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When will the truth dawn on Bengalis?

Bengalis particularly the pseudo-intellectuals and self-proclaimed liberals (PISL), are ridiculing Mithun Chakraborty (MC) for joining BJP. They are pointing out that he had hobnobbed...

BJP and its Big Boss’ Decay – Top 10 Betrayals

There is a popular belief that all over the country, for the past 6.5 years it has been a ‘Hindu Nationalist Government’ in power...

Romanticising US election results

There has been a surge of romanticism in India over the US results Something funny is happening in India in the aftermath of the US...

Who is running the Country?

India went through de-industrialization during the British Era, which saw a remarkable change in the economy. We lost our traditional economy which was a...

Congress and 2024 – a battle already conceded

Congress's high power forum, the Congress Working Committee, known as the CWC is nowadays called the Congress Wrestling Committee. Most of the people who...
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