RVS Mani takes a hard look at WB, Kerala elections and the new concept of focused channeling

What is #FocusedChanneling? Is this what happened in Bengal and Kerala? Was there rampant cross-voting? What was the grease and how much? All this and more in this explosive hangout with R V S Mani


  1. Dear Maniji and Shreeji, thanks for having guts to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about west Bengal Kerala and the intentions of Abrahamic colonial forces and Islamic forces who are doing every thing to take control of our mother land Tragic fact is that so called our own people are helping them for so many selfish gains. what should India do now? shod we bring Uniform civil code and ban polygamy and sharia courts and laws. wse are getting few more Rajya sabha seats and this should not be a difficult thing for the center to get these laws passed. Should we take action against missionary-funded NGOs who are working under the table to fund anti BJP forces and convert large number of poor Hindus. should we take action to expel all foreign nationals from the state of west Bengal? what can we do for kerala? Should we make our temples strong and develop them into major tourist hubs and construct thousands of homes for Hindus to get settled there? Thanks a million for educating us good day namaskar

  2. To know the mutations, one need to sequence the viral genome. Neither the CT scan nor the current rt-PCR test will detect the mutation.


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