Massive Evangelisation in Kanyakumari, Trivandrum districts

The evangelists visit the colonies of  Dalit communities and residences of poor Hindu community members and threaten them with dire consequences if they do not convert to Christianity

Massive Evangelisation in Kanyakumari, Trivandrum districts
Massive Evangelisation in Kanyakumari, Trivandrum districts

The Love Cross is part of an aggressive evangelisation exercise underway in this part of the country.

Despite the fact that the country is ruled by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance Government, evangelists and proselytisers are having a free run all over India. The evangelists in their bid to convert India into the Christian Republic is employing all kinds of tricks to “reach the unreached” and to bring the gullible villagers and town dwellers to the path of the Cross.

A trip across  Kanyakumari district and in the southern part of Thiruvananthapuram district was a revelation. Kanyakumari, once a Hindu domain, now wears the look of a county full of churches, crosses and conversion factories. The entire Dalit community has gone the Jesus way!

The new modus operandi of the evangelists, who are allegedly assisted in their mission by the Dravidians, Communists and the Congress leaders is mindboggling. The Dalits need not change their names. The old system of gazette notification and publication of one’s conversion to another religion has been done away with, Previously, the Sunday editions of The New Indian Express had devoted two pages of classified advertisements for publicising notices like the change of names and change of religions. These classified advertisement pages were full of notices by individuals about their conversion from Hinduism to Christianity.

The number of Churches dotting the coastline as well as the Thiruvananthapuram-Kanyakumari highway is an indication of the ever-growing Christian empire in this part of the country

When the quantum of these advertisements saw a massive jump during the 2004 to 2014 UPA rule remote-controlled by Sonia Gandhi, some of the Hindu organisations in the region smelled a rat and started questioning the sudden increase in religious conversions. The Churches in Kanyakumari which operate like big Mafias in Italy as well as in Mumbai came out with a new strategy. Those who want to convert to Christianity need not change names and inform the authorities. All they have to do is to undergo the “Baptism Ceremony” in the Church, read the Bible and attend Sunday Masses.

This was a multi-pronged strategy “The Dalits could avail the benefits of reservation which they would have lost if they advertise about the conversion in newspapers and government offices. For all practical purposes, the neo-converts would continue as Hindu Dalits, enjoying all facilities. But their loyalty would be towards the Church and Vatican,” said a senior Dalit leader in Kanyakumari who is keeping track of the number of families joining “en masse” “to the way of the cross”.

A new ploy being followed by the Church is to press into service Christian boys with 100 cc bikes to woo the Hindu girls. This is the method which they have adopted from the Islamic youth in Kerala and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu to charm the gullible Hindu girls into wedlock. The Love Jihad featuring Christian Romeos have a new name in Kanyakumari and Southern Thiruvananthapuram. It is known as “Love Cross”. The last two years have seen more than 300 girls from Hindu families falling into the traps laid by the Christian youth and getting converted to Christianity.  But what is alarming and causing concern is the next stage of the Love Cross. The girls who fall for the youth and change their religion are forced by them to bring in more girls from the Hindu community to the Christian sect. The newly converted girls act as the go-between in this operation. “If we refuse to obey the instructions, we will be thrown out of the houses and we will be left in the streets. Since I did not listen to the pleas of my parents, it is not possible for me to go back to them,” said a victim from Kattakkada in Thiruvananthapuram.

Most of the victims of the Love Cross are from economically weak sections. “There are instances of many girls being threatened by the youth. The Romeos have the full support of the Church authorities who offer financial bonanza to them to somehow trap the girls,” said a police official in Parassala, a border town in Kerala.

Kanyakumari district had a Hindu population of 80 per cent in 1956. Now the Hindus are a minority in the district as the population has come down to 48 per cent. The Love Cross is part of an aggressive evangelisation exercise underway in this part of the country, according to K N Venkatesh, leader of Viswa Hindu Parishat. Threats and coercion are the main means to bring the people who worship  “snakes, monkeys, tigers and lions” into the path of God. “Most of the evangelists and pastors roaming around Parassala, Kattakada  Vedivechankoil are goons who would not hesitate to break one or two bones of the potential targets,”  said Devadas, a Hindu activist  (Name changed to protect identity).

Jayanandanan, an investigative journalist working with Janam TV, said that the aggressiveness seen in Love Cross and conversion by coercion are shocking. “Though religious conversion is nothing new in the region, the new-found aggression is a reason for concern,” said Jayanandan. The pastors and evangelists are getting all kind of support from the fishermen community along Coastal Thiruvananthapuram and Kanyakumari for religious conversion.

“There are Pentecostal Mission evangelists and pastors getting a lot of money from India itself to evangelise the region. We have information that they are supported by Maoists as well as former LTTE activists,” said a VHP activist in Kanyakumari. He said that the defeat of Pon Radhakrishnan,  the BJP candidate in the 2019 Lok Sabha election was because of the consolidation of the minority community. The Catholic, CSI, Pentecost, CSI, and Latin Catholic all worked together all over Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari was no exception,” said the VHP leader.

