Time for BJP to stop quoting Indian History and learn something from it.

If BJP really wants to lead India into a new era, they need to be like the new Indian, a dynamic one

If BJP really wants to lead India into a new era, they need to be like the new Indian, a dynamic one
If BJP really wants to lead India into a new era, they need to be like the new Indian, a dynamic one

If one watches any BJP leader, from Panchayat level to Union level, they all quote Indian History. Well, it is time they stop doing so. What’s the point of quoting from Indian History, if you don’t have the interest to learn anything from it and practice it? It is time BJP learn something from History and implement itmanasa, vacha & karmana i.e., in thoughts, speeches and actions.

In 2017, I wrote “Mamata Banerjee is set to rule West Bengal for a very long time” and explained with plausible reasons[1]. As BJP was expected to work in the next five years, I thought Mamata’s victory margin may be less. This is where BJP proved me wrong. They helped Mamata to consolidate her vote base by biting into the Congress-Communist base. Though BJP tried every trick in the book, the final outcome appears they were studying from the wrong book. Else, how can one explain, after making huge inroads in 2019, they failed so greatly?

BJP relied heavily on social media websites, which were minting money by encashing the super positive image of Narendra Modi

Like there are multiple reasons for the death of Karna, there are multiple reasons for the BJP’s defeat. After her victory in 2011, when she uprooted the bloody Marxist regime, this win will be savoured by Mamata very much. The win in 2016 was not a serious contest. And, the 2021 elections will be known more for BJP’s defeat than Mamata’s grand win.

What went wrong?

Any control engineer will tell you how important it is to get correct feedback so the process can be controlled optimally. Well, slowly and steadily, BJP distanced itself from the exact feedback. The Bhaktgan that not only criticizes but ridicules anyone who questioned BJP on any matter has simply relegated sincere supporters and well-wishers of BJP. After experiencing how Prashant Kishor, who worked for BJP before it conquered power in 2014, left the party and started serving any individual, who paid him should have made BJP’s think tank correct their course of future actions. Instead, BJP relied heavily on social media websites, which were minting money by encashing the super positive image of Narendra Modi. These portals simply carried out only positive news and became sort of private mouthpieces that did the job of official media in China or Russia. Not that everything they did was wrong. They only did not do some correct things.

Only if the so-called think tank of BJP has someone who can really think, this would not have happened. In fact, when Sanjay Raut advised BJP they should have someone on their side who can tell them what was wrong, Vinay Sahastrabudhe has retorted saying they lived with Shiv Sena for fifteen years, and all Sena did during that time was criticizing BJP. The scholarly gentleman was correct in giving facts. But, the decision-makers in BJP.

This explains one thing. That BJP never understood who was a friend and who was not.

In 2014, when Narendra Modi got a mandate, he did not seek votes on the Hindutva plank. He spoke of Vikas, development. In fact, he did not create a new India. New India, which has overwhelming aspirations, was craving for development, and that New India has chosen him. Reasons for the second win in 2019, were very much known to the top echelon of BJP. The bigger mandate was the result of ensuring the last-mile delivery of government’s services to the poor. Despite being the head of a capitalist party, Modi’s rule was truly a socialist one. When Mamata was also doing the same thing, how could BJP think they have an edge over TMC? Should there be not a better plan?

Any sane politician would have decided against allying with Shiv Sena in 2019. Well, there were reports that Amit Shah was against the alliance but was overruled.

In the first place, Mamata was not the sort of person who was against BJP. For the records, what BJP was saying in the last few years, Mamata spoke a decade ago – that of the influx of Bangladeshis. Now, taking a leaf out of the PM’s notes, a correct Gujarati would like to have her as a partner and not as an opponent. Yes? Then, why and how BJP allowed her to become an opponent and fought so fiercely that any unification is now impossible?

The answer lies in the way BJP tried to expand itself across India. And, this is what BJP has not learned from Indian History. Unlike in the imagination of its Bhaktgan, Akhand Bharat was in fact was a union of many kingdoms, even before Lord Rama’s father ruled Kosala. When these kingdoms fight with one another, anyone from Arabs to the Brits and even the French snatched a pie. What was the point of fighting with like-minded persons?

