Vatican’s role in Indian politics: Did the Anti-Conversion bill bring down the Morarj Desai government?

Various factors, including strident opposition from the Vatican doomed the government of Morarji Desai

Various factors, including strident opposition from the Vatican doomed the government of Morarji Desai
Various factors, including strident opposition from the Vatican doomed the government of Morarji Desai

Part 1 of this series, titled Role of Vatican, Catholic Church in Indian Politics. This is Part 2.

The interference in Indian politics by the Vatican and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been the topic of our discussion and this is the second part of the article. The details of the roles played by the CIA and Vatican during the Liberation Struggle (Vimochana Samaram) of 1959 to unseat the democratically elected EMS Nampoodirippadu ministry of Kerala was furnished through the words of Lonappan Nambadan and Father Joseph Vadakkan, who actively participated in the Liberation Struggle. Nambadan in his autobiography The Traveling Believer and Father Vadakkan in his autobiography (Ente Kuthippum Kithappum[1], published by Mathrubhumi Books) had listed the factors which led to the launching of the Liberation Struggle and how the Vatican masterminded the agitation through its representative in India Rev James Robert Hawks.

Coming back to the 1959 Liberation Struggle, all activists who took part in it were funded and entertained by the Vatican once the EMS government was dismissed by the Centre.

We would like to draw the attention of the respected readers to a recent political development that took place in the southern State of Kerala, which most of the mainstream media chose to ignore. There are three vacancies of Rajya Sabha members from Kerala as the tenure of three sitting members came to an end. According to the party position in Kerala Legislative assembly, the CPI-M led Left Democratic Front would be able to nominate two members while the UDF led by the Congress could send one member to the Upper House of Indian Parliament.

It was widely expected that P J Kurien, the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, whose tenure came to an end recently would be re-nominated by the Congress. Kurien, belonging to the Marthoma Church (one of the lead factions of Christianity) had the support of his Church. But the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee chose to surrender the seat to Kerala Congress (Mani faction), a political outfit sponsored and propped up by the Roman Catholic Church. The leaders of the KPCC are groping in the dark to give a reason for their surrendering before the Church. What is more shocking is that the Kerala Congress (Mani) chose to field Jose K Mani, who is a sitting member of the Lok Sabha as its candidate for the Rajya Sabha seat. Jose K Mani represents the Kottayam Lok Sabha constituency and has one more year to complete his tenure as a member of the Lok Sabha. The reason is that the Catholic Church wanted Jose K Mani, son of party chairman K M Mani as the Rajya Sabha member and the KPCC yielded.

Coming back to the 1959 Liberation Struggle, all activists who took part in it were funded and entertained by the Vatican once the EMS government was dismissed by the Centre. Nambadan writes in his autobiography that more than 100 leaders of the Liberation Struggle were taken on a tour by Moral Re-Armament Movement (MRA, since re-named as Initiatives of Change) to Caux in Switzerland and entertained till they said “enough”. (Page 32, The Traveling Believer).

The MRA had built a wonderful hotel in the Caux village to host and entertain volunteers who work for subverting and sabotaging governments and launching agitations to suit the convenience of the Church. Father Joseph Vadakkan in his autobiography too has given an account of his foreign junket funded by the Vatican and other agencies as a mark of tribute to his role in the Liberation Struggle. The Catholic priest is honest enough to list the varieties of liquor (especially whiskey), delicacies (including a raw frog) with which the Vatican, MRA, and other agencies entertained him (Page 158 to 161, The Traveling Believer).

The Kerala Congress was launched as a breakaway faction of the Indian National Congress with the blessings of the Church, mainly Catholic Church. But over the years, a fight erupted out when other factions of the Church like the Orthodox, Jacobite, and Marthoma felt sidelined by the Catholic and this resulted in the party breaking into Kerala Congress (Mani), Kerala Congress (Jacob), Kerala Congress (Pillai). Some of these factions merge once in a while and get disintegrated again depending on the direction in which the political wind is blowing.