The evangelists visit the colonies of  Dalit communities and residences of poor Hindu community members and threaten them with dire consequences if they do not convert to Christianity. “These Dalits and other people belonging to the lower strata of the society do not understand the real intentions of these evangelists and are carried away by threats like if they do not convert they would get afflicted with terminal diseases like cancer,”  said Rajendran a former CPI-M activist who joined the BJP recently.

The number of Churches dotting the coastline, as well as the Thiruvananthapuram-Kanyakumari highway, is an indication of the ever-growing Christian empire in this part of the country. “The Church wants to keep the people, especially the fishermen in perpetual illiteracy so that its writ would run in the region. The priests are a law unto themselves here in the southern tip of the country,” said a member of the Kumari Maha Sabha, an NGO working for the integrated development of Kanyakumari.

Why are the Centre and Tamil Nadu Governments shying away from taking stringent action against these anti-nationals?  Stay tuned.

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  1. Hinduism can be saved by repealing the RTE act and modifying Article 30 IMMEDIATELY to include all sections of people. Unfortunately, RSS/VHP are clueless . Need of the hour is to scale up Jain minority schools 10000x. Hindus have been suppressed and Article 30 to deny them education about their own civilization; so that rapist Jesus worshippers dogs could evangelize. I hate Christians to the bottom of my heart; but I understand why Hindus are losing to Christianity because these Vatican dogs are well funded and act according to a clear strategy. If I had the financial resources, I would certainly build schools under the right exemptions to save Hindus from conversion. One would expect Hindus to act and save themselves before it is too late

  2. To all those people who think christianity is superior
    USA was dicovered because of colombus went on to search for india. Mostly hindu dominated
    China considers india land of gods and chinese will never accept christianity and the reason they became a communist country because of Boxer rebellion. Go and read about this
    Christian protestianism is dangerous and responsible for slavery of backs (KKK)
    Europe is a peaceful place because majority are atheist
    Amd usa was develped by indiam,chinese,japnese immigrants most of them are indigineous religion people
    All the elites who control money in usa are not christians only the poor are.
    And china paid a billion dollars to the catholic church to appoint ccp bishops
    And the denominational churches are collecting money from poor and sending to main churches in anglosphere which in turn invest in stock market, type church of england invetments,
    Britain when fully christianized wiped half the earth population
    And hardvard report conclded the india and china were holding 50 percent global trade befor colonization, so technically hindus and bhuddists are superior

  3. You people live in tiny reality of your own stupidity.
    Most dominating country US predicated on protestant Christian values & next superpower china one of the uprising Christian population is growing immensely in underground churches / conversions at higher rate but in the phase of persecution to be added in Iran too. Protestant christianity purely dominating Asian regions .I’m aware of Christianity went underground long ago in european countries turning back to secularism .We as a Christians if committed to spread the gospel . We have to work at every level to share the good news of eternal kingdom includes people from bottom of economical places to highest of social status . If someone is really doing this job through all his/her mind, body, soul upholds god’s law .Contrast if someone doing it for money purpose let the Almighty judge it.
    I knew about christianity also decline in USA too now .
    Its never started as mainstream religion numbers doesn’t matter 200 years ago GREAT BRITAIN had major Christians ideas influenced the country it become powerful when they become corrupted & abondoned god out of their country ( now britain is almost atheist nation /may be soon islamic nation) weakened to the core now thats how it works
    All it matters is highest proportion of faith in son of most high god king of kings lord of lords who has dominion all over the EARTH this is a ideological transcendental battle
    In another 15 years Chinese cultural beliefs Buddhism.Taoism.Confucianism will go deep down christianity will thrive better 200/300m chineese population will become christains larger social processes, such as industrialization, urbanization, and globalization will make it possible christianity providing highest form of faith to their soul simple as that.
    I Just inserting this scenario ‘YOU CAN’T STOP THE LIGHT” really appreciate your individual freedom but way you conveyed seems like frustrated or something .
    Propelling effect of dogma in future india its easy to eradicate inferior belief system it won’t stand in globalisation.

    • No one deny the truth. Daniel bro excellent reply to these liers. These BJP & RSS stupid never understand the truth and ponnar was defeated because non completion of promises given to coastal people. Whoever speaks against BJP will be marked as terrorists and they like to take the nation 200 years back, so that everyone should bow down to their feet.

  4. Mr.Chatterjee should remember 1. Gouthama Buddha – an Hindu Prince who denounced the basic tenets of Hinduism as “not the true way” and went on his search for enlightenment and eventually found Buddhism) 2. King Ashoka -who politically denounced Hinduism and Propagated Buddhism as the only way to defuse KARMA 3. Raja ram mohan roy who fought against the deadliest customs prevailing in the Hindu traditions 4. Bharathiar ( the poet) who denied the concept of discrimination between humans 5. Dr.Ambedkar – who embraced budism for want of equality in Hindu ideology …. and so on and so forth. Hindu ideology does not vouch the Fundamental truth that Man is created in the ‘image of God” – but christianity demonstrates that as the TRUTH and emphasis on the two fundamental laws “LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND, SOUL and STRENGTH” ( the vertical love by man to God) and “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF”( the uncompromised horizontal love by man to man). No discrimination whatsoever between human souls is entertained by the GOD identified by the Christian faith. It was the true principles of christian faith than aided the then American generation to overcome the evil of racial discrimination and grow as a stronger nation..

