Sunil Jain on belling the bureaucratic cat, lateral entry and Petrol pricing

Sunil Jain details the efforts thus far by the Modi administration to usher in Technical experts as a lateral entry into the Government and its efficiency and effectiveness. Also discussed are the CAIRN case and what GOI needs to do and the rise in prices of Petrol in the country and how it could have been avoided.


  1. Bureaucrats have no brains these days. Otherwise they would gather under the banner of ethics and honesty.
    (This does not apply to a special breed of bureaucrats from Gujarat)
    To help. they wear a mask- so that they don’t speak.They simply shut up.
    Their ears are open to listening to orders and making their pens or keyboard as as per orders,
    Bureaucrats belong to the bureau now. They can be closeted in the bureau.
    Skeletons coming out of the closet will decide who’s Loya lty is to the nation.


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