Income Tax is still hushing up the probe against Chidambaram family under Black Money & Benami Acts

Chidambaram continues to influence the Finance Ministry to delay/ deflect/ stall probes against him and his family

Chidambaram continues to influence the Finance Ministry to delay/ deflect/ stall probes against him and his family
Chidambaram continues to influence the Finance Ministry to delay/ deflect/ stall probes against him and his family

CBDT probe against P Chidambaram has not moved an inch

Are C-Company minions actively working in the Finance Ministry to exercise masterly inactivity in the cases being probed under the Black Money Act and Benami Act?

Instead of straightaway registering a case, the CBDT is playing tricks to save their old boss Chidambaram.

While the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is pursuing cases against the former Finance Minister P Chidambaram  and his family-related corruption cases, another organisation, the Income Tax Department (IT) has not yet moved an inch on the cases probing under the Black Money Act and Benami Act. IT under the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is still employing delaying tactics related to the cases of illegal amassing of wealth in 14 countries by Chidambaram and family members[1].

The Chidambaram and his family members assets were exposed in a joint raid conducted by the ED and the Income Tax’s Chennai Unit in December 2015 in connection with son Karti’s firms during the Aircel-Maxis probe[2]. The Income Tax’s Chennai Unit has come out with a more than 200-page report on the illegal assets amassed by the family in 14 countries and 21 illegal foreign bank accounts in mid-2016. But the senior officers in CBDT and the top officials like Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia and Joint Secretary (Revenue) Uday Singh Kumawat tried to hush-up the matter and the report was made public[3] by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in February 2017.

Upon Swamy’s complaint, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered the CBDT to probe and register cases under new Black Money and Benami Acts on the illegal assets amassed by Chidambaram family in June 2017. But till date, the CBDT under the Chairmanship of Sushil Chandra IRS has not moved an inch except writing letters to the 14 countries seeking confirmation of Chidambaram family’s assets worth more than Rs.10,000 crores. PGurus have detailed the illegal assets of the family 14 countries and 21 illegal foreign bank accounts in an article titled as Chidambaram Rahasya1.

The top Finance Ministry officials and CBDT officials are purposely delaying acting in these two crucial cases under the Black Money Act and Benami Act. There is no need to write letters to these 14 countries and wait for a reply, when Income Tax’s Chennai Unit has found all the details. Instead of straightaway registering a case, the CBDT under Arun Jaitley’s Finance Ministry is playing tricks to save their old boss Chidambaram.

The worst of it is that the CBDT has not shared any details with the CBI and the ED. Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia conducts fortnightly review meetings with the Chairman of CBDT on the progress of investigations in important cases. Why has there been no progress in Chidambaram cases?

Now it is heard that Adhia is recommending a second extension for CBDT chairman Sushil Chandra. Gopal Mukherjee, a Member of Investigation of the CBDT retired in January 2017. The vacancy created by his superannuation has not yet been filled. The committee of Secretaries have met but the decision appears to not have been made. Why is such an important post being kept vacant?

Reliable sources have told PGurus that Adhia has deliberately delayed filling up the vacancy of Member – Investigations for wanting to give an extension to the pliable CBDT Chairman Sushil Chandra as all members of the present Board are expected to retire within the next 5-6 months. This is the condition of the CBDT which heads the Income Tax, handling many sensitive cases. The worst is that in many sensitive cases, the Income Tax has not yet launched any criminal prosecutions. Something is rotten in the Finance Ministry of this country, which is still under the influence of former tainted Finance Minister P Chidambaram.


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  1. It seems as if there’s a deal between all political parties not to pursue cases to their logical conclusion. They are taking out insurance policies so that in case they are voted out the next government does the same. Otherwise there can be no excuses in having all departments in government functioning exactly as per the prime ministers wishes.

  2. Anyone who thinks that any bureaucrat has the guts or gumption to try and fool the present PM is living in a fools paradise. The Income Tax Deptt acts only when they have clinching evidence. And every one knows tha Adhia the Finance Secretary is an IAS officer of Gujarat cadre and had worked with Modi when he was CM of Gujarat. So PGurus should stop spreading false news

  3. Considering the evidences exposed in the media, the pace of the investigation proves that, ” daal mein kuch kala hein”. Unless the government also wants to play along and help the culprits, there is no reason why this bottleneck could not be removed immediately.

  4. अभी चिदंबरम के कृपा प्राप्त अधिकारी बड़े पैमाने पर उच्च पदों पर बैठे हुए है श्रीराम की बात है?

  5. It is highly astonishing to read how corrupt people are being protected by politicians, official machinery, investigating agencies. Corruption is so deep routed that should the situation continue, terrorism will grow. If this is the way administration is going on, BJP will bite the dust in 2019 elections and country will be ruled by amalgamation of regional outfits.

  6. The nation should act. People in India protest for silly and absurd reasons. What has happened to Anna Hazare and the India Against Corruption (IAC) movements? It is time a national movement gets underway with people marching to the finance ministry and making a huge statement to the Indian public for the need of an immediate action to nail all the corrupt Netas and Babus.

  7. Whether former FinMin alleged corruption gets to logical conclusion or not Modi Govt should atleast take action in the cases of babus/officials deliberately delaying probes.
    We don’t even see/hear any transfers or suspension or dismissal of these rogue/erring officials.
    Except a lone case of some official caught for calling some accused in sharara chit fund scam..
    Whether this govt lives upto it’s tall expectations in big scam matters esp of big political persons atleast it should cleanup babus though painstakingly slow
    Will it do or Swamy write a letter or just a polltime gimmick with already everything worked behind scenes between INC&BJP via VVVIP visitor on last Christmas Eve??


    • I support Mr Manian’s view – all cases against corruption are being dragged years on end and at last it will be found that the case is not presented properly at the court and the “accused” are let off without even a single remark against them. If this is going to be situation in cases against corruption, then why spend the tax payers money on such government agencies? Whatever is lost is lost and such agencies are only adding to the loss of the tax payer.

    • Mr Manians view should be considered. Mr Sree iyer, by the way what is happening on Govt appeal against 2G verdict? Any progress? or gone in cold store? As mentioned by Mr G Srinivasan, the way things are moving, there is a fear that the country will go back to corrupt politicians.
      Appreciate your reply Mr Sree.

  9. Is the Modi government waiting for the case to open just a couple of months before the election, so the voters will have a fresh memory of Congress leaders’ corruption?

  10. I wish Mr. Modi reads this post atleast once forwards the same to Jaitley. Why these are not raised in parliament? Atleast Swamy can do that as he has been doing it time and again. Why cannot Mr. Jaitley fall sick so that he will not be able to attend his office for a long time, which will make it open for, Modi to ask Swamy to step in.
    Thanks to pgurus for these updates. We do not get these in any newspaper / news feed. Great job and keep going.

    • Wish that could be raised in Parliament. With all due respect, when Dr Swamy tries to speak on any matters regarding corruption, whether it be Augusta Westland, 2G, National Herald etc. the “interested” parties never allows him to speak and make all noises they can so that the House gets adjourned! What a state of affairs!


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