Role of Vatican, Catholic Church in Indian Politics

The Vatican and the Church have meddled in India's Politics for a long time... since 1950s

The Vatican and the Church have meddled in India's Politics for a long time... since 1950s
The Vatican and the Church have meddled in India's Politics for a long time... since 1950s

The recent pastoral letters issued by the archbishops of Delhi and Goa to the laity asking them to fast, pray and vote for a change of government in the 2019 General Elections has stirred a hornet’s nest among a section of the electorate. The directives by the Vatican-appointed archbishops are being seen as an open intervention by the Roman Catholic Church in India’s politics.

But the history tells us that this is not new. The Church has always intervened in the internal affairs of the country since the departure of our former Colonial masters. The only difference was that the cardinals and archbishops performed their task in a more subtle manner. All people who matter in the country know well that the Church has a role in all policy decisions. It took time for us to understand that the Church plays an active role in Indian politics and that too because of some intellectually honest westerners.

It was Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the then US Ambassador to India who revealed the role of Vatican and the Central Intelligence Agency in dethroning the democratically elected E M Sankaran Nampoothirippadu (EMS)-led Communist government in Kerala in 1959. The dismissal of the EMS under Article 352  of the Constitution was the culmination of a bloody agitation all over Kerala by a group sponsored by the Church, CIA and of course, supported by the Indian National Congress. Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India and his daughter Indira Gandhi was the President of the party[1].

It was not because of “any turbulent political atmosphere that posed a  threat to democratic principles enshrined in our Constitution and the secular fabric of our nation” that the Church supported, funded and sabotaged the democratically elected Communist government. The Communists, as it is the practice they continue even now,  engaged in the class annihilation of their enemies.. The local party leaders played the role of local home ministers. The administration turned out to be a scarecrow while party apparatchiks called the shots from the local offices of the party.

What infuriated the Church authorities was the decision of Prof Joseph Mundassery, a Catholic-turned-Communist fellow traveler, who was appointed by EMS as the Education Minister of Kerala tried to liberate the education system of the State from the shackles of the Church. The majority of the schools and colleges under the management of the Church which foresaw the business and commercial potential of the sector and had opened a number of educational institutions under the Church management.  They charged exorbitant fees from the students and capitation fee for appointment as teachers. But the salary of these teachers was paid from the government treasury.

Prof  Mundassery thought enough was enough and the time has come to make the school and college managements accountable for appointments, admissions, and transfers. “The school manager, in most of the cases, the local Catholic parish priest would get the teachers to sign on the receipt stating that they had received their monthly salary of nine rupees from the manager who would part with only five rupees and pocket the remaining four rupees. We cannot question this impropriety. The salary itself was not paid regularly,” wrote Father Joseph Vadakkan, who had waged a war against the Communist government in the infamous Liberation Struggle of 1958-59 as a foot soldier of the Church. Father Vadakkan joined the Lefts afterward and spilled the beans on how the Vatican had funded the Liberation Struggle.

The Church was and still is totally against any kind of government intervention in their institutions like self-financing colleges, hospitals, medical colleges and other professional colleges. They want to have the cake and eat it too.

The Catholic Church had received vast amounts of foreign exchange in US dollars during the Liberation Struggle (popularly known as Vimochana Samaram in Malayalam).  Late Lonappan Nambadan, CPI(M) leader, who had begun his life as an evangelist and school teacher as a supporter of the Catholic Church had detailed the role of Vatican and CIA in his famous autobiography “Sancharikkunna Viswasy” (The believer who travels) (Page 18 to 22).  The foreword for the book was authored by  V S Achuthanandan, former chief minister of Kerala and a long time friend of Nambadan. What VS wrote in the foreword is that Nampadan’s memoirs about  Liberation Struggle that was funded by the Vatican is an authentic account of the incident.

“Elsworth Bunker, the US Ambassador to India during 1957, has openly stated that the CIA and Vatican funded the Liberation Struggle through the Church to get rid of the Communists from the Indian polity,” says  Nambadan, who had participated in the Liberation Struggle.  The then Union Minister S K Patil was the one who distributed the funds for Liberation Struggle in Kerala.

But what is shocking than all these revelations is the disclosure by Nambadan about the role of James Robert Hawks, then Vatican Ambassador to India in the whole agitation. “The Catholic Bishops held a special conclave at Bangalore on December  4, 1958. The conclave came out with a blueprint to sabotage the Communist Government and this has been reported by The Hindu and Indian Express in their issues dated December 5, 1958,” writes Nambadan.

