Hindu State Part 3: The Hindu State is possible with the synergy of 4 wings of Hindutva – Street Hindutva, Intellectual Hindutva, Tech Hindutva, and Virat Hindutva on stand-by

The electorate must understand that a directionless Hindutva is no better than a secular left-liberal ideology in power

The electorate must understand that a directionless Hindutva is no better than a secular left-liberal ideology in power
The electorate must understand that a directionless Hindutva is no better than a secular left-liberal ideology in power

The previous 2 parts of the article can be accessed here Part 1, Part 2. This is the third part

Hindu state doesn’t mean a Hindu Rashtra but a ‘Desh’

We can fairly conclude that the country has started to accept the fact that the driving political ideology of the 21st century is inevitably going to be Hindutva. Whichever party gives posturing that it is taking up and conforming to the ideology of Hindutva will be successful in the electoral battle. Even if it is not successful in electoral battles it makes inroads into territories creating a strong and reliable opposition.

Since 2014 the BJP government has failed in many aspects relating to the issues concerning the Hindu society but the posturing given by the party as the sole ‘patent holder’ of the ideology has till today sailed it through and also kept the Hindu undercurrents intact. This undercurrent has now become more and more intellectually equipped. The awareness of the surroundings and the challenges they face as one unit is now mainstream.

Hindus irrespective of their party affiliations and preferences in the elections have started to assert their rights and also question with a rational mind why there is a coordinated effort to appease other faiths at the cost of the Hindu society. Social media has aided Hindu society as well just as how railways aided in mobilizing and bringing together freedom fighters during the struggle.

Young Hindus have started reading more and they are creating awareness in whatever little way they can, but the problem lies in the aspect of coordinated effort and differential levels of understanding of the challenges faced by the Hindu society.

Currently, people are in the perception that a Hindutva party is in power but unfortunately a vast majority aren’t aware of what is an ideal Hindutva government and what is the goal of such a government. Mere posturing as the Hindutva party helped garner 303 Lok Sabha seats for the BJP but could they resettle at least 10000 Kashmiri Pandits out of the 500000 who were displaced?

The electorate must understand that the problem with mere posturing will only propel selfish individuals to power and fulfill their aspirations rather than fulfilling a large goal for society.

The current government at the Centre can be said as a populist liberal centrist government masquerading & posturing as a Hindutva government where there is no space or position or objective or direction for Hindutva.

The electorate must understand that a directionless Hindutva is no better than a secular left-liberal ideology in power.

If Hindu society needs a long-term secured civilizational existence, it has to fight for a Hindu state and that wish, I believe, can be fulfilled only with the political ideology of Hindutva.

We need people for selfless coordination at every level, right from grassroots to high-up power corridors spanning different parties in a decentralized manner to fulfill the objective of a Hindu state.

The Hindu State doesn’t mean a Hindu Rashtra but a Desh. The reason why ‘Desh’ is preferred is due to the simple fact that ‘Rashtra’ means nation which is an imaginary concept but ‘Desh’ is a territorial entity when viewed from an administrative and military lens and territory & cultural entity from a civilian lens.

This will allow easy demarcation and devolution of powers between the Hindu society’s armed forces and the Hindu society’s civilian unit. The Hindu population is over 100 crores and out of this, an overwhelming majority is driven by just sentiment attached to the Hindu faith irrespective of their political affiliations. Amongst them based on their affiliation to Hinduness (Hindutva as it is called), it can be broadly classified into 4 wings and these wings are evolutionary.

  1. Street Hindutva
  2. Intellectual Hindutva
  3. Technological Hindutva
  4. Virat Hindutva

1. Street Hindutva

The Hindu society that decides the course of action solely driven by how a state’s behavior affects their sentiment is what I call ‘Street Hindutva‘. Street Hindutva is the grass-root ideology that flows through the veins and arteries of this country. It is the one wing of Hindutva which places Dharma over life.

These are the front-line warriors of the Hindu society who take the maximum brunt. It is the street Hindutva that has made life sacrifices in mass movements such as Ram Janmabhoomi & even the anti-Cow Slaughter bill. The street Hindutva faces direct consequences from both its enemies and the state.

