BJP and its Big Boss’ Decay – Top 10 Betrayals

The BJP has solely relied on its Big Boss, but looking at his noble acts, he is not just becoming stale but also decaying. India is witnessing the rule of a Big Boss’s Decay

The BJP has solely relied on its Big Boss, but looking at his noble acts, he is not just becoming stale but also decaying. India is witnessing the rule of a Big Boss’s Decay
The BJP has solely relied on its Big Boss, but looking at his noble acts, he is not just becoming stale but also decaying. India is witnessing the rule of a Big Boss’s Decay

There is a popular belief that all over the country, for the past 6.5 years it has been a ‘Hindu Nationalist Government’ in power at the centre ‘fulfilling the aspirations of Hindus’ (in particular) after BJP’s successful creation of the Hindu Vote Bank in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Far from the reality, we see that in the last 6.5 years of the Narendra Modi government, Hindus are the ones comprehensively fooled. They have taken the maximum brunt by betrayals through a bunch of propaganda machinery right from media channels to paid IT cell personnel on social media.

These are the Top 10 betrayals by the BJP Government

1) History books and NCERT: Almost 7 years have gone, not a single line of the false history portrayed in the NCERT textbooks glorifying Muslim invasions and plunder have been changed. The Union Education Minister Prakash Javadekar openly stated this and he certainly feels proud of it. [1]

PM Modi, a proud Hindutvawadi and having the authority to dismiss him has kept him in the cabinet for 6.5 years. Yes, Modi is a nobleman, his cabinet colleague & his IT cell just love-day-care & pampering.

Modi is a Nationalist and as an anti-corruption crusader, he rewarded Mr Sharad Pawar Padma Vibhushan and called him his political mentor.

2) Temples free from Government control: Not a single Church, Mosque or a Gurudwara is under government control but over four lakh Hindu Temples are under government control. All this under one Hindu Religious Charitable Endowment (HRCE) Act 1951, which is totally ultra-vires to the constitution. Supreme Court gave an order in 2009 stating that Government or state can’t be involved in religious affairs in the Subramanian Swamy vs State of TN (Chidambaram temple) case. Despite that order, this act continues to exist. [2]

Narendra Modi who has 303 seats out of 543 and Majority in both houses has so far not declared the HRCE Act of 1951 null. Yes, Modi is a nobleman, his party government in Uttarakhand took over 51 temples including the Char Dham(on top of the already 4 lakh which are under government control for several years) as a noble gesture. [3]

3) Anti-Corruption: For all the massive corruption scandals that took place during 2004-2014, involving the high and mighty, so far, not a single person been prosecuted and sent to jail. The cases pertaining to Chidambaram and Sonia Gandhi’s corruption scandals, only Dr Subramanian Swamy is fighting it all alone, be it Aircel Maxis or National Herald. Former Minister Venkaiah Naidu himself told in the Loksabha that it is a private complaint and National Herald has nothing to do with BJP [4]

Also to note, all the big bank looters like Vijay Mallaya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowsky and Lalit Modi, all escaped the country under the lens of his holiness Late Shri Arun Jaitely, Nirmala Sitharaman and Narendra Modi.

Yes, Modi who decides the cabinet and has the power to dismiss them has kept them in power for 6.5 years and of course, Modi is a nobleman.

4) Black money: It has been 6.5 years for the Modi government and the amount of Black money brought back (from foreign banks) is not more than Zero. In fact, the government has not even moved an inch on the 21 Foreign bank accounts of Mr Karthi Chidambaram that were made public by Dr Swamy. [5]

Karti is sweetly called BC of PC (Baby Chidambaram of P.Chidambaram) on Twitter, however, I leave it to the readers to interpret BC as per their convenience.

Several former Ministers in the UPA government are alleged to have secret foreign bank accounts. Not one person has been arrested or prosecuted or even an FIR filed in this regard.

Modi is a Nationalist and as an anti-corruption crusader, he rewarded Mr Sharad Pawar Padma Vibhushan and called him his political mentor. Modi is a Nobleman [6]

5) The Big fraud called CAA: The entire nation was jubilant with the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in 2019 to provide Citizenship to persecuted Hindus (majorly) from neighbouring countries.

BJP IT Cell folks ran all over social media that it was a masterstroke, one Bangalore South MP Tejasvi Surya even celebrated Diwali with Pakistani Hindus after the act was passed by the govt [7]. Can anyone tell how many have officially got citizenship due to CAA? Well, so far not a single person has been officially granted citizenship using CAA.

It’s ‘not a big scam’ because Modi is a nobleman, he ensured that the act is passed but rules are not defined which means we do not know who gets what [8].

His government went a step further and stated in High court that citizenship would be granted only after framing rules but rules have not been defined for over 1.5 years. Poor Tejasvi does not know that BJP is suffering due to a Big-Boss’s poor policymaking and fakery all over.