Who was Nambadan? A born-Christian fundamentalist. He was in the forefront of the Liberation Struggle held in 1958-1959 against the EMS-led government. After 1982 he left  the Church-sponsored Kerala Congress and joined The CPI(M) which made him a minister in the 1987 Left Democratic Front government led by E K Nayanar. Later he was fielded as a CPI(M) candidate from the Mukundapuram Lok Sabha constituency in the 2004 General Election and won hands down.

Nambadan wrote the book in and passed away in 2013. Till  date no one has questioned any of the points raised by Nambadan in his memoirs. He has also quoted an answer provided by the then Union finance minister in December 1959 to a question raised by the CPI member in Rajya Sabha. “During 1959 January to 1959 July, US dollars to the equivalent of Rs 13, 96, 162 was encashed through various banks in Kerala. This was a princely sum during those days writes Nampadan.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan in his book A Dangerous Place has mentioned about the role of CIA and  Vatican Liberation Struggle in Kerala[2].

To be continued…


[1] List of Presidents of the Indian National

[2] A Dangerous PlaceDaniel Patrick Moynihan

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  1. The Vatican has shifted its focus to India, and Kerala, in particular, in recent times. With dwindling believers in the West, it is now turning to the die-hard believers in Kerala. To further cement this, they have made a large number of deceased nuns and pastors as saints, including St. Alphonsa, St. Mariam Thresia, St. Kuriakose Chavara, and St. Euphrasia. Why have they thought it convenient to make saints out of Keralites only now? For centuries, they followed a racist agenda and only made whites as saints. Now, showing their opportunist nature, they find it convenient to make saints and bring in more believers. It may be recalled that when the Portuguese, who were Roman Catholics, came to Kerala, and found the Syrian Christians there, they persecuted them as their beliefs and customs very different from their own. From that approach, it is a sea change in their behaviour. All said and done, the Roman Catholic church needs to be watched closely and remedial measures taken if needed.

  2. With current level of information sharing and 360 coverage of cameras, hope such under dog meddling without being noticed is not possible to the extent it was. Slow steps such as regaining of Hindu temples from Gov and Temples establishing dharmic schools and such services under its own belt as done by Lingayaths will slowly revive Hindu sentiment. However lot has to be done to remove the clout of Church, Muslim minority on the state.

  3. If in 1959, well after 12 years after the so called ‘sham independence’ the Christian mafia Lobby could arm-twist the Indian Government to dismiss an Elected State Government, it speaks of the bogus nature of the ‘Indian Independence’

    The British thieves who could not continue in India & carry out the lootings – due to mounting pressure from patriotic Indians – appointed their representative the traitor Nehru as PM – in the name of giving Independence

    The traitor Nehru & his criminal dynasty were looting our nation unchecked until 2014 – except for a few years when some honest PMs like Morarji and Atalji took over for brief periods.

    It is time that all the honors awarded to the Nehru dynasty are withdrawn and a thorough investigations into their dealings – internal & external – conducted.

  4. We Indian Hindus should seriously contemplate & declare our nation a HINDU RASHTRA.

    The farce of SECULARISM should be dismantled fully – like in the case of RESERVATIONS, VOTING RIGHTS too should be exclusively to Hindus alone.

    Christianity should be specifically banned and all Church properties should be confiscated.

    It is these Christian Missionaries funded by the European and American rascals who perpetrated the biggest frauds on mankind called – GREEN REVOLUTION, WHITE REVOLUTION & ALLOPATHY

    A careful & diligent examination of the AFTER EFFECTS of the fraud called GREEN REVOLUTION will reveal:
    (1) GR is responsible for the millions of farmers’ suicides in India
    (2) GR is accountable for the fast deteriorating land fertilities in India
    (3) Today all our water resources are contaminated beyond redemption by pesticide & chemical contents
    (4) Non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart ailments are alarmingly spreading due to toxic contents in our food

    The story of WHITE REVOLUTION is no better & We foolish Indians have brought our DESI COWS & BULLS to near extinction due to bling aping of anything Western.