Street Hindutva is the most powerful wing that defends the Hindu society, only a bare minimum is always active (while its potential is more) due to external disturbances but its contribution is often selfless. It is this wing that enables the Hindu society to organize itself in numbers, it acts as a force multiplier for mass mobilization and amplifies any movement. It is this wing that enables a political party to assess the situation at the booth level.

Be it the Ram Janmabhoomi or Sabarimala movement it’s the street Hindutva that fights and resists and courageously faces the lathis and bullets of the state.

Kar sevaks, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Kothari brothers, Kamlesh Tiwari, Yati Narasinganand, Shiv Sainiks, and most importantly the RSS, all come under the proud wing of Hindutva which obliterates itself for the sake of the Hindu society & country. Countless lives have been lost, so many families have unspoken pain of grief and sorrow but they never gave up the fight.

The problems that they deal with are mostly localized and are mostly binaries from their lens, eg. Forced Conversion of Hindus, Stone pelting and rioting in a ‘minority’-dominated area, molestation of Hindu girls, induced conversion by marriage, etc. They see it as a threat to the Hindu faith from another faith and do not look at larger conspiracies or the multi-dimensional aspects.

It is the street Hindutva that gives a window to the ground realities to the educated and intellectual class of the Hindu society and thus empowering them to analyze, investigate & deduce if there is an organized attempt or presence of a well-programmed conspiracy to scuttle the progress of the country.

The biggest challenge with this wing of Hindutva is that the cognitive capacity to correlate localized problems of distress to global phenomena is minimal. Eg. If a loudspeaker is calling for aazaan in the wee hours disturbing the sleep of citizens, the street Hindutva will use brute force to confront things but wouldn’t understand what is the call of aazaan and what is the purpose behind that, etc.

The street Hindutva also has the disadvantage of being swayed by emotions and rhetorics over logic and rationality. It is near impossible for someone to persuade them if someone uses complex jargon like ‘Constitutional Morality’, ‘institutional breakdown’, ‘Indian State’ in an attempt to mobilize them. Simple rhetorics like ‘Abba Jaan’, ‘Puncture Putr’, ‘Kathua’ and polarizing statements such as ‘Ram Naam Satya hai’ will work with ease.

2. Intellectual Hindutva

The wing which observes, discusses, debates, analyses, comprehends, fact-finds, and researches the multi-dimensional socio-political aspects concerning the Hindu society from a social science & humanities standpoint can be called Intellectual Hindutva.

It is the immediately visible form of Hindutva where people, comprising mostly of the working class who want to do their part to spread their understanding of the ground realities with rationality.

The intellectual Hindutva is modern, well-read, sometimes highly educated, and highly versatile. These people are some of the best mentors & role models to the street Hindutva folks. The intellectual Hindutva sets the direction in which the movement needs to go.

It is the central nervous system of the political ideology right now. It is this wing that produces some of the best founders of movements, organizations, and ideologies. They act as the torchbearers of Hindu society. Their writings and contributions lead people to awareness and action.

When intellectual Hindutva gets thumping support amongst the street Hindutva, it produces demagogues and towering personas eg. Balasaheb Thackeray, etc.

The main challenge with the intellectual Hindutva is that there is no common minimum ground on which they can unite, eg. one would want a Hindu state and a new constitution and democracy and another would prefer just a Hindu monarchy. These people are susceptible to differences and ego clashes and have a low tolerance for dissent.

The scramble for power, status, and political patronage play a crucial role as well. If political patronage is present, the ideas and policies of one group would take a lead over another even if the ground popularity might be different. Eg. Savarkar’s Hindutva took a lead over the actual person who coined the term and even Aurobindo’s Hindutva.

The best part of this wing is that there is no bar on the faith or nationality of an individual. This is purely driven by the thirst and quest for knowledge and anyone who provides it with a proper sequence and logic reaps the maximum benefit.

Authors such as Aurobindo, David Frawley, Francis Gautier, Danino, and Koenraad Elst don’t have an Indian origin nor do they have Hindu origins by faith but they were and are able to make a mark even in the current context.

