An Indian to be the next Pope?

By making an Indian the Pope, is the Vatican hoping to convert India?

An Indian to be the next Pope?
An Indian to be the next Pope?

Part 1 of this series is titled Role of Church in Indian Politics. Part 2 wonders if the Anti-Conversion bill brought by the Morarji Desai government was the cause of its fall. This is Part 3.

If reliable sources are to be believed, the Vatican has a secret plan for India. As part of its global evangelization drive and to demolish the last vestiges of Hindu religion, the Vatican is all set to appoint an Indian as the next Pope. The name being considered to be appointed/ anointed as the next Pope is that of Mar Baselious Cleemis, the 59-year-old Major Archbishop of Syro-Malankara Church (as the Catholic Church is known in Kerala). But what will happen to the present Pope who seems to be healthy? Well, he would be asked to announce his retirement lest he faces the fate of John Paul I, the Pope who reigned for hardly one month in 1978!

Cleemis, who hails from Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, is the front-runner for the post. If elected he would be the first Asian to become the spiritual head of the global Catholic community. It may sound bizarre to some as the idea of a coloured Cardinal occupying the top post in the Vatican was unthinkable even in early 2000 itself.

The Vatican, ably supported by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Italian Mafia has a hidden agenda behind the elevation of an Indian as the next Pope. Once you have a desi Pope, it would be easy for the Church to go for massive conversion and make India a Christian Republic. This is the pattern followed by the Vatican since 1978 when the then Pope John Paul I was found dead under mysterious conditions in the papal quarters. The reason behind the death of the last Italian Pope continues to remain a mystery even after four decades. No autopsy was held and the dead pope was interred at the earliest. Much has been written about the death of John Paul I (original lame Albino Luciani) but Team PGurus is focussing more on the current issues at hand.

The Cold War between the USA and the USSR was at its peak in 1978. The USA badly wanted to demolish the Communist rule in Europe. The CIA Station Chief of Rome was the first international figure to land in the Vatican once it announced the death of John Paul 1. He was joined by Umbert Ortolani, a businessman notorious for shady deals he executed for and on behalf of the powers that be at the Vatican and the Catholic Church in Europe, USA, and Latin America.

The agenda was to get a person who could play a major role in demolishing the Communist structure in Europe and Asia. They zeroed on in Karol Josef Wojtyla, the 58-year old cardinal born in Poland. Wojtyla turned out to be the Trojan Horse who walked away with the honors supported by the Vatican and the CIA. He was coronated as John Paul II. The Polish-born Pope did not disappoint his mentors. He ensured that Communism came down like a pack of cards as he effectively mobilized the discontentment among the population in Communist countries against the party apparatchiks.

The first country to get rid of Communism once and forever was Poland. The other East European countries followed suit which culminated in the disintegration, destruction, and demolition of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), the largest country in the comity of nations till 1991.

What the Vatican, the CIA, and the Italian Mafia think together is that India is a gold mine where they can convert, proselytize and evangelize without difficulty. The Vatican has its own daughter as the signora of the Indian National Congress. Laws in India are conducive and favorable for religious conversion. If there is an Indian to head the massive conversion drive planned by the Vatican, there is no need to worry about anything. The target of Vatican is the “unreached populace” in States like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh.

Who is going to be the India-born Pontiff from the Catholic religion? The Pope enjoys the status of a head of State as the Vatican is treated as a country by the comity of nations. The Indian Pope would enjoy the status of a head of the State and can interfere in any affairs of the country. Respected readers, do you know that all Catholic bishops, archbishops, cardinals and cardinal majors in India are appointed by the Pope? Do you know that all the Churches, Church-run educational institutions, hospitals, seminaries, nunneries and all Church-sponsored establishments in India are owned by the Pope? That is the truth. Team PGurus was taken aback when the Vatican accorded the status of an international pilgrim center to the St Thomas Church at Malayattoor in Kerala. It is for either the government of India or the Government of Kerala to announce such a declaration. But this announcement was made by the Pope because he is the proprietor cum owner of St Thomas Church and the hundreds of acres of forest land surrounding the Church. This is the case with all such establishments in India. The information was provided by late Prof Joseph Pulikkunnel, a professor of English-turned-scholar in Christian studies. “The person nominated/ appointed by the Pope runs, administers and controls the institution, whether it is a Church or hospital or educational institution or seminaries,” Prof Pulikkunnel had told us.

Coming back to the present scenario, the Vatican, which has considerable influence in all the governments across the world, feels that India is the right place to evangelize. An Indian Pope would make people in millions attracted to the Catholic Church. Why did the Vatican choose Karol Josef Wojtyla as Pope in 1978? They wanted a person who spoke the same language as that of the Polish people to demolish Communism in Poland. The same is the case bring followed here.

If you feel these facts are unsubstantiated doubts and suspicions, please read POLICHEZHUTHU, the Malayalam autobiography of Kunhananthan Nair, popularly known as Berlin Kunhananthan Nair. He is a hard-core CPI-M journalist and was the European correspondent of the now-defunct Blitz (edited and owned by the colorful Russi Karanjia) for more than five decades. Nair was based in Berlin, the capital city of East Germany, and hence the sobriquet to his name.

