National Herald case – Congress demands Court restrain Swamy from Tweeting

Congress leaders demand that Court prevent Swamy from making "derogatory tweets" about the National Herald case

Congress leaders demand that Court prevent Swamy from making
Congress leaders demand that Court prevent Swamy from making "derogatory tweets" about the National Herald case

Congress leaders on Saturday demanded interim stay on restraining BJP leader Subramanian Swamy from “derogatory style” of tweeting about the National Herald case and Sonia and Rahul Gandhi.  However, the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal did not heed to the demands and posted the case for further arguments on October 20, as Swamy sought time to reply.

The Courtroom was full of fun and the Judge seemed to have enjoyed when Congress lawyers started reading out and produced more than 2000 tweets of Swamy accusing Sonia and Rahul. The Congress leaders lead lawyer R S Cheema said that Swamy is always mentioning Sonia Gandhi as TDK. He said that TDK is short for Tadaka. “Tadaka was Rakshasi (lady demon) who killed many Brahmins and was killed by Lord Rama,” said Cheema, leading to laughter in the courtroom. Cheema cited several times that Swamy was calling his clients as TDK and Buddhu. However, he did not specify who Buddhu is.

“He is tweeting wildly. Even court procedures were misinterpreted. He is abusing us also. He is calling us Congi lawyers. What is the meaning of this?. We are lawyers and not Congi lawyers,” Cheema went on, citing many tweets of Swamy in his 30-minute arguments. However senior lawyers like Kapil Sibal and Abhishek Singhvi were not present. There is a rumor in the Congress circles that former Finance Minister P Chidambaram had complained to Sonia Gandhi about the poor performance of his colleagues and got them removed from the case.

After the Congress lawyers arguments of more than 30 minutes, Swamy said that he needs time to reply to all these allegations. “Why seeking time? Do you need to Tweet again? Within half an hour you will start tweeting, “ Cheema commented when Judge posted the case to October 20. Judge did not heed to the Congress demand of interim stay. He was seen most of the time enjoying with a smile when the lawyers were reading out Swamy’s “derogatory” tweets.

Coming out from the court, Swamy told the media that on October 20, he will give a fitting reply to the Congress leadership, who is nowadays talking too much on freedom of expression. He then tweeted:  

Meanwhile, the cross-examination of Subramanian Swamy by the Congress leaders will start on October 27, which promises to be exciting, in the politically sensitive National Herald case.

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  1. The untiring hilarious Mr. Swamy hitting studs one after another to fit under his shoes so that it gives more thumping sounds than earlier is creating quite an enthusiasm to all sections of society.He is second to none in this vast country to run after high society corruptions affecting the image in global arena.Out courageous one.Let him better create and groom an ardent follower to take his position in succession in view of his growing age.That would be another unprecedented move to give continuance to his untiring tirade against fighting corruption.

  2. Congis & their queen think they are above law or law of land does not apply to them so they can call our honourable PM MODI with any name but if someone calls Sonia Italian Bar-Girl or Tadaka it’s objectionable & derogatory.

  3. He can shout from rooftops and call our PM “chor” . That is OK and even that without any kind of proof. But one can’t tweet about the clearly visible underhanded dealings and transactions related to NH ? He is now acting even worse than a “shehzada”.

  4. So in a way Congress accepted that SG is TDK. No need to explain who is Buddhu. All the world knows!
    With these kind of arguments it clearly shows that they are really scared of their future.
    Soon we will see them in Thihar.

  5. Msinstream Media never covers or highlight these news about so called Fake Gandhi family as they support only corrupt gov and work against India. Now only swamy tweets helping all to know about case. Freedom of expression is not only for Minorities or Italian migrants but should be there for Common man inc. Daredevil swamy also

  6. It is indeed hilarious to watch the wrangling between ss n congi liars (pun intended) anywhere- be it court or parliament or TV debates or anywhere..

    Kudos to ss for his untiring zeal in unmasking the sham maa beta duo

  7. Hindu don’t follow the Hindus principles when you are 60 plus you are on retirement and work for society.
    Dr Swamy courage comes from his following hindu principles

  8. If Dr. Swami’s tweets are derogatory & offensive the victims should approach other appropriate courts for relief

    Why should this ACMM Samar Vishal entertain such pleas & demands & waste the valuable time of the court

    This guy Samar Vishal should be shadowed & investigated? I strongly suspect he is assisting the MA-BETA FRAUD DUO to defer & delay the case.

  9. Shame on Cong.goons,while Rahul& co is uttering nonsense about Shri.Modiji,why they are restating Shri.Swami,Cong.always needs one rule for them,and another rule for all others.Dynastic mentality.

  10. Thanks to Congi lawyers I now know what TDK stands for.
    I will be thankful to Congi lawyer if he can let the country know whom does SS refers to as BUDDHU.

  11. Thadaka was living at Janpath as per Ramayana. Interestingly, the character mentioned by Dr Swamy too stays at Janpath and that too at the cost of poor Indians.


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