  5. It will be more profound if the vedas be translated into every local language and distributed and encouraged to be read by every Hindu devotee of the country. Let every soul have the right to read the depths of the faith and judge for themselves ( not interpreted and imposed by one sect).. Teach every soul to pursue the Truth instead of insisting on customs and practises then the truth of soul will be transpired easily. That’s what christianity does. The bible is put to open scrutiny of every soul…..

  6. Mr. Prakash – brother, neither can you disprove the virgin birth and the resurrection. the entire episode of Jesus as human incarnation for the salvation of human souls ( the anointed redeemer) have to seen in light of the fact that jesus never had any political agenda of his own, he was only doing good to the poor and needy and inspite of having supernatural power and authority over both the physical and the spiritual world, he chose to die by the hands of humans and was resurrected by the Heavenly father on the third day ( GOD’s LOVE Towards humans) … Jesus had more than enough enemies ( in his day and to this day) to disprove his resurrection, but none of them were able to bring forth the body of JESUS and disprove his resurrection ( resurrection is the core of christian faith) . All that they were able to do is propagate cheap lies saying that the disciples ( who were all in hiding for fear of the jews and others) stole the body of JESUS ( the body was guarded by the highest possible strength of guards) . The entire religious and political mafia who succeeded in crucifying and killing Jesus ( physically) were unable to bring his physical corpse to the forum and disprove his resurrection.
    Further please understand that Jesus has made it very specific that humans need not use any medium of creation to connect to GOD and it is only the heart of humans were GOD Dwells and therefore emphasised on the transformation of the heart through repenting of the mind ( according to the christian faith, salvation of human soul is a grace from God and not a work of man -whereby one’s good deeds has to outweigh the bad deeds – huge difference). The truth of the Judea christian world view outweighs the process of salvation of souls as enumerated in other pantheistic world view of religions who only concentrate on customary and traditional practises and systems but has never focused on bringing the heart of humans( where the soul dwelleth) to the creator. Last but not least Mr.Prakash i would encourage you to get to the ground of where the missionary works are going on and find for yourself that they are doing this wonderful job of charity and transformation of human heart by FULL SACRIFICE ( not by violence or political aggression) .
    We are not here to insult any sentiments of other religions but to let all our fellow human souls to know and understand the existence and operations of the spiritual world and the source from where the respective religious powers generate from ( whether it is authentic or deceptive)

    • Do you think that people do not understand the evil motives of the Christian missionaries? It is a widely known fact how hindus of Goa were tortured and converted to Christianity under Portugese rule. If the evangelists really wanted to do charity, they would not have put forth the condition of conversion in lieu of money. It is their business in the name of God. Agents of Jesus threat and abuse Hinduism and says that hindus are worshippers of devil. May I ask who are you to decide that? Did God came before us and say what way we should worship him. Do you really think that the entity who created this universe(which is beyond comprehension of human mind) really cares about how the dwellers of a planet(which is not even a grain of sand if we compare the universe to an ocean) worship him and also threatens us to rot in hell for eternity for this. And not to mention about the ridiculous scientific flaws of the Bible. It is the habit of Abrahamic fans to claim monopoly over God and establish supremacy of their religion over others. We all know how Christianity spread around the globe.
      You believe in Jesus, that’s fine but keep it to yourself and stop imposing your beliefs on others. India has been a land of seekers not believers. This land has been worshipping Lord Rama and Krishna long before Christianity existed on earth. We don’t believe in your nonsensical stuffs propagated by the fans of a self proclaimed messenger/middleman of God. If God had wanted, all humans on earth would have been christians and Christianity would have started since the dawn of human civilization. And followers of Abrahamic cult should be the last ones to lecture about spirituality that too to the followers of dharma and yoga. This sacred land has welcomed all foreign ideologies like Judaism and Zoroastrians but they coexist peacefully here without any evil designs. Don’t take secularism and kindness for granted. 1000 years of foreign rule could not uproot dharma from this soil, what chance do you think you stand?

  7. Read this book written by a French missionary Abbe j Dubois. It’s a manual of how conversion must be done in India and their grand plan of converting everyone and taking over temples…yes blatantly written that one day the cross will sit on top of all temples in India. This was written a long time ago and no BJP or RSS has nothing to do with it. Name of the book is Hindu manners, customs and ceremonies. Learn how he successfully introduced caste system into India and why he painted Brahmins as the enemy. He feared that Brahmins would stand in the way of conversion. Learn and understand from the book how they broke the hold of skilled artisans and made others but items manufactured in Europe… was All a cunning, wicked game plan and we fell for it….

  8. The prevailing attitude of “sarva-dharma-samabhava”otherwise known as secularism,should change.Otherwise why resist religious conversion? Now people are forced to follow this ideology of secularism by this law against hurting religious sentiments.Otherwise there could be religious debate and polemic.Now only Hindus and their beliefs are targeted and humiliated.There should be a level playing field.