Most of the eminent individuals are from this wing of Hindutva, a thesis counter-thesis war goes on constantly in this wing. These individuals combat the policy aspect of the government as well and thus shed limelight on the effects that it causes on the Hindu society. Eg. Ram Swarup and Sitaram Goel alone were able to single-handedly take on the government’s policy of appeasement, pseudo-secularism, religious conversions, and even criticized the RSS when no one was even ready to talk about it. Rajiv Malhotra alone was able to tell how the global powers were causing and exploiting the fissures in Hindu society.

Academia also plays a part in this, some of the best teachers, and professors find a space in this to counter global narratives. Eg. The completely bogus Aryan Invasion theory was combatted by the fact-findings of B B Lal, R C Mazumder, Koenraad Elst, and even Maj Gen G D Bakshi through their books.

The coming together of just two wings of Hindutva i.e., street Hindutva and the intellectual Hindutva can alone levitate the miseries of the Hindu society due to the policy of appeasement to a large extent. This is the principle behind one of my articles where I stated that a future Hindutva government should have Adityanath as Prime Minister with Sai Deepak in the Cabinet as a union law minister.

Technological Hindutva

This is the emerging wing of Hindutva where indigenous & self-sufficient technology places Dharma over algorithms and business activity associated with it. Technological Hindutva is the wing that will act as the unit which will expedite the holistic development of a vast majority of the Hindu society.

It’s a completely new wing but it is still in the developmental stages, a third-generation Hindutva. The reason for the rise of Technological Hindutva is because of the large-scale rigging & manipulation of popular views & sentiments by tech companies to suit only their agenda.

We must understand that although machines and humans are not the same they can be conditioned in a way to bring forth changes in their behavioral patterns. In the field of data science, machine learning algorithms act based on the data that is fed in. Just as how a student from the liberal space has been conditioned by the Marxist teachings to make him the flag bearer of the ideology and cancel out any counterviews. Algorithms fed with vast amounts of liberal ideas will enable it to automatically classify it and normalize it whereas any counter-argument would be censored or flagged.

Technological Hindutva in essence is not a propaganda machine like the IT wing of a political party but rather the unit to fight propaganda, and disinformation and allow equal space for all opinions. It is in essence an indigenous chord for the diffusion of truth, and defender of truth for all the wings of Hindutva.

This wing needs to be ramped up on a large scale to enable it to fight global information warfare and potential external sanctions. People associated here are technically well-read and have a sense of connectedness to the roots. Hindu society needs platform independence. Only with platform independence, we can fight global sanctions which can otherwise isolate and cripple our economy.

We need indigenous technology where the educated and tech-savvy Hindu society can freely develop applications and make them available for the public for large usage, only this will enable the correct diffusion of truth and information to the large public and also act as a wealth generator engine for the Hindu society.

Currently, almost every application is hosted on Google Play or Apple IOS, or Amazon web service, this reliance on foreign tech is a big impediment to making our country a Hindu state.

We have already seen what tech firms have done to former US President Donald Trump and that is a big lesson that we need to learn.

Tech & finance share a close symbiotic relationship. It is with financing that technology enablement and innovation move up and in return, it is with technology that financing is scaled up thus improving the economy. These are two fields that have to be under the control of the Hindu society to withstand global sanctions.

Financial Hindutva is a separate field that I intend to discuss in detail later on. Financial Hindutva in simple terms a wealth-generation engine that is for the Hindus, by the Hindus, and of the Hindus creating a circular economy.

Several disruptive technologies are emerging in the world and historically it is known that whoever dominates the disruptive technology, dominates the world. Hindu society needs to have a great say in disruptive technologies.

The innovation called the internet paved way for social media, e-commerce, tech firms, and currently, the top 5 tech firms make the most out of it and they could control even the US Presidential elections, an experiment that one could have never thought of.

Technological Hindutva should serve the purpose of protecting the businesses of the Hindu society as they act as the decentralized financial chest. The advent of the Internet & e-commerce and its monopolization with a select few tech giants (due to the availability of financing) ransacked the economies of small and medium traders across the country.

If this shouldn’t happen, Hindu society should have a say in the next generation of cutting-edge disruptive technology.

