In 2019, Central Edu Minister proudly said that no changes were made in textbooks– Pandya explains

Why did the Education Minister proudly proclaim that no changes were made when it was clear as daylight that India’s History has been badly mangled in the textbooks children follow? A tall tale of E V Ramasamy Naicker being conferred the title of Socrates of South East Asia was falsely attributed to UNESCO when it was a local outfit in a small village of Tamil Nadu that conferred the title. Pandya explains all this & more.


  1. The Guest’s opinion that if Bharat was not partitioned, Hindus would have been dominated by Muslims and many more riots would have taken place. Hence partition of Bharat is welcome. But the partition of Bharat has boosted up the morale of the Muslims, which was subdued by the Marathas and the like in 18th century. And most of the Muslims who were pioneers of the theory of Two Nations remained in India and are acting on their agenda of making the entire Bharat, a Dar-ul-Islam. Hence the rioting even in the Partitioned India. If the partition was avoided, even whatever would have been the sacrifice to achieve it, the Hindu-Muslim question would have been solved to a larger extant.


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