Chanakya, after the coronation of Chandragupta, ensured Rakshasa Amatya, the chief minister of Nandas, accept the same role under the new emperor. He offers Rakshasa an offer that he cannot refuse. Yes, the alternative to accepting the position will be death by Shoolarohan. And, BJP’s think tank doesn’t know how to avail the services of those who are their allies in the first place.

Remember Chandrababu Naidu, the first chief minister whose name was known across India? His party was an ally to BJP. When Modi announced demonetization, he made Naidu the head of the committee to oversee cash disbursement to all states. And, how Naidu was forced to part ways, was a classic example of how decisions are taken in BJP. And, how the Bhaktgan has humiliated Chandrababu, one of the famous chief minister in independent India, was really something. The same Bhaktgan forgot Jaganmohan Reddy was in jail for close to two years, whom they accused as the representative of corruption by UPA. It is not about Naidu or Reddy personally, but how BJP changes its priorities, which is worth noticing.

Any sane politician would have decided against allying with Shiv Sena in 2019. Well, there were reports that Amit Shah was against the alliance but was overruled. And, the decision was taken considering the stature of the founder of Shiv Sena, who was no more. BJP paid the price very heavily for this decision. Add to that, the early morning swearing-in fiasco is another example of “what not to do”. The maverick has used that one day to get all the cases against Ajit Pawar dropped and he was back as Dy CM with new friend Shiv Sena.

After TDP and SS, it was Akalis who were forced to part ways because of farmers’ protests. Though the decision to part with BJP was taken by Akalis and was a politically motivated one, was it not the responsibility of BJP’s leadership to stop them?

Now, who is with BJP? Oh, there is Nitish Kumar. The old Sushasan Babu, who can’t win the state on his own and can’t work with that ninth class drop out. And, did BJP ever analysed why the second innings with Nitish failed to provide superb administration, which they could in the first innings? No. They are happy that they are in power in Bihar. Don’t ask more questions.

In Tamilnadu, was it not the responsibility of the BJP to get the reports on Jayalalithaa’s death investigated properly? After all, she was said to be a sister like a figure to the Prime Minister. Still, someone from the party advised getting Sasikala into the alliance. Had they allied with Sasikala, Stalin would have got a landslide victory. For the people of Tamilnadu, who support AIADMK, it was OPS, who was anointed as the chief minister by Amma and not EPS. EPS was the candidate of Chinnamma, who was not considered as a leader. And, to think someone tried to ally with her, immediately after her release from jail is really funny.

Selecting the Metroman as their candidate in Kerala, was there another good thing BJP did in these elections – barring Assam? I would like to know.

It is time BJP do serious introspection, unlike the Congress who abhorred the word. It is time for BJP to recognise who are their friends and who are not. It is good to have friends in all places rather than having their own government in all states. And, what’s the point of forming a government just for the sake of it? Did ever BJP analysed why Madha Pradesh could not become like Karnataka, despite being ruled by the part for three consecutive terms?

Finally, about the Margdarshak Mandal. Did the top echelon ever discuss with the erstwhile leaders, who built the party? Some of the old guards, like Yashwant Sinha, has become renegades. Why BJP fails to keep the elders within the flock? Even Subramanian Swamy, who is now in BJP, acts as an opposition leader from within. Why can’t the BJP leadership talk to people who are its supporters? People still remember Advani and Joshi. If you ignore them now, you will be ignored tomorrow.

Maybe BJP’s think tank should watch some films to get real gyan encapsulated by the reel world. Like Spiderman said, “With great power, comes greater responsibility”. The onus of talking to all like-minded people and parties is on BJP, and not on others.

