The Hindu State: The doctrine and deterrence for the future – Part 1

The step for correction is the objective setting, thereby bringing the Hindutva ideology back on track. An objective less Hindutva is like a guardian armed with the most sophisticated gun with zero loaded cartridges

The Hindu State: The doctrine and deterrence for the future - Part 1
The step for correction is the objective setting, thereby bringing the Hindutva ideology back on track. An objective less Hindutva is like a guardian armed with the most sophisticated gun with zero loaded cartridges


The year 2020, contrary to the large belief that the Nation was expected to achieve its goal of a developed country as envisioned by Dr. APJ Kalam (Kalam), we are neither a fully developed state nor are we in a good shape as we are in the midst of a crisis, a crisis that has hit us hard on several fronts such as cultural, spiritual, economic and political aspects[1]. It was expected that India would do better on the economic front, but 10 years of decadence during the UPA era which was a total subsidy-corruption era and the post Demonetization NDA era has wrecked the Indian macro-economic juggernaut, where no common man can do anything about this.

Keeping this aside, as much as the economic aspect, the Nation’s cultural crisis has set off all alarms ringing post the Anti-Hindu Riots in Delhi and National capital region post the parliament passing the Citizenship amendment bill of 2019 [2][3] and the Tabhliqi Jamaat super spread of Coronavirus across all the states. The casualties and victims include people from the home ministry and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare whose duty was enshrined to protect the citizens of this country.

During riots ,the secular liberal journos sold their pen for a price to brand the whole plan as pan India Anti CAA ‘Peaceful’ agitation and finally ‘Intellectual’ prostitutes from various walks of life like cinema, academia, bureaucracy and administration joined in the bandwagon

Although the major reason for this violence can be attributed to the failure of the Delhi police to maintain law and order, it has a part to do with the unfortunate liberal-secular British-convent literate but uneducated Hindus and also the Right-wing Hindutvaadis, who did not anticipate that the govt, which is supposedly in their favour would be sitting duck under a volcano which was in the heart of the capital. During the riots and post the riots what we had witnessed was not just the Anti-Hindu colour to it but also the Western media co-operation with the ‘Intellectual prostitutes’. These so-called “Intellectuals” work with several online media platforms to peddle the Neo-left liberal naxal narrative. What’s more shocking is that the left-liberal media houses and their journalists termed it as an ‘Anti-Muslim’ pogrom completely whitewashing an attempted theological invasion on Hindus that happened in Delhi in a planned manner.

All those directly and indirectly involved are enemies of the state, their only objective is to break the social and cultural fabric in every way possible. Those directly involved at the ground level do it in every method which suits their agenda, right from demographics to usage of bio-terrorism during the corona lockdown period. Those indirectly involved,i.e. ‘The Intellectuals’ sympathize with the ground forces using media taking cover under the garb called as ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Secularism’.

This total failure to handle the situation during the early days as well as post riots shows that there are no actual checks and balances in our Hindu society (even in a well-developed fully urban environment) to mitigate a response when the enemy is at the doorstep. The Hindus have taken the maximum brunt during these riots and these were well planned and executed. This brings to our notice that we as a society need to be vigilant and not just depend on the police or law as they both could not protect or prevent things which were happening just 10 km from the Supreme court itself.

Major lessons learned:

There is one major lesson which each side has learned i.e. the instigators of riots, the Islamic terrorists (mostly with the help of local and International level Wahhabi Salafi Muslim population which has both legal citizens and illegal migrants), the secular liberal journos, who have sold their pen for a price to brand the whole plan as pan India Anti CAA ‘Peaceful’ agitation and finally ‘Intellectual prostitutes’ from various walks of life like cinema, academia, bureaucracy and administration have come to know that if there is a well-coordinated & camouflaged plan as ‘peaceful agitation’ (with even a minimal force) is executed in the capital region they can find their success in bringing even the mightiest govt. to its knees and can take the Hindus by surprise.