Nair was one of the first journalists to land in the Vatican following the unexpected death of John Paul I in 1978 and that too 33 days after his election as the Pope. “John Paul I was in good health and spirits and had no record of any heart ailments. The death of the Pope was termed as the Sacred Murder in Vatican. There was no autopsy or post-mortem of the body and hence the reasons for the death would remain a mystery for decades to come. I collected details which pointed out that the Pope was bumped off by a professional assassin deployed by the Italian Mafia because they never wanted the world to know the rotten secrets of Vatican. The secrets were about the private lives of the Cardinals, major cardinals, and the high power officials in the Catholic Church and also about their not so sacred dealings with the mafia, drug syndicate, and even large-scale prostitution,” said Nair.

He said that Karanjia, who stood like a rock for media freedom and freedom of expression was threatened by the Church forcing him to discontinue Nair’s sensational and sensitive despatches from Rome. Most of the information he collected had been incorporated in the book POLICHEZHUTHU.

What makes Mar Baselious Cleemis the hot favorite for the post of Pope? Cleemis, whose original name is Issac Thottumkal, has all the qualities to be the next shepherd of the Catholic Church. He is known for his virulent dislike for Hindus. Immediately after the swearing-in of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in May 2014, Issac Thottumkal, who was the then president of the Catholic Bishop’s Council of India, went around the country alleging Christians in India were not safe under the reign of Prime Minister Modi. This was widely reported in the international media and our Issac Thottumkal became a media celebrity like John Dayal, another globetrotter conjuring tales of atrocities to anyone would listen.

Since then Mar Cleemis is being seen as a saviour by Vatican which feels he can convert India into a Christian Republic once he is ordained as Pope. The CIA and Vatican have chartered a long-term plan in the 1950s itself for the division of India. Titled “Operation Brahmaputra”, they have a well-designed plan to create a Christian Republic in North East India by making the seven North East India States (Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam, and Manipur) to secede from the subcontinent. If you have any doubts, please refer to the religious demography of these states.

Mar Cleemis has established strong links with the CPI-M since the last Lok Sabha election. Sitaram Yechry is a regular visitor to the palace of Cleemis in Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram and was seen kissing his hands. The CPI-M, which had opposed the Church way back in the 1950s and 1960s have cozied up to the Holy Fathers since then. Both the Marxists and the Methrans (Malayalam for Bishops) know well that they would not be able to conquer India so long as the Hindu religion thrives. Hence the Church-Communist axis to demolish Hinduism, Hindutva, and Hindu culture.

Wait for the next episode to know how the Church subverts Hinduism…


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  1. Wonderful article, and lots of truth but Vatican will be doomed will become a Tea stall if they are going to have corrupt, pedophile Cleemis. Let the Dog George keep barking , Israelis hate Indian Christians. Thank God Jesus is no more, he himself can tolerate these Rapist cardinals of Indian Church.

  2. I have said earlier and I say again that CHRISLAMISM is nothing but Armed, political, geographic aggression through fear,blackmail, superstition, mass hypnosis for world dominance guised as religion..
    World is witnessing their MUTUAL DESTRUCTION for humanity’s good.

  3. Govt can enact laws making conversion cumbersome and difficult for other religions to follow. Govt should withdraw all concessions being allowed to them and keep all converts under special category without any recognition.

  4. What a tragedy the majority of Communist in India are Hindus and 90 % of Hindus are alienated from what is Hindu into castes. For eg. Iam from Kerala. Among Hindus there are two prominent caste The EZHAVA & NAIR. Both are at logger heads as SUNNI & SHIA is. This is the reason that church & mosque plays a role in Kerala. Same is the case of Karnataka . The congress party is doing this every where to allow Vatican to succeed what the British couldn’t complete in the 200 years of their rule. BUT REMEMBER THAT WILL BE THE END OF CHURCH IN INDIA THY THEY PLAY THE GAME OF POLAND

  5. This article is pure insanity. After the godhra, ayodhya and the sikh massacre of the two minorities this is the next great brain washing plan of the hindu terrorists led by Modi. But it won’t work. Modi cannot afford to be treated as a pariah hy the Americans and the west.

    • two rupee rice bag convert what are you ranting about godhra, ayodhya and the sikh massacre. Godhra started when your jihadi muslims burned train coach full of Hindu pilgrims. on Ayodhya , Mr’ untrustworthy radical christian zealots. Ayodhya is Hindu Holy land , why the hell muslim demolished our temple and built mosque over it. Haraamkhor abrahmics like you killed more than 2 billion people in this world in last 1800 years. Mr. two rupee , sikh were killed by your bloody antonio maino congress party . Christian terrorists like you must be thrown out from Bharat. even in 2018 you abrahmic zealots don’t allow to build temple in mecca, Jerusalem and vatican. and accept from Hindus , to allow to gullible abrahmics to build their places on Hindu holy land. And by the way why you people made Israel why are you killing Palestinians . why don’t you bloody jews and Christians vacate Israel .