Continuing the filmi gyan, as Oogway said, “There are no accidents”. If BJP won Assam, it was because they have someone like Himanta Biswa Sarma, to lead the party there. What does BJP have in other states? Though BJP deputed Kailash Vijayavargiya to West Bengal, four years ago, they don’t have a proper head in the state. What can Vijayavargiya do, in such a situation? It takes time to evolve. Gaining power through revolution is really bad, as the communist world demonstrated. Except for selecting the Metroman as their candidate in Kerala, was there another good thing BJP did in these elections – barring Assam? I would like to know.

Every election is a new one. Rules change, with time and with the place. If BJP really wants to lead India into a new era, they need to be like the new Indian, a dynamic one. Hope someone listens.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


[1] Mamata Banerjee is set to rule West Bengal for a very long timeFeb 28, 2017, TFI Post


  1. BJP should organise a lecture, discourse or a course on historical Jaya Chand.
    Modi hai, to mumkin hai (When Modi comes, it is possible)
    For years BJP criticised politics of Nehru, « Nehru went to UNO, while Pakistan attacked Kashmir ».
    Modi lead BJP is good in raising emotional issues, but when faced with confrontation, they run away.
    Look what is happening in W Bengal.
    Modi through his conduct, has provided evidence, « Indians do not look after their needs, wounds till it becomes a cancer ».
    Modi’s conduct over the last 2-3 years = Absence of Conflict Resolution
    He has been giving advisaries, but not binding solutions.
    The results are here for you to see : his in-decisiveness (consistent)
    Central government raised its hands in helplessness while ‘Breaking India Forces’ conducted its Different experiments over months (Central govt. was sleeping, or stoned high on cocaine) :
    In Maharashtra : Since April 2020.
    In New Delhi : since Feb. 2020
    In W. Bengal :
    Look what is happening in W Bengal.
    Modi politics, « I shall never forgive Sadhvi Pragaya (an innocent tortured by Police in Maharashtra) for rest of my life »
    But Modi has not uttered a word for Mamata Bannerjee.

  2. 1928 :
    Khailafat movement about 90 years back with then accord of MK Gandhi.
    Hindus were massacred.
    Since 2014
    The script Narendra Modi followed has many similarities with script of MK Gandhi then.
    Since March-May 2021 :
    Viceroy Narendra Modi.
    Central government raised its hands, helpless while
    ‘Breaking India Forces’ conducted its Different experiments :
    In Maharashtra : Since April 2020.
    In New Delhi : since Feb. 2020
    In W. Bengal :
    Conclusion :
    Viceroy Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah rendered Hindus defenseless through fine dialogues/Talk shows.
    Central government would now onwards remain helpless, in despair.
    Today, before Viceroy Narendra Modi.
    In an airconditioned room ; Mr Nadda, President of BJP is doing ‘Dharna’ against masacre in W. Bengal. Mamata Bannerjee’s followers broke the BJP stage for Dharna.
    Please help (pass the collection bag) Viceroy Narendra Modi get his Nobel Peace Prize.
    Viceroy Narendra Modi is busy making another secret deal with Pakistan through back channels.

  3. VHP needs to form Hindu militias. Chrislamists are using Rice Bags and Demography. No ethics or morality trumps survival. Better to be hated by world and have Hindus survive, then allow Chrislamists to grow and commit more Jeebus Ullu genocides. End your opponents or face extinction like the Yezidi on Mountaintops.

    • we well said.The worst part is hindu named politicians are harming country from inside and outside with the help of media mafia. Roma’s and yezdis were pagans ( original Hindus ) who were hounded by chrislamists. At present 1000 Hindu families are surrounded and hounded by Islamist in West Bengal, a part of India ruled by BJP, so called Hindu nationalist party as branded by Vatican press . Himalayas are far away from Bengal to escape.

      In 50 years hindus will become like red indians in US and join yezdis.

  4. Pgurus, Sri Iyer has got an array of good writers and Kannan ji is one amongst them.

    It is true old core saner voices supporting BJP usually spend some time on Pgurus and hence subscribers base is slow in growth. And how many subscribers are from RSS and 17 crores (is it 11 crores?) BJP’s nationwide membership subscribe to Pgurus also?

