Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum…🎼

Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum...🎼

Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum...🎼
Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum...🎼


  1. An irresistible temptation forces a recasting of the above cartoon as sketched below:

    An ailing (after his peri-detention torture) Arnab is wailing, shaking all over, “Woh Dekho mujh se rooth kar meri jaan jaa rahi hai!” His desperate reference is to the person fleeing with the very essence of his life, leaving behind with him only his dumb bodily waste. And he is brutally shy of returning the intercepting lady’s glaring stare.

    Just imparting a p(a)uranic sepia tint to the above imagery, the lonely Arnab Satyavaan is vainly obsessed with the anonymous Yamaraja scooting off with his soul of power, allowing only a void as the remainder. The intervening devi is not his devout Savitri, either. And nobody else is witness to what has been happening in this jungle.

    A Sanatani moral lesson to the would-be capriciously and maliciously foxy Arnab would be that he better shed off all his ahamkaara (= being the center of everything), mamakaara (= everything is subject to his influence) and maya’kaara’ (= only what he perceives is true). Only then would he be a reliably ‘genuine’ person, safely teamed up with Dharma and secularly tuned into the world’s reality.

  2. Does the Arnab toon say, “NOW THE GAME HAS JUST BEGAN”?

    “HAS JUST BEGAN”— is this embarrassing error or mistake just a typo, the grammatical tree of the correct tense lost in the artwork forest of artist Akshay Chanders’ concentration? Or another instance of managerial failure by, say, Sahil Mishra?


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