      • You illiterate, moron; ayodhya is no hindu holy land and there was no god called ram. He did not and could never build a bridge across the indian ocean having some monkeys throw some stones in the ocean. And by the way no human beings wanted to join this imbecile ram in reclaiming sita since sita ran away with ravana on the first opportunity she got in the forest. But sadly you will not be able to comprehend these because you think with your ass not your brains. You product of the draupadi type
        whores, want to justify the godhra and ayodhya genocide? Consider yourself lucky that your ring leader was not dragged to the international court of justice, like milosevic.

  6. Christian groups are digging their own graves.
    If they try to even convert India, they are bound to get extinct. End of a 2000 year old religion is soon going to happen if they touch Sanatan dharma.
    If they think all Indians are like those poor people who convert for money, power, status and education…. They are wrong.
    Indian government should ensure n take strict actions and make all government lands n forests come under the control of the Indian government.
    All British laws and British grants should be wiped away for a safe India.

    • First try to seize properties of tirupati, padmanabha temple, sabarimala, saibaba, amirthanandamayi medical colleges and other medical/engg colleges of mutts in karnataka. You will see the foolery of your statements of nationalizing church properties or religious trusts. This moitivated article is all about vengeance against a priest called Baselius Cleemis who exposed modi’s cunning role in condoning the massacre of a religious minority. So stop whining.

      • Dear George, please remember that land that church owns in India comes from the generosity of colonial British and as such, you should thank that you are living in a country where the majority aka Hindus are tolerant and not rightfully taking the churches land which basically belongs to Hindus and not booting you out to Vatican. If you are honest to yourself then you should know that Hindus are a very tolerant mob. Go and convince your priest to respect Hinduism and not convert poor, gullible to your faith. We will worry about our temples in our time, thank you.

        • Last time I checked, the british left India 70 years ago. What was vajpayee hindu ayodhya temple builders and the Modi hindu terrorists doing since 2014 doing with their brute majority?. Where are the laws that you wished were enacted to grab christian properties?. The moment you try to boot out christians to vatican, all arms sales from the US, France, british and Israel will stop and the chinese dragon will swallow India. That will be the end of the hindu holy cow. So be careful what you wish for.

          • There is a saying among the African tribe about the white man who came to convert.”White man came with the Bible on one hand and on the other he had a musket”.You comment just mirror this African saying 🙂

      • Why should the temple properties be seized?The HR&CE money collected from temples is used by State Govts to look after the needs of all religions. A small % only is spent on the Hindu temples themselves. If the plan is to destroy Sanatana Dharma, the whole world will be destroyed. Acceptance of all religions is not weakness, it is confidence in one’s own.

  7. See the two Q i asked to my Kerala christian friend years back
    Q1-> Why you pay 10% of your salary as a tithe to your Church, that is a large part of your salary? You pay less than that..may be 5%, your church won’t know?
    His Ans -> would come to know that somehow,if i am removed from my church membership, i would be in serious trouble.
    Q2-> How do you decide a candidate when you vote?
    His Ans ->Candidate would be selected by the father/pastor of our church and he would tell all the church members to vote for the chosen candidate.That is how we all vote.

  8. The answer to the question is an open secret for a long time. Remember the Pope some years ago went direct to the North-East?

  9. Hope this indian pope with Indian DNA will make all converts to go look for their own soul purification and to save them for future rebirths .Ask them to look for own real roots and reconvert to their true roots .
    Not only indian but all who converted to Islam and christianity all over the world .
    That will be the day.
    Not only his birth he will deliberate say 3 -4 billions converts to true religion of their own .
    Religion based on one book with no discussion on its truth need to be exposed and modified.
    And world peace will prevail .
    All big wars and death of billions and many human civilization after birth of these two religions who converted billions to islam and christianity .

    • Religions apart..
      looking for truth.. freedom.. realization of soul and spirit..the astral realities… Life before birth and after death …
      People in the modern world..all over the world.. in todays 21st century … today..tomorow.. are moving changing..
      Cows Birds 40 centuries back and today are more or less the same..humans of these times live very different from humans 40 centuries back..

      People of the world are interested in such different pursuits …which ever religion they belong.. whatever political organisations they move with…

      Hope knowledge will guide people
      USA and the West is not all under the Christian religion..Nor the Chinese dragon and the people of China. can go on thinking thart Materialism is the last word in human life.
      If Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham or the King David would be fighting with Krishna, Rama. Shankaracharya, Vasishta
      Ramana Maharshi Guru Nanak and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or J Krishnamurti or Akalkot Maharaj and The Gautama the Budha, Padmasambhava, Confucius, Mila Repa or Mar Pa ..or the Lama Govinda… If all these people. meet and are together … They wont be fighting with each other..on any trifling matters!!

      I think all religions of the world are ok in a way and all politics of the world are also ok in a way..
      I hope people of the world will supercede all religions and all political ways of the world upto now.. and modify all without negating them..and not letting the religious and political persons fighting..
      Then their purpose is not renderd

      Let advancement of people’s consciousnes by yoga meditations ..prayers and practices of all major religions… prevail..
      The religious heads.. politicians…and all people find new and better realities in the material world and in their spiritual world..let them be motivated. to rejoice in their soul !!!


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