6) Hindu lives don’t matter – Palghar, Munger & Delhi Riots: The BJP IT cell does so much chest thumping and browbeating by calling the chief as “56 inches”. That 56 Inch is so bold and clear that in his 6.5 years so far he has given Zero press conferences.

He has the time to feed peacocks, he has time to take his cameraman to Kedarnath caves to do very good PR, he has time to tweet about Shabhana Azmi car accident but he has so far not once opened the word “Hindu” in his tweets in the past 6.5 years [9], [10], [11]
Countless Hindu lives were lost in Delhi riots, he was mute, Hindus were lynched in Palghar and Munger (his own government in Bihar), no word. In Rajasthan, a priest was burnt alive, he was mute. Countless RSS & BJP workers were killed in Kerala, West Bengal and Karnataka, no tweet, no speech nothing. Modi is a nobleman and a staunch Hindutvawadi.

So many actors were recently raided by the Narcotics Control Bureau after the Sushant Singh Rajput murder but so far no arrest, no FIR, no action on any of them. Modi is a Nobleman

7) Conversion Mafia & Interfaith marriage abuse: In 6.5 years, the staunch Hindutva Modi Government could not bring a legislation to tackle reckless exploitation by foreign missionaries especially on the poor by luring them to religious conversion.

Nothing bars the state from bringing a National level anti-conversion law (several states have it as state acts). 303 seats of the Modi Government with the majority in both houses find it so difficult with their superbly competent and top class cabinet minister for law Mr Ravishankar Prasad. Modi is a nobleman and has rewarded his colleague as he is often found giving second life to run NDTV.

8) Hypocrisy and silent compromise: Modi as Gujarat CM wrote a letter to PM Manmohan Singh to approve name change of Gujarat state capital Ahmedabad to Karnavati, today he is the PM and has been for 6.5 years and still, he has not approved what he roared with rhetoric during his Chief Minister days.

Even when a Maulana of Tablighi Jamaat announced to spread the coronavirus on live TV he was not arrested but instead, the country’s topmost security advisor was sent at 2 am to meditate, 56 inches mind you. [12]

Ram Setu has not yet been declared as a National Monument and it has been more than 7 years with several follow-ups by the real crusader Dr Subramanian Swamy. [13]

Modi is a nobleman and there is no hypocrisy or silent compromise, it is just that foolish voters have a bad memory.

9) Law & Order in NCT: The recent incidents such as the violence in JNU, Jamia Milia, Shaheen Bagh and even the farmer protests and their occupation of the Red Fort on Republic day shows how much of a concern PM Modi has for Law and Order in the state. Police took the full brunt of all these.

JNU year on year receives over 550 crore funds from taxpayer money to fuel Naxal, anti-Hindu and extreme left ideology with no real contribution to the society. Modi with 303 seats could not stop funding for 6.5 years.

In addition, he went ahead by making a JNU Grad as a Finance Minister and introduced Humanities in IITs, this is called the JNUisation of the IITs. Modi is a nobleman.

10) Hindu sentiments do not matter, what matters is Bollywood revenue: The recent attacks on Hindu gods and goddesses by Muslim actors on OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime has little concern for Modi. Instead of arresting the actors for spewing venom, His blessed I&B Minister has asked them to self-regulate their own content. [14]

So many actors were recently raided by the Narcotics Control Bureau after the Sushant Singh Rajput murder but so far no arrest, no FIR, no action on any of them. Modi is a Nobleman.

The BJP has solely relied on its Big Boss, but looking at his noble acts, he is not just becoming stale but also decaying. India is witnessing the rule of a Big Boss’s Decay.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. BJP does not support “Hindus”.

    They subscribe to the post 1947 “secularism” which supports Moslems, Dalits, Christians etc at the cost of the “Hindus” while confiscating the “Hindu” temples and commonwealth and persecuting their hereditary priesthood, BUT wear saffron turbans, do photo ops in temples and pay lip service to the Native religions and cultures that were massed into the legal fiction of “Hindu” by the British in order to garner votes from India’s orphaned minority, the people of Dharma.

    Like the British and their surrogacy in India, the judiciary, the BJP seeks to impose a uniform “Hinduism” of their own conception on India’s myriad Native temples, religions, and cultures to create a vote bank compliant to their own peculiar beliefs.

    They do, however, take credit for matters that may go in favour of the “Hindus” for reasons outside their power such as the Supreme Court Judgement on Rama Janmabhoomi while singing chorus to the persecution of “Hindus” such as Modi’s approval of the women’s entry in to Sabarimala where, as in most things, he was of the same opinion as the “secular” opposition.