    I remember Kannan’s article written on Mamata in 2017. Knnan ji is spot on.

    in my humble opinion PM Modi 1.0 and 2.0 is akin to MK Gandhi. PM Modi’s arrogance, stubborn, adamant attitude is appalling leading to disruptive decision makings. HM Amit Shah’s arrogance too is not good if one look at videos and…….

    Gist of Kannan’s suggestion and sane advice given to the Congressized BJP is similar to Dr.S.Swamy who has friends in all political parties and worldwide too. Look at Hyderabad MP Owaisi who gives special attention and respects Dr.S.Swamy very much because Dr.S.Swamy understands niceties and pleasantries in public discourses and debates in a complex country of ours. How about Modi and Shah or anyone in BJP/RSS?

    This oaf chief of BJPs IT Cell Amit Malviya abuses even elders and people like us who suggest better solutions to BJP leadership to do course corrections. Even after November 2016 DeMo, poorly implemented GST in July 2017, negative economic growths since 2015 (please read Dr.S.Swamy’s article predicted then and letter written to PM then) and sinking banking sectors, corruption New Normal post DeMo and Covid19 ‘second wave’ hit us very hard but we will support BJP/RSS views and ideology just to do course corrections.

    In 2014-2015, I was given to understand that Modi-Shah wantonly started to ignore Margadarshak Mandal and intended to herald NEW INDIA on their terms! Yes during first half of BJP’s term Indian map was 90% painted Saffron. Now look at it now to know the status in 2021! Nothing wrong in BJP finishing family based regional satraps.

    Modi used Dr.S.Swamy, late Ram Jethmalani, Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev’s popularity and after reaching the Summit in May 2014 kicked the “ladder”……….

    Before 2021 WB elections, cunning India Today rated PM Modi with 64% popularity, just misleading. Modi-Shah have been winning elections due to “ten years of anti-incumbencies” and I am not denying the fact that Shah’s social engineering is bad. His social engineering and polarization fell flat due to WB 2011 census on which BJP calculated moslem voters at 30%. On ground it’s 42% plus and over 400 club cultures in WB defeated BJP.

    To get feedbacks, BJP loves and likes data scientists who sit in USA and here too and Amit Malviya’s self defeating software system and lend ears to Power Point Presenting soot boot officers!! In some constituencies then and now NOTA gets more votes than the BJP candidates!!

    To strategies now and to reform and govern, RSS should recall PM Modi and or restructure NDA government with more powers and decision making also given to Nitin Gadkari, Dr.S.Swamy, Jayant Sinha, Piyush Goel, Suresh Prabhu, and groom MP Tejasvi Soorya et al and as advisers rope in Dr. Jaya Prakashnarayana of defunct Lok Satta Party, Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, and E.Sreedharan.

  5. Something really needs to go into the heads of Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. Strategy is key they know it but they end up making the same stupid mistakes unfortunately.

    Time to introspect for that COVID is the best time, stay home stay safe and think. Do no let people like Subramaniam Swamy who has vast intellectual experience go bare faced. You are committing a huge mistake before 2024 dear PM and HM

  6. Certain statements are incorrect. CB Naidu , SS and Akalis left on their own for their greed . They are all mini dynasty zamindars. What is the fate of C B Naidu now and what will be future of S Sena. Aligning with SSena in 2019 was a blunder with some hindutva lobby pushing for it. May be by S Swamy who is strong supporter of S Sena. BJP old guard were useless or else why Vajpayee lost in 2004 ?

    While all BJP allies were money grabbing parties, they were uncomfortable with Modis anti corruption drive. Further Modi is poor in judging people. Be it Chinese PM or Sharad Pawar. His main agenda is to make india a developed country. He is not a cunning politician but a preaching moralist and a man without desires, a negative point for Indian politician.

    Modi should learn from worlds greatest strategist lord Krishnas role during war. Drona, Bhishma,Duryodhana and Karna were unbeatable. Krishnas tips made them fall. Hope tough, new leader like Yogi succeeds Modi. Unfortunately RSS produces sevaks not leaders with political shrewdness.