Disruptive technologies are emerging in the world right now and Hindu society is not aware of what its potentials are. If the vast majority of Hindu society should come out of poverty and live a decent standard of life, technological Hindutva should capture disruptive technologies as they are the intellectual Kshatriyas who are capable of doing it.

Technological Hindutva should have a good share in space-tech as they are the future Internet service providers and thereby act as the backbone of Internet-of-Things, Drones, as they will disrupt the supply chain and logistics, 3D Printing, as this will expedite infrastructure development a hundred times faster than current speeds, Hydroponics as it will help in achieving food security and self-reliance.

If technological Hindutva can make a breakthrough and dominate with a composite like hydrogen-powered heavy lift drones which can deploy 3D printers anywhere in this country to build hydroponic farms & good housing infrastructure for rural areas, it will enable millions to come out of poverty in a short time by providing them food, shelter, employment, and sustained livelihood. Hydroponics will enable help us achieve food security and self-reliance. Financial enablement should be done on these lines by the wing of financial Hindutva which I will deal with separately.

4. Virat Hindutva

Virat Hindutva is the future of the Hindutva ideology where Hindutva will be in a position to go global and take on the world powers, in short, it will be the face of the Global Hindutva lobby just like the Jewish lobby that evolved and took space in the US government and its high profile institutions.

It is a retributive wing of the Hindu society which has awareness and sound knowledge of the ground, intellect, economy, law, tech, and global geopolitics. It is still in its infancy stage just as any other ideology during its incubation period. Today (as of 2022) intellectual Hindutva is taking shape from the foundations that were established by people in the 1980s such as Ram Swarup and Sitaram Goel.

Along similar lines, Virat Hindutva will take shape based on the ideas of Dr. Subramanian Swamy after a few decades where Hindutva will no more be mere socio-political but socio-religious-tech-savvy-retaliatory-global Hindutva. The idea of spiritual enhancement with a blend of modernity needs much more work in this space.

Virat Hindutva is the wing that will act as conscience keeper of the Hindutva ideology in the future, it will (and should) act as a pressure group and be a demagogue rebel from within.

Virat Hindutva is necessary to ensure that there is a deterrent if the ideology and its proponents get morally & financially corrupt. It is an ever Vigilant and investigative Hindutva. If there is one wing that can combat psychological warfare by taking on the high and mighty without being in power, it is this wing.

Hindu society needs a special and dedicated focus on the dimension of psychology and this is essential to ensure that mentally dysfunctional people (eg, Narcissistic, sociopathic individuals) do not hijack the Hindutva movement in a democracy with charm and later on abuse them by hurdling the progress and withholding approvals.

I will discuss this in detail with a dedicated article on Psychological Hindutva and why it is the need of the hour as we enter the age of the NPDs (Narcissistic Personality Disorders).

I firmly believe that among all the wings of Hindutva it is Virat that is equipped to take on psychologically dysfunctional people who get into mainstream Hindutva using charm.

The other reason why it is essential to have Virat is to weed out the incompetent and pave way for meritorious people to serve the country.

Virat Hindutva from its inception has been a champion of an investigative and razor-sharp approach to criticizing the policy of the government, irrespective of the consequences and this approach is necessary to ensure that people are constantly aware of what is happening.

Virat Hindutva will be the 4th generation of Hindutva which will look rebellious from within but ultra-nationalistic from the outside.

The reason why I say that is possible is that we can see patterns from the past that wherever there is a rise of an intellectual lead armed struggle or resistance as a last resort the core demands get fulfilled. Eg. The Bose’s approach to an armed struggle and naval mutiny expedited our freedom from the Christian hegemony of the British over all the theatrics of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

To lay the foundation for a Hindu state, right now the technological Hindutva should work to enable cutting-edge disruptive technology to employ and provide a livelihood to the street Hindutva while the intellectual Hindutva can mentally arm them with Indic consciousness on a large scale for a bloom of Hindu renaissance. This Hindu renaissance will constantly be bar-raised, scrutinized to set higher targets to take the ideology to the global arena by Virat Hindutva and thus act as the front line global defence for all our threats to sovereignty and integrity.

In the next series we will see two dimensions of Hindutva – i.e. Financial Hindutva and Psychological Hindutva.

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