  9. Do it if you can Iyyer, Modi is there. Sha is there. the entire army police and all the resources are there. Do it. Don’t whine in a journal for public consumption

    • You are a medical doctor? Surely you know that a blog is only a thermometer that can say that the patient has fever? If you have facts to rebut with, kindly do so.

    • I agree with Pgurus. Even if one dismisses this comment by Cheran as that of a Troll, the brazenness in that comment is all too common to be seen among evangelists.

      Here is another example:- Just saw a message by the twitter handle, @Raji_Iyer112 (which recirculates a 2018 Facebook post by Viswanathan) that shows a picture and message about a Christian Graveyard built 10 ft (sic) from the majestic Rajagopuram of 1000 year old Manimoortheeswaram Uchishta Ganapathy temple in Tirunelveli (claimed to be renovated by Jayalalitha). Hope someone from that region who has seen this can corroborate this and add more details if they can.

      I hope Pgurus can take evangelical’s mad run in TN and (other southern states) up with Dr. S. Swamy on an urgent basis, who should be made to realize that addressing this is more important that building Ram Temple.

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  10. True that Christianity came to Kerala long before the Portuguese and the British came to India. But the Syrian Christians made no attempt to convert Hindus. There was harmony between the two. The Syrian Christians even actively resistep Portugese attempts to turn them to their side. The problems arose with the coming of Missionaries and the hatred they spewed on Hindu gods, beliefs, philosophies and customs. They continue doing this more subtly these days. The coastal belt in Peninsular India is in their grasp now. The DMK party is no friend to Hinduism and coverely supports evangelical activity as they dId the LTTE. They are a party with a dangerous agenda. They could we come to power in TN in the next elections. Things may hot up. So it would be in the fitness of things for the Hindu groups to prepare a counter-ideological agenda soon. Start with the temple towns. The evangelical groups are eyeing the temple lands. They have already swallowed large chunks from the Madurai MeenakshI temple holdings. Something drastic needs to be done. These evangelical groups are snakes who slither in and occupy. Watchout!

    • Wrong again evil xtian lies n propaganda that Syrian xtians resisted Portuguese, they welcomed Vasco da game n created internal problems for Zamorin, these as teen ke snakes bit the hand in name of that evil hell god. Read Bharat Bharati expose on it. Please read Voice of India book Jesus an artifice of aggression , free from VOI

  11. It will be good if Mr Dattatreya reads up who was responsible for abolishing slavery in England and usa and understand what made them do so. Please read up Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beacher Stowe. Please understand Christianity came to India long before it went to USA. It is more indian than American or British. By the way the majority of the people in our district are Dravidian. If any one thinks that the Aryans the Dravidian the Mongols and Negritos are the same they are living in dreamland. We are proud of our Dravidian heritage and our language and do not want any one tell us that we have been divided from the aryans. Our own ancient tamil litterature tells us so. Please dont try to mislead that it was the British which told us so.

    • 2 bit convert whom you are fooling think u Ethiopians do not read your own books..Barbarian 5 paisa 2 bit convert, I think u 69% reservation beneficiary’s low life Dracula did not read that NASA, has proven Ram Sethu as min 7500 years old, which means aryans are natives, 10000 year old. 2. Even ur white god whose shit u eat, now says in his aryan lies that aryans came from either Iran Afghanistan border, oh till it’s out of India it’s ok, 3 .Indus valley script Does not match ur dumeel dracula bullshit even vide satellite, 4. So the xtian white gods give u shit about Kumar I Kandam, lemur is.oh 4. 69% low IQs won,t be aware of the discovery of city near Kurukshetra which is minimum 2000 years older than Indus Valley and has nothing in common with it..5…your white gods whose shit u eat, but who do not allow you even to eat their dog shit have not told you about ethopian tribes of Nagas from which word nigga, nigger has come who occupied South Indians kingdoms and infested their language with tribal language. The Naga invasion of 500 bc. Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam etc are Sanskrit infested with some ethopian tribal language. dumeels yes are different from all South Indians in every way because of ethopian tribal DNA, 6 . You 69% xtian dumeel ethopians do not know that GRANTHI or GRANTHAM language was language of Adi draviders n Brahmins who were original inhabitants of TN, TILL ethopian Nagas wiped and still wiping it.
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  12. Everyone wants to treat the symptoms rather than curing the disease. It is easy for people like Malar to criticize not doing enough by Modi as if Modi runs the court and Judicial system us under his dictates and few others here think, why Modi is not doing this not doing that and we are loosing confidence in him that even after 5 years he has not banned Muslims and Christians in India. Have you guys think of the real consequences of any such rash action. Even today, to pass a bill BJP do not have adequate voting power in Rajya Sabha as there are groups within NDA which are not United, be it article 370 or triple talaq. People comment without understanding the ground reality. It easy to sit write sitting within our comfort zones. But practically is different.
    Damage has been done over decades and centuries and I wish some has magic wand to have a quick fix the issues. It will take some time, may be decades, to rectify. People like Joseph will always be there making people believe he is the most intelligent person on earth to preach others, without understanding the fact that he or his ancestors have sold their for few pennies.