Coming to the victims, majorly the Hindus, the lesson itself is that they are yet to learn their understanding of rioters i.e. the Wahabbi Salafi Muslims who are guided by the extreme form of their Islamic theology and aided by the liberal elite Communist-Urban-Naxal. Even the right-wing ecosystem which is in its budding stage hasn’t understood that a vast majority of Hindu victims are yet to understand both the local and the global phenomenon behind this, their focus has always been showing only the plight of Hindus during riots rather than making them understand the larger role behind this considering the long term perspective.

What went wrong?

The simple and straight answer is the derailment of Hindutva ideology. The derailment I mean here is that the ideology and its proponents are directionless. The ideology Hindutva is a blend of two words “Hindu” + “Tattva” which means Hindu-ness, this word has a very vast definition and can encapsulate any form of activity under it, it is not just treating the land as Matru-Bhoomi (Motherland) or Pitru-Bhoomi(Fatherland) or Holy land which VD Savarkar states in his book ‘Hindutva –the essentials’ but any activity associated with the native culture comes under Hindutva, eg. Caring for animals, Spiritual enhancement, rituals and all the practices of various communities across different states, all these come under one roof called as Hindu-ness. It definitely generates a lot of pride on the positive side for its proponents and its followers due to its humongous encapsulation but the ideology doesn’t have any definitive objective or goal(s) as per the need of the hour.

Prithviraj Chauhan failed to do Purva-Paksha (understanding the origin of the opponent) and because of his mistake of sparing Md. Ghori 16 times, Hindus had to be ruled by foreigners and face all sorts of onslaughts for more than 700 years.

What’s more is the Ironical is that both critics and proponents come on the same page and say that the objective of Hindutva is Hindu-Rashtra. If Hindu-Rashtra is truly the objective, then it doesn’t need Hindutva at all the first place because India is already a Hindu-Rashtra with 80% Hindu population and the constitution having provisions upholding the requirements of a Hindu-Rashtra (Swamy) ex. Article 48 – which talks about abolition of cattle slaughter; Art – 44 – Uniform civil code; Article 351 – tells about the usage of Sanskrit vocabulary etc.

‘Rashtra’ in Sanskrit means Nation and nation is an imaginative concept which is bound by certain conditions for its existence, we can even have a nation of strangers or heterogeneous people. So this objective seems clouded and vague in its approach, so the proper way is to redefine the objective which can define us better. So the goal of Hindutva must be redefined to that of creating a Hindu-state, i.e. goal towards achieving a Hindu-Desh. ‘Desh’ (means Native land) and this is not an imaginative concept because there is an identity defined and there is a clear cut entity to define it which is the land. Hindu Rashtra and Hindu-Desh (Hindu state in English) are not the same. We need to understand this clear distinction before we proceed any further. So the first step for correction is the objective setting, thereby bringing the Hindutva ideology back on track. An objective less Hindutva is like a guardian armed with the most sophisticated gun with zero loaded cartridges. Since the enemies of the state have a sinister design through various clandestine routes are aware of this fact, they are going all out on Hindus because they know that the guardian Hindutva is armed but without any bullet.

Hindutva’s objectives need to be redefined according to the need but it shall always be the fundamental principle of governance on which politics and administration should function. This is an essential principle as the security of 100 crore Hindus are totally based on this. This should be emphasized because it is not the police or Army or CRPF which can come to the rescue during a crazed riot perpetrated by the Muslims but only a fellow Hindu who is well aware of the state’s enemies nearby, this we call it as Purva-paksha in Sanskrit (understanding the origin of the enemy or opponent). Prithviraj Chauhan failed to do this Purva-Paksha and because of his mistake of sparing Md. Ghori 16 times, Hindus had to be ruled by foreigners and face all sorts of onslaughts for more than 700 years. We have to learn this lesson from history and ensure that we never repeat this mistake. So the Purva-Paksha that one has to learn is the understanding of the theology of Islam and the political doctrine of communism in India. We can take the example of Israel which is the only country that has learned the doctrines of Islam completely and therefore shows how it should deal with them.

What is the need for a Hindu Desh or a Hindu State?