Gerald Posner, the US-born author who almost won the Pulitzer Prize in History, has mentioned in his celebrated book God’s Bankers that no governments unacceptable to Vatican could continue in office anywhere in the world. Though he has not mentioned India specifically, the message is clear. The Pope and his cardinals have a stake in deciding who the Prime Minister of India should be. Vatican’s notable plant in India was a Catholic nun by name Teresa, popularly known as Mother Teresa. She came to India in 1929 and started the work of evangelising the country through her organisation Missionaries of Charity. Her works were in a subtle style. The first time she publicly exposed her true colour was in 1979 when the then Janata Party government led by Prime Minister Morarji Desai allowed a private member to table a bill making illegal conversion a crime. It was a bill tabled by O P Tyagi which stated that no citizens in the country should be forced/ coerced to change his/her religion by force/persuasion/inducement with cash or kind. The Catholic Church was the first institution to come out challenging the Bill[2]. Theresa staged a one-day fast demanding the immediate withdrawal of the Bill.

All over the country, the Christian establishments downed their shutters and special prayer meetings were held in all the churches. These prayers had an effect. The Morarji Desai government, which was sailing smoothly till then saw internal fighting reaching a crescendo and there was a sudden demand of change of leadership. The Marxists who were supporting the government made it known that they were opposed to the Bill introduced by Tyagi and withdrew support to the government. Socialist Party leader George Fernandez rebuked the RSS and quit the government over the permission granted to Tyagi to table the bill. Interestingly, the media and the political class in the country, dominated by the Marxists-Mullahs-Methran (Church) axis made it look like the disintegration of the Janata Party. Even Jayaprakash Narayan who played a dominant role in moulding the Janata Party could not do anything when the leaders themselves started fighting over trivial issues. There was a demand by Charan Singh and his followers that Desai should resign and make way for the former. Agents of Vatican had allegedly played a major role in fomenting trouble in the Janata Party. Dr. Subramanian Swamy revealed the goings-on in the Janata Party during those days in his Swamy remembers Charan Singh[3] with PGurus.

Later, the Charan Singh faction walked out of the Janata Party and aligned with the Congress, Communists and some of the Dravidian MPs to form a government. Charan Singh was sworn in as the Prime Minister and within days the Congress tactfully withdrew its support to him, when he refused to withdraw the cases against Indira Gandhi and her family members. Charan Singh ended up as the only Prime Minister in the country who did not face the Parliament even once.

Let us further pursue the role of Vatican in Indian politics…



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[2]. Christians in India condemn Bill, Apr 15, 1979, New York Times

[3]. Swamy remembers Charan Singh, May 26, 2017, PGurus channel on YouTube.

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  1. I fully agree with Malarji,, Krishnaji, Iyerji. Christians have a selfish motive. They want to rule now also, indirectly.

  2. The church is amply aided by our own secularists that are looking forward to implementing a chrislamist agenda in India or already have.

  3. There is every reason to believe Vatican & western countries involved in bringing down the Janata govt in 1970’s. India fell to British not because of their valor, but due to internal traitors who gave everything to Britishers on a platter in return for they being declared as “Kings”. Madhavarao Scindia grandfather has cheated Rani of Jhansi by opening the fort doors to Britishers which lead to her defeat. Traitors like them are the today’s ruling families or Thakurs in the khangress party. Check the history & you can trace every Khangressmen have traitorship in their blood & DNA.

  4. Some Idiots are no different from Pakistanis who are so obsessed with religion that they see conspiracy in everything.
    You guys are no different from delusional Pakis who think that the whole world is our to get them!

    • Here comes Sikandar….
      Sir…we Hindus have always voted for tolerance n inclusiveness but if we remain like this then we might lose our identity and so we strive hard to safeguard it. You must be knowing a lot about pakis because you know them too well. we learn a lot from seeing our surroundings and how christian groups are trying to convert , if we don’t think of all these insignificant issues we will be big losers one day ….
      Already many cities, union territories n states have gone to the control of churches and their pastors.
      We will be doing injustice if we still remain aloof. So keep your developed brain to yourself and not call others idiots who foresee the future.