    The society was divided by Britishers long time ago. And further divided by one party which was power most part of post independence era in India.

    Things can change provided, we Hindus act United, respect people within Hindu religion irrespective of their social or birth status, corrupt free so that we are influenced by people for few thousand rupees and have strong will against the under current of religious intolerance shown by other religions.

    Things may be different, but I may not be there see that happening within my life time. I only hope for better and glorious Baratvarsh.

  13. In India no college is named after a Hindu saint… But almost all colleges have Christian names with them.. – their rule dates back only to two hundred years .. think of these institutions — Xavier, Ann, Peter, Joseph, Thomas, Paul etc etc…
    We must be still under British rule not to scrap all these ..

    Hindus should unite and stand against all these atrocities … Even in Tamilnadu which boasts of false Tamil pride, not even a single out of 63 nayanmars or 12 Alwars have institutions named after them…

    This EPS is slowly giving in to Christians..
    Look at thirunelveli — MPs – all those who contested were Christians…now he has split it into tenkasi…and the Tirunelveli township has got a Christian officer– what are the people there doing?
    All Christians in all official posts but not one person to condemn it ..
    If all are silent then we are inviting bad times for Tamil Nadu….. Even god will be silent to all future bad times Tamil Nadu will face…

    It’s the duty of every Hindu to support Hindu activists even at the cost of their life ..
    Else don’t regret…
    Let Hindu munnani or Hindu makkal katchi get seats in MLA election or MP election… Support them in local body polls…if you fail to support them then Tamil Nadu will slowly ruled by Christian groups and even god’s won’t come to save you from destruction…

    Early days people used to think bad times were part n parcel of karma and tried to do good n be good…
    But never opted to change religion for good times…
    Karma won’t leave you if you change religion…it will only add more sins…

    Tirunelveli is slowly being converted to a Christian town and if this continues, whatever natural disasters occur in other parts of the world will happen in Tamilnadu too…

    Ramakrishna mission schools (provided they are still Hindu in management, even after 10 years of congress rule) should be opened in every district n Hindus should be taught of their rich heritage and culture…

    Don’t fear about modi .. god can make or break persons…
    We have to fear Vishnu and Shiva and to do bad things but not people… Who will live today n die the next day…

    Stick to Hindu Dharma…
    Rewards may not be immediate but certain…

  14. Bold attempt to bring these to public view.

    Modi grant of 5 crores(numbers might be right or wrong) worth welfare schemes to minorities are aimed at helping the Christians I believe…. There aren’t much Muslims or educated Muslims to take benefit of these… check out the real benefactors…..
    We knew he took bold steps against Muslims in various matters but we are unaware of his inclination towards Christian missionaries… (I guess instead of pot we have fell into the fire ??) He has never took any action against Mohan c lassarus , loyalo college (boldly criticized him of helping Hindus..) , Esra , Daniel Gandhi, Simon , vaiko..

    Now coming to Jagan Reddy …
    He has given 10,000 to imams n 5,000 to pastors…
    This is clearly misleading…
    Immams might be a few hundreds or so but these pastors might be in thousands…
    Christians always play a safe game…they show us Muslims and escape unhurt..
    They always create a feeling of sympathy n escape…
    Even in movies a Christian will be killed in the end to create a sympathy for him…
    They work to create a soft feeling for them but they are the dangerous ones …
    They use Muslims as their shield and hide behind them and get all benefits…
    They always act secretively … Jagan’s announcement would benefit Christians more but in the outside Muslims will be projected as the benefactors for unsuspecting Hindus…
    I really doubt if after wiping out terrorists in the name of education if they would plan to plant missionaries in Jammu n Kashmir…
    Even north east has a lot of gunned politicians n terrorists who forcefully convert Hindus…but modi will not take any action against them ..I really suspect of that citizen bill was brought upon the request of Christian groups there since they find it difficult to do their conversion activities with Muslims presence…

    If you would see British gave lot of agricultural lands n important places in centre of cities for educational institutions and for their graveyard to Christians….some at throw away prizes , some on lease for 99 years etc…
    Has modi done anything to them?
    If he had worked to nationalise education, or amend RTE, ban religious conversions,ban minority appeasements then we might think he works for all…
    Or atleast if he had given minority rights for Hindus in North east we can trust him in a way…
    Let’s wait and watch…

    With the government funds for almost all Christian missionaries educational institutions, with the lot of non agricultural lands under them how can they be called minorities…
    They use this hiding of minority shield …to hide behind n enjoy all benefits projecting Muslims in the forefront…
    Muslims dont have much institutions so whatever is done for minorities goes to these Christians only who use that money for conversions…

    Why aren’t temples made free…
    Why isn’t there a collective initiative by all Hindu lawyers in courts…
    If this were done by Christian groups media will highlight but if done by Hindus even judges with Hindu names outside will nullify these cases…

    Jai shri ram will soon become a slogan like jai hind to liberate Hindus and make India a Hindu nation.