  • First, We need to understand that our existence wasn’t carved out of non-violence as the British coolie-Marxist historians have peddled and recycled in all institutions which they have influence or infiltrated but rather a violent struggle by Hindus for over 700 years for existence in their own soil. This country has not been created by Nehru-Gandhi or just modern freedom fighters as mentioned in our The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks, in fact, Nehru and his coteries are the prime reasons for the partition of this country in 1947[4].
  • Second, The Independence act that was proposed in the British Parliament called for a Hindu ruled India and a Muslim ruled Pakistan as the pretext for partition but former PM Nehru wasn’t in favour of this as it went against his ‘Beliefs and ideals’. The most unfortunate thing is that the country which had a violent struggle for years for just freedom has been denied its crown and its identity just because it went against the ‘Ideals’ of just one man and its time we reverse it and restore the country’s old glory.
  • Third,  It is always stated that the History is always written by the victors but only in Bharath despite the victory, the losers i.e. the British rule our history books, denying the rightful credit of victory and truth [4], thanks to ‘Idea of India’ by Nehru for all these years. Now the time has come to recognize the truth.
  • Fourth, The Hindudesh that we need to strive for is not just for our existence but to revere and venerate the sacrifices of all the 40 crores ancestors who fought and laid down their lives for our honour and to keep the flame of Dharma still burning (MysteryOfIndia). It is to ensure that we don’t witness another holocaust and partition of the worst order[5].
  • Fifth, In the whole world there are 15 Christian countries, there are more than 50 Muslim countries and they all revere them as ‘Sacred’ despite committing holocaust and genocides across the globe but we Hindus have fought 700 plus years against Islam, 200 years of Christian rule with all social, cultural, emotional, psychological and economic damage to keep our light burning should not feel ashamed to strive for this aspiration of a first Hindu state because there is no other place which can be the torchbearer of our identity.
  • Finally, We are the only civilization in the entire world which has survived all onslaughts and we are the only civilization which has a continuity of more than 15000 years, so, therefore, the Hindu-Desh that we need shall be the largest memorial in the world carved in memory of all our ancestors who laid down their lives[6]. India shall be a Hindu state created in memory of all the Martyrs who struggled to restore its identity.

The current geopolitics and the demographic politics demands us to strive for the security of 100 crore Hindus, we can’t let another genocide of Hindus to take place in its own soil and it would mean that we have failed our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for our existence. Israelis faced holocaust and persecution in Europe and across the world but never in their homeland of Judea and Samaria because they had a clear understanding of their history, their objectives were set and they understood their enemies better.

The way forward:

Currently, at the ground level the ideology is having a good number of patrons and to substantiate it, the 350+ seats for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha was possible because of this selflessly serving ground level patrons, but once the elections are over their enthusiasm is dosed off by wrong policies. This needs to be arrested and this needs to be kept burning. eg. In 2004 elections BJP govt led by AB Vajpayee gave a remarkable 8% annual growth rate and went for the ‘India Shining’ campaign fully banking on the development and no Hindutva, the ground level force lost their enthusiasm and UPA came to power with a very slender lead and 10 years of loot, misrule and National security compromise took place. So many lives were lost in Islamic terror attacks due to this. Thankfully this did not happen in the 2019 elections because the ground force realized that although the mistakes were done at the top with “Vikas and Vishwas” they did not want to repeat the same mistake and end up with a corrupt rule at the top (which they did in 2004) therefore they served their purpose selflessly despite low enthusiasm.

Having understood that there is a ground force to fight for the cause, Hindutva needs an objective, its direction needs a course correction, persistent concentration and reason for the struggle to fulfill its mission. With this in mind we need to equip them intellectually and with proper rationale so that we give a total clarity on how it has to be pursued, its objectives, priorities, strategies, resource mobilization and institutional framework. This is what I term as “Arming the guardian with cartridges”, in the upcoming series I will be describing how we “Arm the Guardians”. There are many guards in this country and they are all armed enough but they have a parochial approach with a self-centered objective, now all these guardians need to be organized and get them concentrated with a larger objective to achieve this mission.