      • After 1959, how many times have the communists ruled kerala? Ask yourself before posting idiotic comments that the pope wants to rule this filthy country, riddled with lepers, corruption, poverty and uneducated and thankless hindu morons who even shot the mahatma. Maybe the pope lost interest after 1959 and then decided to open legendary institutions like XLRI, st. Stephens, st. Xaviers, saint johns medical college, christian medical college Vellore and so on and on…..use your brains Malar, if you have one. No pope or vatican wants your country.

        • I suggest you read GianLuigi Nuzzi’s book, “The original Sin”. According to the author, without Mother Teresa’s cash deposits at Vatican Bank, the bank would have closed.

    • Sikander Saheb, please read the books and prose published during the Morarji Desai government’s days. We do not have fear or see conspiracy theories. What has been posted here is truth, only truth and nothing but true.

  5. Thanks for exposing the Vatican’s nefarious conspiracies.India is suffering due to these missionaries.They are behind all conversions of poor Hindus,Naxalite activities, terrorist activities in Northeast,,caste agitations,farmers agitations,opposition and agitations against industries especially Sterilite Company and nuclear plants.
    Modi govt has to rule for another 20 years for securing India from all these threats.

  6. It is natures law that rich control and influence the poor. Most of the wealthy countries control business interests in developing countries by inducement and Vatican is one of the conduits. Here the fault is not Vatican’s, but slavish mind of Hindus, who prepared a constitution with out vision. Unity among Hindus is a myth and leave Morarjis time, even now many in power can be manipulated, which is visible. The solution seems to be elusive unless we have a ruthless nationalistic leader.

  7. Green Revolution – the biggest fraud on earth was perpetrated on India by the West on the blessings of the Christian Mafia head called Pope.

    The Greedy West pushed their poisonous war chemicals – left overs from World wars – to earn huge profits which (1) destroyed Indian Farming (2) pushed our farmers to suicide (3) contaminated all our water resources (4) destroyed our soil fertility

    White Revolution – The second biggest fraud on India (1) brought our indigenous Cows & Bulls to near extinction (2) forced Indians to consume the WHITE POISON called the ‘milk of Jerseys & Holsteins’. TODAY NO FAMILY IN INDIA IS FREE FROM DIABETES/HEART PROBLEMS/ STROKE THANKS TO WHITE REVOLUTION

    ALLOPATHY is another fraud on which we Indians remain trapped due to our foolish attitude of aping anything West

    Christianity is a religion of fraudsters with Pope as the Mafia Head perpetrating huge frauds on humanity through ‘corrupt politicians

    It is now the most opportune moment to ban this evil called Christianity & seize all the properties & real estates of this Mafia Group

    • They are waiting for mustering certain numbers to take control of India soon. Before that we should awaken from this christianity cancer and come out of their grip

    • Allopathy is a fraud? Ask yourself this simple question- why didn’t this RSS-BJP government with its RSS president fail to close down the AIIMS MEDICAL COLLEGE THAT TEACHES ALLOPATHY MEDICINE IN NEW DELHI and why did ARUN JAITLY the finance minister get his allopathic kidney transplant done at AIIMS? And why did VAJPAYEE head to allopathic AIIMS to save his life? So, genius IYER stop spewing poison on the internet with misinformation and hate. Also which research study formed your basis for your moronic statement that white revolution caused diabetes in INDIA?

  8. It has took all these years even for educated persons to understand the hidden control of these churches.
    Glad that atleast now its exposed.
    Else all states would have become Nagaland or Mizoram even without our own knowledge…

    • I fully agree with you Malarji. Krishnaji, Iyerji. Chriztians are sweet Poisiners. Cunning n shrewd. Badmaash. People with Mask.

  9. An eye opener tacit role of Church in deestablising and Destroying basic Secular Value of Indian Hindus.
    Well done.


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