    India needs to declare Herself HINDU RASHTRA without fearing reprisals from other nations. INDIA CAN LIVE WITHOUT OTHER NATIONS. WORLD REQUIRES INDIA FOR ITS WELL BEING

    • Fully agree…
      But what are we going to do about the community which is inside our country in the name of minority educational institutions, getting money and aids from the government and yet working against the development and dignity of the nation.
      Missionaries main source of funds are schools and colleges established by British and supported by politicians till now and funded by the government unaware of the threats they pose to the unity of India.
      All schools/colleges should be nationalised and western education should be stopped.
      Otherwise even Hindus will fall prey to the propaganda these intelligent christian staffs devise.

    • At the time of bifurcation and independence, it was clearly a two state theory (Islamic Pak and Hindu Bharath). But Nehru, grabbed PM’s post defeating the democracy at the very first step. He is believed to be the grand son of Giaduddin (later named as Gangadhar Nehru)a descendant of Babar. Indira Gandhi paid respects to Babar’s grave in Afghanistan. THIS FAMILY HATES HINDUS AND HINDU religion. Hence, they never controlled Muslims, allowed to stay back in Bharath by tolerant Hindus.
      Minority status is illegally given both Muslims and Christians (both are more than 10pc of population). Remove this tag and NATIONALISE all educational, medical establishments (alongwith all the properties). Apply population control in the interest of the nation. Give them all the opportunities to come up like any other community. No Hindu stops them from practicing their faith. But resorting to conversions, interfering in political set ups, trying to terrorise Hindus, should be stopped. Showing one-upmanship by using their unity as violent crowds and using megaphones/mikes also to be stopped. Let them get benefits, opportunities and respect as available to any Indian citizen.
      Will our Hindu netas be real seculars (at present, they act as though it means opposing their own religion)

  5. excellant article sri iyerji. i am from kerala but i did not get a chance to read such facts in any of the kerala news agency. all i heard about vimochana samaram was when congress has no aswer in some political debate their leaders remains pannelists that “do not forget vimochanasamaram” congress can still do it again. but the real reason for vimochanasamaram i understood after reading this article. they have people everywhere to supress these facts and it will never come out in public domain. congress party still belive that they expell ems govt such a great thing. But we need to understand the change in the communist party that they are trying to do more appeasement to church than congress now and they are successfully done till this year. recent chengannor election result is the proof for that.

    thank you

  6. Vatican is nothing but a MNC without license, whose organisational chart is like that of industrial MNC, runs Like a MNC and has one product to sell which is invisible and not made of matter. There is huge revenue, through sales and the employees lead a luxurious life. This MNC is used by power centre and business houses of west to establish their bases all over the world for 2000 years. Hence they have every right to demolish those who come in their way and they dislike Modi because, he is not allowing them to sell their product as he believes in Swadeshi product.

    Chinese have controlled this MNC, by nationalising it. Japanese have banned the sale of product.India should evolve a plan similar to China and follow their advice.

  7. Vatican seems to be a very well run business. After the recent improvement in the ease of business, all effected by government policies and programs, Vatican will likely do even better. I don’t really understand why they are against Modiji.

  8. Brilliant write up. Loved it. Am from Kerala and I didnt know this till now. Thank you. Keep posting similar and please send to me. Thanks and regards. Girish Pillai.

  9. Church has manipulated the educational institutions to spread illegal version of “Christianity”. I was once travelling in an hired auto (to & fro arrangement) to ISKCON temple in Bangalore & gave part of the “prasadam” to the auto driver who refused stating that a christian cannot accept Hindu prasadam. Then I asked him then why he requires a Hindu passengers & take their money to make his own living ?? Later he said that the Church Father told him NOT to accept anything Hindu, except their money !!

    • Fully agree…
      Hindus also should be changed in their mindset by not going to churches.
      Why should Hindus go-to churches when they have their own all powerful gods in the temples all over…
      Hindus should be taught not to conduct Christmas functions in schools or go-to churches.

      Will it be wise to play other religious songs in a Hindu temple. Likewise Hindus should learn to respect their values and not assume that hindus are free togoto any religious place.
      Hindus are free to go to any Hindu temple irrespective of saivism, Vaishnavism but they should not go to totally alien religious places like churches.

  10. This is what sonia led congress wants to do to India.
    People are being misled by the amount of money spent on foreign tours by our modi ji…Though they fail to understand that even an ordinary employee in a private firm goes from place to place for the company needs n for marketing, which is of course sponsored by the private company.
    Common people are made to believe that modi ji spends a lot of tax payers money in tours.
    Even Rahul goes to many countries…
    The amount of money spent in foreign tours is very small when compared to the scams in Congress and the money they looted…which was also tax payers money.


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