    • Modi gave 5 crore to Muslims, he has specifically said Muslims, HAS left these pitvipers out, he also knows that xtians are the most fanatic, bigoted, savage poisonous pitvipers and this scholarships he is so criticised for, WAS STARTED BY ITALIAN XTIAN BIGOT SONIA TO HELP XTIAN DERANGED INQUSITIORS TO ESTABLISH THE INQUISITION RAJ OF VATICUNTISTS . MODI has removed xtians, parsis etc..A SCHEME OF THAT ITALIAN ANTONIA reduced to size.With madrasah modernisation n digitisation he has to put tabs on them..can’t u see its yielding results with haul of so many arms from madrasahs ? It IS ITALIAN NAZI CONQISTADR PARTY N SONIA CONSPIRACY TO MAKE HINDUS AND MUSLIMS BE CANNON FODDER FOR XTIANITY CANNIBALISTIC BLOODLUST OF MILLIONS..MODI HAS BROKEN THE MONOLITH OF ISLAMIC VOTEBANK,SO THE CHURCH VATICAN OPUSDEI CIA ISI ARE MAD, AND VIDE THIS ITALIAN WHORE FINANCING ATTACKS ON HINDUS N HINDU TEMPLES..HAVE U HEARD ANY XTIAN, PAKIPANJABI OR DRACULA GIRL BEING RAPED OR BEING BEHEADED.? Because these Muslim fanatic section is being financed n armed by this Italian, church n Italian streetdogs congis..ITS SONIA N FAMILY N 1 2 crore congis n fams who have to be skaughtered.else Antonia has planted her evil toxic white xtian DNA in India to wait, if not Raul n Bianca then her piglets.IS ANY XTIAN COUNTRY ALLWING A MINORITY HEAD OF STATE..IT ONLY HAPPENED IN CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC IN 2013 when 47% Muslim minority president won the elections. The same evil barbaric bloodthirsty ideology slaves committed a genocide which still continues with French conquistadors support. NO BLOODY XTIAN N THR BASTRDS PAKIPANJABI, BANGALI, DUMEEL MEDIA SPEAKS OF IT..NEITHER THE CHURCH LATRINE LICKERS THE COMMIE PIGS, THE PRDS OF STREETSIDE ORGIES OF THR MOTHER SUPERIORS N UNKNOWN SPERMDONORS, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION

  15. There is a lot money flowing from the US and EU christian missionaries. Hit them where it hurts most – cutoff their money supply. Granted it is easier said than done but there is zero focus on this menace. The bone head ministers with their over rated IAS air heads are clueless. The hindus are busy debating Azam Khan and Owaisi inanities, a distraction brilliantly engineered by the wily christian and muslim lobbies while their conversion business goes unabated. No strategy, no goal, no game plan. It is hopeless.

    • I agree … Atleast with Rajnath as home minister, we could see Christians crying out for stopping their fund…
      Now with Amit Shah they are not… Who knows … It might be a plan of Christians to attack Muslims for their church attack in srilanka that Amit Shah is concentrating on Muslims alone who are terrorists but has left out the silent terrorists – the Christians…

      All schools unless nationalised or funding stopped to Christian institutions (are we in British rule)
      India can’t progress… They will ruin the basement while we show/see the heights attained…

      All Tamil tigers heads are all Christians n they used unsuspecting Hindus as shields n enjoyed wealth from US n EU countries…
      By creating problems in srilanka..
      Now srilanka has Christian groups in all high posts… Even in cricket only Christian groups can survive… They always want to be like British … All high posts like judges n ministries for British while low posts for Indians…

      In India too, Tom vadakan moved from congress to BJP — who knows though he is not prominent outside he might be a secret messenger from vatican…to say who are all Christians or converts n to give them high posts in the ministry…

      While the poor partymen are hard-core Hindus, good posts might be given to converts?

      Educated Hindus should keep an eye on a these…

      What has the BJP done for Hindus with whose huge mandate they have come to power…

      • U seem to be falling in wordtrap sir of these loonies, wud suggest watch INDiaspeaks daily on YouTube n read books, on the booksontheweb given by Pgurus

  16. I see comment of JJT KUMARAN
    Can he pls explain as to why and how Afro Americans in USA / South Americans and native Africans in South Africa have been made and treated as salves by the so called righteous white Christian ( of all sects) till recently and the highest religious authorities in these continents gave their blessings as they did not utter a word
    He should ponder and rationalise his thinking on this issue instead of Brahmin bashing in India as this is the narrative of Dravidian theory proponents which was thrust upon Indians in late 1800s by colonial British to divide the Hindu society


  17. Christianity is not venom as you say. I belong to kanyakumari and don’t find people threatening Dalits. It is true that Christianity does not believe the narrative of the Brahmins that they are at top the ladder and that the rest of the people are to be trampled under foot. Is it not true the 1 percent of these people occupy the maximum seats of power . Is this to be called fraud. The majority of the people in this district were treated as slaves by the so called upper castes. Did any one talk for their their dignity.

