7 years of Modi rule not even 1 UPA corruption case is complete. Is the Indian Prime Minister Modi being held ransom by a visible Italian hand on some dark secret? 10 points which indicate that

The author's 10 points prove beyond doubt that Modi's silence and evasiveness is an indication of a clear cut compromise at the top

The author's 10 points prove beyond doubt that Modi's silence and evasiveness is an indication of a clear cut compromise at the top
The author's 10 points prove beyond doubt that Modi's silence and evasiveness is an indication of a clear cut compromise at the top

7 years of Modi Government. Still…

Politics at the top is dirty, but when the dirt has an aspect of sleaze or affair it becomes even dirtier. The problem with sleaze is that if there is one, there is a high chance of blackmail on those entrusted with power by the external forces who may or may not be in power. Those entrusted with responsibility tend to compromise on several aspects to protect their own image and thus put their interests over the country’s interest.

We have seen in the past where governments and individuals who have amassed wealth have silently compromised or acted in complacency to those who have highly sensitive information regarding their wealth.

Today, we as citizens face a similar situation. The patterns of serious compromise, complacency, and nexus especially on high profile corruption and criminal cases are clearly visible and raise doubts if the people in power are being held ransom on something serious. In today’s case, it’s the Prime Minister.

The Chidambarams are not new to corruption, top to bottom, left to right from 2G, Black money, Aircel Maxis, INX Media, FIPB Approvals, Air Asia, Rajasthan Ambulance to Hotel Grabbing case.

These 10 major things show that there is a clear cut pattern in complacency and compromise:

  1. Black money and SIT: After the first cabinet meeting chaired by the PM on May 27, 2014, it was announced that the government had constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) on black money held by Indians abroad. It was a 2-member team lead by retd. Supreme Court Judges. It has been 7 years since the SIT was constituted and to date what has the SIT done? – A Big Fat Zero.
    Not one investigation on any high profile case has been initiated by the SIT nor has the Government taken any proactive step to expedite the investigations. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, voluntarily furnished the details of foreign bank accounts of Sonia Gandhi which she held in Sarasin, Pictet and Basel but so far not 1 inch has moved on that[1]. In fact, the PM himself has not even once uttered the word Sonia in his 7 years so far despite having CBI in his authority.
  2. 2G Spectrum Scam: Rs.1,76,000 Crore scam took place during the UPA era and so many high profile people (including a Cabinet Minister) in the government were caught in a private application by Dr Subramanian Swamy and Prashant Bhushan.
    During the course of the scandal, the Supreme court canceled all the 2G licenses (double validating the offence) and directed the government to auction the spectrum. The government fetched close to 3 lakh crores post the auction but all those who got kickbacks in this scam are today walking scot-free. The worst part was that of the PM personally meeting the accused Kanimozhi and those out on bail people just 3 days before the trial court verdict was to be delivered. On Dec 21, 2017, when the verdict came, all those accused of corruption were acquitted and sent a message that high-profile corruption cases can be compromised.
    The CBI & ED filed an appeal against the lower court order in the 2G case in the Delhi High Court in March 2018 and so far the government has not even listed the case for hearing on the matter. This clearly shows that there are people in power who deliberately want to botch up this case. If the PM meeting the accused sent a wrong message, the Law Ministry under the PM’s control has not even listed the case in Delhi HC, such is the nexus.
  3. Aircel Maxis & Chidambaram: The The Chidambarams are not new to corruption, top to bottom, left to right from 2G, Black money, Aircel Maxis, INX Media, FIPB Approvals, Air Asia, Rajasthan Ambulance to Hotel Grabbing case – just like all roads lead to Rome, all corrupt activities and practices lead to just one man P Chidambaram and his family.
    Their entire network of people called the C-Company aids and protects him and his corrupt activities and the C-Company includes the current RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das. His friendship with late BJP leader Arun Jaitely was well known. Until Jaitely went comatose in Aug 2019 not a single action against him was possible and CBI had to jump the wall of his residence and catch hold of him in the INX Media case but many others are still lying untouched on the most corrupt person. The Delhi High Court in Aug 2020 told the CBI and ED to complete an investigation in the Aircel Maxis in 3 months and till today[2] i.e. June 2021, the ED and CBI have not replied or conformed to this. The CBI is under PM and ED is under the Finance Ministry. The way they are dragging the case shows that either the officers are compromised (less chance) or the political leadership is compromised (more chance).
  4. Agusta Westland Corruption case: The Rs.3500 crore chopper scam was all over the media in 2016 and 2017 and so many high profile officials were arrested (including an ex-Air Chief Marshal) by the CBI. The interesting part of the case is that the middlemen who paid the kickbacks named 2 people coded as AP and SG. AP was the political secretary to SG and during the trial in Italy, he named the AP, when images of Ahmed Patel (Political secretary of Sonia Gandhi) were shown to him. Till today, the CBI has not touched SG despite the middleman clearly mentioning during the trial AP and SG[3]. AP is no more alive but what stops the PM from pursuing SG through the CBI? – Nothing. Till today, all the middlemen have been extradited from Italy and Dubai but the chief of this entire scandal, who was called the “main driving force” is not touched.
  5. Sunanda Pushkar Murder case and Shashi Tharoor: A wife of a sitting Union Minister (in 2014) died in a mysterious circumstance in a 5-star hotel and that too when he was in power but not one action has been taken on Mr Tharoor despite all the evidence stacked up against him. The Delhi Police completed the investigation and even filed the charge sheet in the trial court naming Mr Tharoor charging him with abetment to suicide. Mr Tharoor was named as the only accused in the case and he was granted bail in 2019 July. The sad part is that the pace of this matter is so slow that Delhi HC reprimanded Delhi police for its sluggish progress in a criminal case. We must note that big people are involved in this case and so far nothing has come out and PM Modi has no interest in this case, it is again a private complaint by Dr. Swamy to court monitor the entire case[4].
  6. NDTV frauds: No one better than Sree Iyer can describe the fraudulent methods that NDTV used to cheat investors. He in fact has written a comprehensive book on how the stock market was manipulated to favor just a few individuals[5]. Income Tax Commissioner S K Srivastava gave a complete report on the NDTV frauds, and guess what, he was harassed by then Finance Minister Chidambaram and now this Modi government did one better; they, in fact, removed him from service (in the name of ‘clean up’), they framed him in a fake sexual harassment case which was started during Chidambaram’s tenure as Finance Minister then charged him on corruption and even issued mental health certificate! CBI arrested S K Srivastava in 2019 on ‘corruption charges’. Please note that he was the first person to state openly that Chidambaram parked black money worth over Rs.5500 crores in NDTV. The one who exposed the corruption of Chidambaram has been arrested by Modi govt’s CBI! This is the track record of Mr Modi. With 303 seats, not one day has Mr. Modi acted on NDTV and its vicious propaganda.
  7. Robert Vadra Land Scam: Once again, it is the same Nehru Gandhi family which is not touched by the Modi Govt. Robert Vadra, the son in law of Sonia Gandhi was accused of land grabbing in Haryana at throwaway prices, the case has been running for over 8 years, and till today neither the former CM of Haryana Bhupinder Hooda or Robert Vadra is arrested in this scam. It was Congress CM Hooda who took away Agriculture land from poor farmers in the name of “Public interest” and gave it off to high-profile businessmen and that included Mr. Vadra. 8 years since this scandal, the CBI, which is under PM is still investigating the case.
  8. Rahul Gandhi Citizenship: In India, it is illegal to hold dual citizenship. The 1st part of the Constitution clearly states that there is no provision for dual citizenship and if one wants to avail Indian citizenship, he has to give up the other country’s citizenship.[6]
    Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote a letter to the PM in 2015 stating that former Congress President Rahul Gandhi had declared himself as a British citizen in the years 2005-2007 when he was already an MP! This was found out when he filed annual returns of a UK Based company. 2016 Ethics committee headed by L K Advani summoned Rahul Gandhi for an explanation on this matter but Mr Gandhi termed the complaint as “misleading” and then the complaint went into cold storage. Then in 2019, when Rajnath Singh was the Home Minister he sent out a notice to Rahul in April 2019 and asked to reply within 2 weeks, but till today (2021 June), no action has been taken by the current Home Minister or the PM. One would wonder Why there is so much drag in this case when black and white evidence is already placed on the table.
  9. Escape of the Big Bank Looters & Terror Sympathizers: Vijay Mallaya, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, Zakir Naik and even Lalit Modi have left the country (to evade prosecution) after cheating Banks, Investors and even ordinary people to the tune of thousands of crores. The case of Zakir Naik is even worse. Most of these escapes from the country happened during the period of Narendra Modi who promised clean governance.
    These fugitives owe 1000s of crores to banks and are charged with FEMA violations, money laundering, terror etc. Enforcement Directorate is still trying to extradite them for several years without any result. India has an extradition treaty with all these countries where these fugitives reside but not one responded. Zakir Naik escaped to Malaysia[7]. The Malaysian government was asked by the Indian government to hand over Zakir Naik as he is a wanted criminal, Malaysia openly said NO, this is Modi’s diplomacy masterstroke for your reference! All these escapes can’t happen without top people going complacent and compromising
  10. Bollywood Drug Cartel: After the Sushant Singh Rajput ‘mysterious’ death, the entire Bollywood mafia came on the Radar, several news channels exposed the nexus between Bollywood, Underworld and their influence with the drug cartel. Several leading actors and actresses were found to be in possession of drugs. Videos of these actors in an inebriated state surfaced all over social media and so far not 1 leading actor has been arrested or taken into custody. It has been close to one year and so far PM has not intervened in this matter. CBI is solely under his control and what is stopping him from investigating the Bollywood underworld nexus?