“The rays of the Sun don’t burn until they are all concentrated in one point.“

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. Great article, hindus, should be taught their history and doctrine of other religions so they can clearly understand who is their enemy. Waiting for next part

  2. Every Hindu must know that unless primary education given to Muslims is not reformed, the Muslims alienation would only strengthen. This reform has to done at Madarsa level. Madarsas must be freed from the control of hardcore Islamic Mullahs. This also require the ban on freedom to run their own schools by the minorities. Muslims must not treated as minorities.

    • That won’t work. The more educated muslims are the more dangerous they are. They belong to the desert with their quoran. This may sound communal. But dismissing all truths & facts glaring at us as communal & secular is going to doom us one day. When the enemy reaches 20 cr (They say this repeatedly : Akbaruddin Owaisi, Warris Pathan, Kafeel Khan for a few samples), they take the sword. In the present times, spitting, coughing & urinating at corona wards & at policemen & their vehicles to break our defence, chasing & using bricks as missiles to injure healthcare workers & policemen who are usually unarmed like our movies (In real life there is no Rajnikanth or Dharmendra to come to our rescue. We should come out of our reverie) & the Shaheen Bagh, Washermanpet & various “Peaceful protests” where they squat in the middle of the roads without police permission which is praised as peaceful by our slut media which has sold its soul for 30 silver coins which lead to the planned & strategised Delhi type riots are their swords of destruction. Education is a dangerous weapon in their hands. Opening Universities in Kashmir in our tax money & “empowering” 70 lakh muslims & then asking the Pandits to go & live with them while Bitta Karate, Yasim Malik etc, the terrorists who massacred the Pandits in 1989 are roaming free only shows the bankruptcy of the present Govt. The stupid people of this country who know only to shout “Jai Shree ram” want Kashmir to be an “integral” part of India without realising where will this muslim empowerment & appeasement in our tax money (1% population getting 10% percent of the Nation’s wealth & now it is much more) will lead us to – a speedy Gazwa e Hind probably. Please watch this video which is a must for every Indian :
      The same corrupt bureaucrats & the same Sachar committees are killing Hindu interests under the MOdi Govt when it looks the other way. I have lost faith in Democracy. I am not ashamed to admit that I did not vote for anybody in the Lok Sabha & the Assembly elections. Democracy has failed the whole world which is tolerating every crime of the muslims for their bulk votes which is another deadly weapon they have, thanks to their numbers. We are not 80 cr for God’s sake. We are much less than that with illegal immigrants amounting to 1.5 cr. Please wake up & smell the coffee.

  3. Hinduism survived ,that too in India because it has mountains in North and oceans on other 3 sides. Seed of destruction of Hindus started after arrival of Buddha and Mahaveer, who preached non violence and few Kshatriyas became monks and Remaining became benevolent rulers. After 700 AD, the desert religion expanded converting Hindu Afghanistan and Hindu Pakistan and the process is continuing even after 1947 because our genuine gurus , Brahmins and mutt heads have become docile , preaching all religions are same and not preaching the devilish intentions of the latest desert religions and not propagating Kshatriya dharma.

    Many saints regularly have taken rebirth rejenevating Hinduism, and mutts parampara kept the hindu rituals alive.Perhaps we are at present seeing the single largest unified Hindu nation, after Ramas rule.

    What has surprised me as to why the human race progressed exponentially in the last 100 years, where as they were leading a life riding horses , fighting petty wars and having barter trade for thousands of years. Now the docile Hindus have army, gold ( India imports 1000 tons a year ) human intelligentsia , devotion to Devatas and surplus food grains.

    All they require a ruler like Arjuna and that all sanyasis, gurus, muttheads should openly give a call to their followers , coming out of their hibernation and motivate Hindus like Dronacharya for dharma yudh. In fact we are fighting a war with invisible enemy.

    Consciousness creates matter , including diseases. Similarly consciousness destroys matter ( including diseases ). During the current crisis, followers of both desert religions will become paupers ,and Hindus will be protected by virtual gurus and devatas. One mission head in 1948 predicted the down fall of US, UK and Russia and India will become super power. Hope positive time for Hindus is coming. True they have guns and cartridges will come when Divinty commands.


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