    • Mr samosa convert u won’t find anything wrong . To ur bullshit of white xtian Brahmin claim, Whatever bs u spew, XTIANS believe in white supremacy, their civilizing of barbarians, meaning the destruction of cultured spiritual civilisations from genteel, Prussian, hellenised, Maya’s, incas, aztecs, tainos, native Indians, Chinese, Indians (except coolies like u) the biblie calks dark skinned humans as demons. The dustbin crap of eternal hell, slavery of blacks, the genocide of Maya’s again in 1980 s bcz of them being dark heathens, nuking of Buddhist japan, the Abi’s of Australia, the cultural genocide of Australian, Canadian, US natives vide forced snatching of children n destroying their souls by forced labor in white homes..DOGS N INDIANS NOT ALLOWED..OH OFFCOURSE SINCE THIS IS DONE BY WHITE SKINS THEIR BARBARIC RACISM ,, DEMONAIC IN ALL ASPECTS IS PASSÉ , LICKING WHITE N XTIAN ASSES WHILE KEEPING HINDU NAMES TO AVAIL THE BENIFITS IS..
      White after all are gods to u Dracula as they are biggest draculas


  18. Unless ban on conversion is brought into affect, the process will continue with the help of funds received from anti Indian forces. Time may come the name of the country to be changed from Hindustan.

  19. Conversions in Kanyakumari district have been on for several decades, there’s hardly a very insignificant % of population left to convert

  20. Absolutely correct. Pon Radhakrishnan lost miserably inspite of doing all kinds of works for developing in the district. The church openly conducted prayers for the defeat of Modi even in street corners. With the cashew industry doing badly the church is gunning down the women workers sitting idle at home for easy conversation. Amritha university has a school and an awesome engineering college in KK district and they should be encouraged to start many more schoolls and satsangh centres to keep the Hindus together. Even RSS should do more work in the district and get the government to bring out some laws to prevent conversion and also reconvert them into Hindus Viz I heard in Kodaikanal where I visited a short while ago. Amit Shah should really put his foot down

  21. OMG, whats happening to my Bharat? What have the big organisations like RSS, VHP doing all these decades? Why no big Hindu leader escalate it at national level in NewDelhi?

    • These rascals vote n support the bastard prd of xtianity the commies n the draviders Dracula’s, the mind washed robots of that demon Stalin, what can RSS, VHP do, and are you oblivious to so many RSS men killed on Vatican, church orders. ITALIAN NAZI SONIA IN CONSPIRACY WITH CRYPTO XTIAN VATICAN RUNNING DOGS JUDGES, N BASTARD COMMIES ATTACKED ALL SACRED HINDU PLACES..LAST BEING SABARIMALA AND BLOODY IDIOTS STILL VOTED ITALIAN NAZI PARTY IN KERALA N THE DRACULA n WHITE RACIST FRESL JESUISTS STALIN IN TN..THESE ETHOPIANS NEED TO BE PACKED N ADI DRAVIDERS N BRAHMINS NEED TO BE ARMED IN THESE TWO STATES..WHAT HINDUS ARE DOING. YOU VOTE THE DEMONS, WHAT MODI CAN DO..? GRANTHI language SHD be revived in TN n KERALA..KERALA IS ANYWAY DEAD SYRIANS, PIRTUGUESE N ARABS RULE THE ROOST, WHILE KERALITE originals clean gutters in gulf, while commie pigs, the bastards of Portuguese n brits provide brothels at their homes to white n Arab xtian n ISIS masters. Kerala, TN originals SHD be armed talks of crusades, the second of class war, third of jihad..HINDUS SHD NOW TALK OF MAHABHARATA

  22. Please, please do something about these evangelist frauds operating among the socially underprivileged sections in India. Their aim is to ‘break’ the country along her faultlines. Parts of South Trivandrum, much of Kanyakumari and Tutocorin are with the Christian. Only one solution– bring a Bill banning conversions. Also keep a strict watch on the foreign exchange coming into the country. Many so-called activists and intellectuals support evangelical activity directly or indirectly. Something drastic has to be done immediately.

  23. Evangelization continues by the birth of Jesus Christ and it still continues coz Christianity is not based on baseless authenticity. Your religion doesn’t have anything worthwhile to tell people. Your God has multiple wives how do you call them holy? Christ died for the sins of humanity on the cross and his love for humanity is so amazing. Southern states are emracing vhristianity because Apostle Thomas one of the 12 disciples of Jesus came to preach the gospel and people like you guys who are dead against the true gospel killed him. After killing him who raised the church there? It’s the same arrogant religious people built a small church and started following his teachings about Jesus. Every single democrats of this country has the right to follow any religion he likes. Christianity didn’t sprawl from a western country. It came out of the Middle East and if you think that India is only for christians and if you start stalking them other christian countries which has constructed temples and offered jobs across the globe for Hindus with a broad mentality will have to suffer because of crooked minded people like you. Moreover it’s exagerated that the christian churches are offerings bikes if a christian boy marries a hindu girl. None of the churches will ever do that. Don’t charge false witness against churches. I need evidence for your false charge against Christianity. If you don’t think religion in a broad prospective it’s your kindred who are working in foreign countries will suffer. People like you will not bother about that cause you dont think in a broader perspective. God is all powerful and mighty. He rules the universe and people who want to find the true God will find Him.