    In States such as Karrinayithikka where the BJP promised to free temples from secular Government possession if they come to power, they have done nothing of the sort.. Citizens who have gone to court to ask for certain freedoms such as restriction of management of temples to “Hindus” have been turned down by the Judiciary, a British outpost dedicated to personal enrichment at the expense of the natives and orgies with native women. The Karrinayithikka High Court exclaimed that they would not undo the work of a hundred years. (The work of subjugating Brahmanas and Temples to the control of and loot by non “Hindus” which was begun by Lord Reading in 1921). In this the judiciary reflects the attitude of the BJP. One must remember that the diamond crown (Vaira Mudi) of Cheluvaraya (Vishnu) of Melkote vanished from the joint custody of the District Superintendent of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Mandya underlining how precarious is the condition of “Hindus” under the watch of the secular Karrinayithikka judiciary, administration, police and politicians.

    In Bangalore, I continue to be bombarded by obscenely amplified Islamic Howls emanating from Mosques through conical megaphones echoing and reverberating through my area beginning any time between 5:30 and 5:45 am and the raucous clanging of Church bells commencing before 5 a.m. My ears hurt, my head aches, and I suffer sleep deprivation. Repeated complaints to the Police since five months have produced no action, and I have now been forced to move the State Human Rights Commission to protect my health.

    (Note: I am not a “Hindu”. I am a Shroutha Smartha by religion and a Brahmana by Arya Varna)

  2. “When India was indeed a vishwaguru, it used science with common sense”.

    Q: The glacier melted on Sunday because of sunshine as the temperature rose which resulted in the disaster. How can you call it a man-made disaster?

    It is a man-made disaster because the banks broke. We had opposed construction of those banks from 2007. We have been telling the govt not to construct dams and were giving reports specifying reasons these dams will lead to disaster in future.

    The Alaknanda, Mandakini and Bhagirathi rivers flow through an ecosensitive region. And whenever you construct large dams on these rivers, disaster will surely happen. The race for growth has led to ignoring of safety norms. In 2013, disaster struck the Mandakini river and this year it hit the Alaknanda. Bhagirathi was saved because three dam projects were scrapped after being half constructed. And they went on making more large dams on the Alaknanda and Mandakini.

    Q: What is the solution then?

    It is very simple. When you want prosperity, you need to have a sustainable development model.

    When India was indeed a vishwaguru, it used science with common sense. We used to think of a development model which would not be disastrous for the people.

  3. Venkat,

    Do suggest an alternative who will take action on these points you have mentioned. Is it Rahul Gandhi, Aravind Kejrival, Mamta Banerjee or Sharad Pawar?
    In recent times there is an effort to created diseffection against Modi within the BJP in coordination with the anti-modi protests sponsored by the usual suspects. We are seeing regular and frequent attempt by Dr. Swamy to run down Modi. So looks like there are wolves in sheeps clothing within BJP, within Hindutva fold and these need to be identified.

  4. So leave all and vote fro Congress is it ? Swami ji – what is your agenda ?

    We know and we agree to all these.. But will vote for Modi because as of now he is the best bet for India and hindus.

  5. While all the points that are stated here are facts,But I still believe PM Modi and BJP are the best bet Hindus have for their cultural and civilizational revival,We Hindus are still not voting enmasse for BJP,we form 80% of population and yet don’t unite to vote for Hindu candidates during elections,and yeah during riots why are Muslim mobs never short of numbers but Hindu mobs are never seen for self defence is BJP and Modi responsible for this ,Constable Ankit Sharma working for the IB was stabbed multiple times and tortured in the most barbaric way yet his murderer Tahir Hussain and goons are alive his property unharmed Why is no Hindu mob Questioning Kejriwal or his followers in righteous anger they will vote for him for free electricity and DTC rides , is Modi responsible for this,those who joke about Hindu Gods walk around freely but if you say something about Islam even if its true some one will surely try to kill you ,so people desist from doing it openly ,now is BJP and Modi responsible for this,Conversions are happening yes but what is Hindu society doing to stop it other than chest beating and voting for Samuel Jagan Mohan Reddy ,and also its the so called lower cast people who are usually converted but do the so called higher caste people even bother about them,if the well off in the higher castes take care /help financially these down trodden Hindu families this conversion won’t be happening each well family support just one poor family atleast that will go a long wsy but Noo,the Church gets foreign funds Yes but they also collect huge amount from their followers every year as a sort of annual tax about which nobody talks,also through the Church network they help their followers in getting jobs,business opportunities,marriages etc do we have such a support system,even if its there its rudimentry and caste or region based ,Don’t put the responsibility of the lethargy of Hindu society on one man or party,PM Modi is trying his level best he cannot undo the ill effects of centuries of colonial rule over a society in two election cycles,So Hindus have to unite and force all the said points on the govt and don’t expect the govt to do everything for them ,the govt has its limitations and governments act on cue from society not vice versa.Many of the points I have said are inspired by the talks of noted speaker Sri Pushpendra Kulshestra,especially the last part of my comment,he was a guest at PGurus too


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