RVS Mani explains why Delhi Police is afraid of Muslims

RVS Mani traces the root of the problem in the Tabliqui Jamaat conclave and how things are "managed" at the ground level. An eye-opener as this is happening in the capital city. -


  1. Top Bureaucrats in IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS Cadres Defence Service, Judges, top Scientists and health professionals who have reached their top positions want to remain in Delhi to continue their happy go lucky life as they get the backing of ruling Netas to get post retirement plum postings. Arun Jaitley could get many things done for his friends through P. Chidambaram between 2008- 2014. So, he has to give protection to PC after 2014. The Lutyens Delhi Club continues to run well. No actions on 2G scam, CW games Scam, Coal scam, NDTV Frauds, PC, Karti mega Scams, National Herald case. The list is too long. Corruption and Scams perpetrated from the top is the norm and very way of Life in India. Prannoy Roy will walk in majestic style to give poll predictions every three years while both PC and his prodigal son KC walk to both houses in Parliament in pomp and style exuding arrogance inside and outside to taunt the unfit BJP known for making false promises during each election. Rahul and Sonia will go scot free maiming and taunting with the support of their Chamchas there to protect them. It is the Aam Admi of India who are happily screwed by the ruling and opposition Parties taking turns to fool them. Edha Raja Tadha Praja. Winston Churchill was right, ‘You need to be Governed’. Dragon is Closing the throttle wooing to surround and swallow India from all sides starting from Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives, Iran and African nations. India is not United to fight the internal foes.

  2. Yes Mr Mani hit the nail on the head In India the root cause of almost every problem is corruption in public life and unless that is addressed we will continue to have these issues from religious fanatics violating law with impunity

  3. Very good interview. Mr Mani has lot of insights being part of Govt for longtime.

    This is the 2nd time, Home Ministry’s role in containing damage comes a cropper, first one being Delhi Riots. What was the need for NSA to visit Markas HQ, was it to avoid bigger problem if only police was allowed to forcibly evict the people from the Mosque. Looks like it. But, how long will the Govt give into the questionable elements of society.

    When quite a few SE Asian nations had refused visas to TJ members, how could our MEA be so generous to grant TOURIST VISAS?

    Now, stretched medical facilities being wasted on TJ members who are further abusing the medical staff. It stinks.

    Thank you PGurus – you are doing a great job.

  4. Very honest ,candid interview discussion. Could have praised Kejriwal for have been raising the police issue for long time. Not bold enough to criticise BJP or Shah or MEA for visas . But didn’t explain why a 1.3 billion country NSA is having time to meet these bio terrorists. Why even NSA didn’t send forces. After this loose handling by govt of India there were so many attacks on medics,police , officers on health duty. If they don’t want treatment let them be fenced within same building. Why fill all hospitals beds required for needy people. Modiji ran out of ideas ? There is no law for Islamic invaders in India . These ppl will be always ready to fight ,kill .But Hindus are reserved ppl

  5. Dear Sirs, let us not forget Delhi has always been a congress fort for decades. They got away by murdering 3500 Sikhs and won a massive majority. BJP due to its disunity and infighting made Kejrival take Delhi. A con man like Kejriwal will do anything to fool the public. The first time when he won, he orchestrated fake attacks on churches and Muslims and divided Hindus and got support from Minorities and won. This time he and congress planned and funded Shaheen Bagh to test the might of union ministry when a VIP guest was in India. This inaction and wait and watch the action by BJP gave them more strength and Hindus became silent sufferers. Kejriwal made the BJP talk on CAA and NRC and went on visiting homes, temples, and other places to fool the people. He also gave goodies like a free bus pass, train pass, etc and started booking voters for AAP . This Muslim convention was known to AAP and Congress from day one. They supported this quietly and now tragedy has stuck, people are dying, whole nation knows how this group ignored the welfare of the nation and hurt our economy. Kejriwal and his team have got for scaring the laborers from UP and Bihar to flee Delhi. Agenda behind this is well known now as they wanted to hurt NDA govt in UP and Bihar. Now the center is in control and they know how to tame this natwarlal. As AAP councilors have been caught with causing Delhi riots. scaring people to flee from Delho, ignoring the police reports are showing the connivance of AAP in many anti-Center, activities, Amit ShahG can teach this natwarlal an unforgettable lesson.

  6. Pgurus supports BJP governments in whatever it does. For Pgurus, BJP’s government is Ram Rajaya. The government and the PM are non-infallible, they will commit no mistakes, they always get it first time right. For a change, Mani Sir, please look at the possibility of the government making mistakes, learning from it and improving. Looks like this government doesn’t need any improvement.

    • Venkatesh don’t just moron urself..put your words with facts…ppl like you give don’t have discrimination capabilities


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