    • Domas came to india ! Did he come in Pope’s charted plane ? What a joke … how long will u fool people.

      These fools employ another method to convert. Christians give more dowry and lure boys family … A generation is converted.

    • I can hurt your religious sentiments as well.Can you prove the Virgin birth and the Resurrection?Do you think you possess a monopoly where only Hindu sentiments can be insulted?

    • Namaste Joseph,

      Have you met Jesus? Have you realized him in your blood and heart? Are you truely living by what he stood for ? If not, vain is your preaching; you do not know what you say; and if you have seen God, you will not quarrel, your very face will shine.

      The Hindus have received their religion through revelation, the Vedas. They hold that the Vedas are without beginning and without end. It may sound ludicrous to this audience, how a book can be without beginning or end. But by the Vedas no books are meant. They mean the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by different persons in different times. Just as the law of gravitation existed before its discovery, and would exist if all humanity forgot it, so is it with the laws that govern the spiritual world. The moral, ethical, and spiritual relations between soul and soul and between individual spirits and the Father of all spirits, were there before their discovery, and would remain even if we forgot them.

      • Sir do not speak so politely with these programmed robots of genocide called xtians
        Christian theologians themselves agree that Jesus was a deranged man if it existed that their book of revelations. Such is deranged savagery of child murdering god..Reag Jesus an artifice of aggression. Revealed, ass..1400 bibles, only 4 talk of Jesus n divinity, written 300 years after AD, voted as divine 300 yrs after in council of necea , won by 2 votes, other bibles destroyed as book burning is very xtian..whores supplied by Constantine to get the votes. Those who voted against were poisoned , the historicity of Jesus was destroyed totally so the Vatican n churches administer ANTI MODRNIST OATH. The casuistry of xtianity is what they r good at, because they r unable to prove either goodness of fake or his existence. ONE EXAMPLE, FACTS HAVE TO LEARN TO TRANSCEND FACTS, ITS BELEIVABLE BECAUSE ITS SO LUDRICIOUS, JESUS POVERTY IS MATTER OF FAITH NOT FACTS.
        GOODNESS 21 billion and still counting, mass murders, by most barbaric ways in name of this about genocide n cultural genocide about Native American,genocide, the deliberate introduction of sleeping sickness to depopulate Africa, the schools for natives of Australia, Canada, US, which were functioning till 2009 officially n functioning even the genocide of Peruvian Indians ..100 million Indians, the deliberate famines, the boxer rebellion. FAKE JESUS IS A BLOODTHIRSTY GOD XTIANITY IS GENOCIDAL DERANGEMENT, NOBODY CAN MATCH NOT EVEN SATAN..DO NOT SEARCH FOR GOODNESS IN DARK UNHUMAN XTIANITY

    • Joseph Hindus have been existing and following their dharma long before Christ existed on Earth. So stop lecturing how Christ died for salvation of people blah blah and all those nonsense.
      India is the land of seekers and not believers. And what our religion does not have anything to give?? Mahabharat is 5 times the length of the Bible and 8 times the length if the Iliyaad Odysey combined. Our sacred texts have given us lot more than what the fans of self proclaimed middleman of God can ever imagine. Not to mention the ridiculous flaws present in the Bible like the age of the universe and so on. Don’t take secularism and patience of Hindus for granted. 1000 years of foreign rule could not uproot dharma from this land what chance do you think you stand. Your God threatens human beings to rot in hell till eternity for not worshipping him the christian way. So much so for the bloodthirsty.

      • Mr. Chatterjee… (assuming you are living in an era where there are no means of communication) Would your human mind by any chance prefer to talk or communicate to the image/sculpture of your beloved ones who are living far from you.? If yes, please find out if any civilisation has done so right from inception of this world. if No, then how do you think a living GOD would want his beloved human beings to talk to him through any/his image….? Don’t you find a fundamental difference in the pattern of communication with GOD being proposed by the Christian world view and the other pantheistic world views. If my view makes sense then pl pursue the truth of the soul.
        Secondly Jesus do not threaten humans being to rot in hell , he warns of the real existence of a hell which is the place designated for the fallen angels and all who rebel against the HOLY creator GOD end up in hell. jesus is the only GOD incarnation who claims to be the owner and judge of our soul which made him take the role of a living sacrifice for the edification of all human souls which fell into KARMA

    • Joseph there is nothing called conversion in Hinduism. This evil practice came with the Abrahamic cults. You are right everyone has right to follow his religion in India and that is what you people have taken for granted. You are talking about the killing of the Apostale but what about the oppression,torture and forced conversions of Goans under Portugese rule? Not to mention how Christianity spread across the world and how much blood it has spilled since then. No wonder more and more christians are becoming atheists these days in the West.

  24. It is time Christianity is totally banned in India

    Christianity is a poisonous weed that should be controlled & exterminated on a National Level with Government efforts.

    All the ‘Mega Frauds’ perpetrated on India – Green Revolution, White Revolution, Allopathy Medicine System – are all the Christian Missionaries’ Game on India


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