Subramanian Swamy to seek Sanction to Prosecute Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia under Prevention of Corruption Act?

Swamy to write to the PM to prosecute a senior Finance Ministry official without naming him but all hints point to Adhia

Swamy to write to the PM to prosecute a senior Finance Ministry official without naming him but all hints point to Adhia
Swamy to write to the PM to prosecute a senior Finance Ministry official without naming him but all hints point to Adhia

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy is expected to file Sanction for Prosecution against Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia under Prevention of Corruption Act. Though Swamy did not name him in a series of tweets on Friday evening, his mention of accepting gold bars from Nirav Modi by an official clearly means that he meant Adhia’s controversy in accepting gold bars.

When caught for accepting gold bars, Adhia deposited in Rashtrapati Bhavan’s Gift keeping unit known as Toshakhana[1]. He was supposed to inform CBI and Toshakhana is not used for this purpose[2].

The BJP leader was for many months unhappy with the Finance Secretary Adhia for slowing down or diluting the cases against P Chidambaram and his family under Black Money Act and Benami Act[3]. He was also unhappy against CBI’s Special Director Rakesh Asthana for delaying the Aircel-Maxis probe involving Chidambaram and son Karti. The case got on the fast track after CBI Director Alok Verma’s intervention and vetoing Asthana.

On Saturday evening Swamy tweeted that he is going to file Sanction for Prosecution: 

He also said that Nirav Modi was allowed to escape and the January 2017 raid details on his showrooms were hushed up by senior officials in the Finance Ministry. The DRI and Income Tax raid details of Nirav Modi was withheld from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Enforcement Directorate (ED) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The January 2017 raids exposed the banking frauds committed by the fugitives Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi. As a reference to Hasmukh Adhia, Swamy said that certain Gujarat cadre officers think no one can touch them:

In another tweet also Swamy’s expressed his displeasure about the officials conniving with P Chidambaram’s ilk of corrupt people and sabotaging the probes:

Apart from hushing up the Chidambaram case and Nirav Modi case, Swamy was unhappy with Adhia for mishandling the GSTN and Vodafone International Arbitration case, favoring a second arbitration in London[4].

In the famous Subramanian Swamy vs Manmohan Singh case, seeking Sanction for Prosecuting Telecom Minister A. Raja, Supreme Court has passed a landmark judgment that the sanctioning authority should take a decision in three months and one more extra month may be taken to take a decision. In Adhia’s case, Swamy has to apply for Sanction for Prosecution to Finance Minister. If no decision is taken, he can go to the court.

PGurus has written a series of articles[5] on the mistakes of Adhia with respect to the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN)[6].


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  1. SS is doing wonderful job. Problems/ corruption at lower level is so high but it is invisible. No one listens to common man problem. Order passed by assistant registrar of co-operative society Ulhasnagar taluka pertaining to Morya co-operative society Ulhasnagar are not implemented though more than 2 years have lapsed because of corruption in police

  2. We must thank Subramanian Swamy but none of the UPA scam has been proved and UPA govt became scapegoat. Let’s see how he frames Adhia.

  3. There are more pressing issues including that of corruption charges etc. at home to give immediate attention to by the PM himself personally. It is therefore essential that he remains in the country for this purpose and take quick decision atleast now on the issues specially brought to the fore by Dr Swamy. It is now a case of better late than never.

  4. Frankly speaking this govt is fast becoming a joke in handling matters of corruption. This will cost them dearly in 2019 is sad that the PM too is not showing much interest.

    • n ganesh, I share your views;
      NaMo Govt came to power at a time when people were fed up of everyday UPA scams such as 2G, Commonwealth, Coalgate etc. etc. to name a few. It is by the persistent and diligent efforts of Dr. Subramanian Swamy that the criminality has been brought out in all these cases; People are all anxious to see scamsters behind bars and the loot recovered; Therefore, any amount of complacency on the part of the Govt will ensure a battering in the 2019 elections (note that the Opposition is more united than ever).

      The response from the govt on Dr. Swamy’s request will reveal the real mindset of this Govt and perhaps where it is headed in the 2019 elections.

  5. Can Swamiji have an one-to-one dialog with the PM & explain to him the dubious activities of moles in the Finance Ministry?

    Also latest news are to be believed, AJ is recuperating well and may re-join his Ministry. If it happens so, all Swamiji’s efforts will go waste. Something needs to be done scrupulously and diligently that will totally disable the efforts of the crooks in the Finance Ministry.

  6. Well! Well! If the top secretary in Finance is a doubtful character than what to say about the ‘Finance Minister’.. Thank God for Dr. Swamy our National Hero and pgurus. Please create a members forum where we can all pool our talent and resources to get this unethical rascals out of power. Jai Bharat!

  7. What is intriguing is – even at this stage – when things go so far as to seeking prosecution of Secretary of Finance – how is it that our PM is unaware of the goings on?

  8. SS is doing best for the nation. PGurus is making it known to public. but no one prosecuted or charge sheeted yet? They are using their influence to evade arrest and legal proceeding may take years.

  9. Please prosecute! What did the Modi government not flush the UPA time crooks hollowing out the system from within????

  10. Hasmukh Adhia is a crook. He collapsed GSTN. The Gold Bar accepting episode shows that he is corrupt too. He is an arrogant officer


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