The PM with 303 seats and a thumping majority has so far not once uttered the word Sonia Gandhi in his term, he has so far not even opened the word Corruption and Black Money retrieval.

Even the resignation of Shah Faesal who tweeted so many anti-India posts despite being in IAS is still lying untouched on the desk of PM.[8]

The PM who once roared that the Italian marines who shot and killed Indian fishermen have to be brought to justice has made a 10 crore blood money compromise in Supreme Court. Both the marines have been released and the case was closed none other than the Modi government.

In his entire 7 years, he has not once come for a press conference, all the speaking he does is through a very unpopular ‘Man Ki Baat’ show and conveniently evading tough questions.

All these 10 points prove beyond doubt that his silence and evasiveness is an indication of a clear cut compromise at the top. The PM who heads the CBI and has total control over it has not once initiated any action or expedited it. This brings us to a question – Is Sonia Gandhi controlling him and his cabinet? If so, through what?

There is a strong indication that he is controlled through a secret that dates back to his Gujarat days and that needs to be relooked upon. The case is that of an IAS officer Pradeep Sharma who worked directly with the PM who was then Gujarat CM. It is alleged that Pradeep Sharma got in possession of a CD which ultimately had a ‘Saheb’ found in a compromising position with a lady architect who was also from Gujarat. The case is not interesting because of the allegation but because of the behavior of the government and government agencies on that lady architect and Pradeep Sharma IAS during the tenure of Modi as the CM of Gujarat.

Once this allegation came to the limelight, the surveillance was activated on the lady architect, all her movements were tracked and even her phone calls were monitored by the Gujarat government. Also, As soon as the news leaked Pradeep Sharma was arrested and charged in a random corruption case involving him when he was the district collector of Surat and till today the case is running.

Since Modi became PM, Pradeep Sharma IAS is languishing in jail for over 7 years without bail. He was granted bail somewhere in 2018 and the same day when he got bail and came out of prison he was arrested 5 mins later by another team on another case and again lodged in jail. Why is the Government showing all its might on just 2 people? What is it that they possess which the rulers don’t want the country to know?[9]

BJP leader Kapil Mishra when he was an MLA (representing Aam Aadmi Party) in the Delhi Assembly openly exposed the snooping scandal in the Assembly naming Narendra Modi and quoting the exact verses from the Court case.[10]

Even recently, Eknath Khadse, a former BJP leader from Maharashtra stated that if the Central government sends the ED (Enforcement Directorate) then he will release the CD. What is on the CD? Only a few know![11]

The case involving a ‘Saheb’ and woman gets even more suspicious because the lady architect’s brother runs a huge company in Gujarat for energy distribution and the Gujarat state machinery did everything in its capacity to render help to that particular firm when Modi was the CM and now today the same firm is getting government contract without having much experience.

From all these things we can clearly understand that there is a huge power play going on between different individuals and they are trying every method possible to cover and hide something big and the cost for this cover-up is a compromise at disproportionate levels affecting the morale of this country.

1. Text in Blue points to additional data on the topic.
2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. Let us be honest, we screwed up the system over 70 years. The rot so deep that the entire system of governance needs an overhauled. Do we have the required competent, honest and qualified manpower to undertake such a task. The thieves have spread themselves so far and wide that if all of them are rounded up in a short time the entire economy may come to a standstill. The biggest problem is the speed of the justice system which only helps the rich and powerful and the system knows it but for some reason it is not addressing it.

  2. The indian judicial system is either still red have tapism and further under corrupt judges and lawyers control. my personnal opinion now only limping back. I trust very soon thes Chidambraam sonia and other mafias will face tough time.

  3. Modi and his Govt. should come clear of this allegation. Even if it is true, confession and accepting the legitimate penalty will clear off the sin, making him to ascend the high stature once again. If not, the people of the country should contemplate on starting a new alternative Political party which is capable of solving these problems.

  4. How can Modi do this.?
    His boss on Anthill was raised by those accused of corruption.
    His boss’s Man Friday was given a Bharat Ratna, without whom Anthill would not exist today.
    And all the other riff raff accused of corruption have to do is join the BJP. End of story.
    Indians can live on perennial hope.
    The Council For Reliance (CFR) will continue to rule for now. That is also a form of Atmanirbhar.


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