trade areas

• Amid India – China Tension, China Deploys Long Range Strategic Bomber Close to LAC. Indian army will stand up to all forms of threats asserts, Army’s Vice Chief of Staff

• All Rafale jets to be delivered by end of April says French Envoy

• Indian authorities seize containers carrying radioactive material from Pakistan to China in Indian Waters

• Democrats Take Victory Lap on Biden’s Spending Plan as Pelosi Downplays Looming Senate Changes. Climate Accord and Amnesty Illegals top the numbers with Child Care Credits becoming back door entry for welfare payments without work

• Senate Adjourns for Thanksgiving After Impasse Over Defense Bill and with Build Back Better Bill, also delayed

• Texas AG Places the Blame on Biden Administration as yet another Caravan Approaches makes its way towards the Border.

• Mass Looting Moves to San Francisco Bay Suburbs for second straight night on Saturday. At least 5 Dead and 40 injured by Driver Driving through Christmas Parade in Wisconsin

• Kyle Rittenhouse Gives first Interview and says the Case Has nothing to do with Race, while marches and protests galore across US and both parties taking up opposite positions

• Drone Strike on US Airbase – is this Iran’s Retaliation for Israeli Air Strikes?

• UK to name entirety of Hamas as a Terrorist Organization


• US Stocks Rise to New Highs with Powell Reappointed as Fed Chair. Markets give thumbs Up.
• US battles COVID and Inflation
• DJIA up 16.2% YTD, S&P up 26.67%, NASDAQ up 24.59%
• Oil Prices Fall with Fears of lockdown contrary to left media nonsense
• US Treasury Yields Rise with Powell announcement and 10Year T Bonds at 1.59%



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