    • Really? BJP allied with Mehbooba Mufti. BJP allied for one day with NCP and cancelled all cases against Ajit Pawar. BJP supports the regime of Jaganmohan Reddy. BJP was crucial in the theAIADMK completing its last tenure. There are many corruption allegations against BJP in Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.
      RSS produced leaders also. Only, nowadays RSS produce are also after power (ex: Eknath Khadse).
      The point I wanted to make and you missed was, BJP was on a spree in transforming its friends into foes. And, that is bad, even if it is not for politics.

      • BJP allied with M Mufti to penetrate ruling system before imposing 370. They were not after power.

        SS back stabbed BJP, a trait of Hindu politicians. BJP was not keen on power and believed some X and aligned with NCP believing that Modis guru S Pawar was in loop. They were again back stabbed. Any how A Pawar either way would have managed cases. By the way no politician gets convicted of corruption, barring Lalu.

        It is not BJP after Jagan but the other way. Jagan got 832 Cr assets attached by ED and is fighting his bail cancellation case.

        Nothing wrong in BJP helping AIADMK to complete its tenure. What is harm in this and you wanted atheists to take over TN midway.

        Corruption allegations are against every party, which cannot be proved in courts. Hindus are aware of corruption which you and I equally encourage , but vote when you give them ceiling fan,free food, mixies and free electricity.

        RSS produces leaders but train them to live on donations. They train leaders to do seva but not to become fighters.Vajpayee and Modi are sevaks not fighters.

        There are no friends or allies or foes in politics, only adjustments. With 13 allies Vajpayee lost in 2004.

        Please write an article which party and which leader you prefer to lead a complex Bharat other than BJP.

  7. Propaganda alone cannot win elections nor taking foolish advice from people like Guru Murthy to woo Devendras. What prevented BJP from building AIIMS Madurai in five years? Instead BJP was mocked by DMK for not completing this prestigious institute. As a friend of BJP I advise Modi and Shah to stop rhetorical speeches and to deliver promises before time. Of course heavy reliance on a few hand picked IAS, IPS, IRS officers to implement their projects will mislead them. I really wonder who is the IRS officer who conducted raids on DMK people to the detriment of BJP prospects. He should be sacked forthwith for helping the opponent.

  8. We voted for BJP in 2014 & 2019. I was in their party office during 2019 and helped them with drafting a few pamphlets. My REFUND from Income Tax Department is being dodged. I sent many grievances, emails to Income Tax Department Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman Mr. Narendra Modi after which I started tweeting.

    Immediately people with some 7 followers 5 followers (Obviously from Social Media team of Narendra Modi) start abusing me, insulting and so on. One person asked me to take up legal recourse & that Narendra Modi is not there to solve my INCOME TAX REFUND issue. There are many people facing the same issue, its not me alone. Who will tell Narendra Modi who simply has become deaf & blind

    This is strange. Why is there an issue how to resolve it as simple as that. But this Narendra Modi Cabinet has become head strong and aloof to people’s problems.

  9. Journalists take pot shots with every ruling govt when they lose elections…… it is nothing new…..but forget things nor write about it when their own affliated party loses !!

    • The people who visit this website are friends of BJP. When BJP loses due to shortsighted policies they are concerned and positive feed back is given for course correction. It is up to BJP to take it or unleash bhakts to troll their friends.

  10. BJP just relied on excessive propaganda on social media to win elections in Bengal. People like Amit Malaviya run the party from cloud whereas the need of the hour is real connect with people on the road with regard to their lives and livelihoods. Mere Gobel kind propaganda elevating Modi to Demi God status doesn’t win elections. If Mamata stopped Kisan Samman in Bengal, BJP could have directly transferred the money instead of abusing Mamata. This could have won elections for BJP.

  11. But the point to note is BJP has grown 25 times in last 5, though it is a matter of consolation now. Congress and Left eradicated completely.


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