EP-310 I Global Insights I Feb 18, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

EP-310 I Global Insights I Feb 18, 2022 I News and Analysis with Sri and Sree

Namaskar and welcome to Weekly Global Insights Episode 310. A shoutout to our viewers to Like this program so it can reach its maximum potential. Today is Friday, February 18th and here are the main points.

• Russia and Europe – Ukraine Developments:

o Diplomacy appears to be faltering as Nations Slug it out in United Nations, with Russia and China on one side and Western Nations led by United States warning Russia of Dire Consequences
o Shelling in Eastern Ukraine spelled renewed fears of Ukraine invasion as Russia and United States Expelled Diplomats
o German Army Reinforcement reach Lithuania as War Crescendo gains momentum in Europe
o Lithuania Warns Banks of Cyber Attacks, Power Cuts Amid Fears of War

• US News:

o As US Inflation level reaches all time High, the Russia – Ukraine War could push the Inflation to 10% Plus
o As the “People’s Convoy” heads towards Washington DC, Police Action Looks imminent in Ottawa
o Former Obama Administration Says Biden is Dishonest on Inflation
o PA Universal Mail-in Ballot Law Suffers Another Defeat in a State Court as it Heads to the Supreme Court on March 8th
o Middle Eastern Illegal Immigrants now form part of the Group making their way to Porous Southern Borders
o In a 46-to-47 vote, the Senate blocked an amendment prohibiting tax dollars from going to enforcement of Mr. Biden’s vaccine mandate.

• Asia News:

o US has no intention to engage with China on Indo Pacific Economic Framework, but is working with its neighbors who share the same vision of free and open region devoid of threats and coercion
o China Uses the UN session on Ukraine to rebut US and Western Allies actions in Asia
o Japanese PM Mr. Kishida Urges Putin towards Diplomacy to resolve Ukraine Crisis
o ASEAN fails to achieve consensus on Myanmar Issue and both sides holding their respective positions as Cambodia tries to mediate

• India News:

o India Prepares for Evacuation of Students and others from Ukraine, as War Threat Looms
o India Rebuts Hijab Issue Charges Against India and asks it not to let Vested elements run the agenda
o India will hold the G20 Presidency from Dec 1 2022 to November 30 2023, and the Indian Government will establish a Dedicated Secretariat and Adjacent Forums to manage the Coordination of efforts.

• Africa:

o France Ends Military Operations in Mali after almost a Decade of fighting with Jihadi Forces
o Macron Meets with African Leaders ahead of EU-AU Summit to discuss Redeployment in Sahel

• West Asia

o Iran Nuclear Deal that is being worked on by world powers US, EU, Russia, China, Germany, France, UK and Iran place Prisoners, Enrichment, Cash First Prior to Oil Sanctions
o UN Appoints Arbitration Committee to Probe Apartheid Charges Against Isarel


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