Chidambara Rahasya – Details of huge secret assets & foreign bank accounts of Chidambaram Family

Summary of the assets & foreign bank accounts of the Chidambaram family unearthed by the ITD

Income Tax Dept. uneartherd the assets & foreign bank accounts of the Chidambaram family
Income Tax Dept. uneartherd the assets & foreign bank accounts of the Chidambaram family

The Income Tax’s Chennai Investigation Unit’s report having more than 200 pages about former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s family and especially son Karti and his companies huge assets in more than 14 countries are now out in the public domain. Recently some portion of this sensitive report was exposed in public by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy in a press conference. Many media houses whose owners are friendly and in collusion with Chidambaram tried to black out the news.

In the interest of public, we are producing the entire data of assets and bank accounts found in the joint raid of Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate.

  1. 21 foreign bank accounts by Karti and his companies in Metro Bank in UK, 4 accounts in OCBC in Singapore in the name of Advantage Strategic Consulting Pte Ltd, the controversial company caught in kickbacks in Aircel-Maxis scam, 2 banks in Spain namely Sabadell Atlantico, La Caxia Bank, HSBC UK, Barclays Bank in Monaco, Marseille BNP Paribas in France, UBS in Switzerland etc. The details list of the 21 secret foreign bank accounts unearthed by investigators are published at the end of this post.
  2. The Income Tax which seized hard disks from Karti’s companies found that P Chidambaram, wife Nalini Chidambaram, son Karti and his wife Srinidhi jointly purchased a property and a big palatial house in Cambridge in UK. As per the Income tax seized documents, the property bought by Chidambaram and family is: 5, Holben Close, Cambridge, CB237AQ. This huge property and home was purchased from Edmund Suley Holt and Heather Holt and the money was transacted from Karti’s personal account in London’s Metro Bank account number: 16714313. Chidambaram never declared this property in any of his mandatory affidavits as Member of Parliament (MP) or Minister. Chidambaram in his affidavit to Rajya Sabha in May 2016 declared only 1/3rd portion of the property as wife Nalini’s property. He also under-invoiced the value of this property of his wife’s share at just Rs.1.55 crores, while UK’s real estate websites estimate this property in Cambridge to be worth more than Rs.85 crores.
  3. Karti’s Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited ‘s Singapore company’s bank accounts to buy properties in UK like purchase of 88 acres farm house known as Surridge Farm in Somerset, UK. The land value shown in the registry is one million pounds.
  4. Another property in Cambridge is at Ceres, 29, Meade House at Cambridge.
  5. Chidambaram’s son Karti has built a massive empire in different parts of the world by making investments in real estate and engaging in other business activities in London, Dubai, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, British Virgin Island, France, USA, Switzerland, Greece and Spain. Most of the purchases happened during the period 2006 to 2014 when Chidambaram was Finance Minister and Home Minister. The probe agencies estimate these assets across the world are expected to be more than Three Billion Dollars. Why did the Chidambarams invest in real estate in first world countries? This post will give you a clue.
  6. Karti’s Singapore-based firm had acquired majority shares of a big resort in Sri Lanka, known as Lanka Fortune Residencies. This company owns the prestigious resorts ‘The Waterfront’, ‘Weligama Bay Resort’ and Emerald Bay Hotel.
  7. Karti’s Singapore firm routed money via Dubai to acquire three farms and vineyards in South Africa, identified as Rowey Farm in Grabouw, Cape Orchards and Vineyards Private Limited, and Zandvliet Enterprises, a wine and stud farm in Ashton.
  8. The Dubai-based Desert Dunes Properties Ltd has also investment in Karti’s Singapore-based company Advantage. The probes have unearthed a money trail of 1.7 million Singapore Dollars between these firms. Another Dubai-based company, Pearl Dubai FX LLC, also had financial transaction with Advantage. This shows that Karti linked firms have offices and assets in UAE also.
  9. The Advantage’s Ceres, 29, Meade House had entered into joint ventures with the Philippines-based companies to obtain a franchise team of International Premier Tennis League (Asia). The Philippine firms, which were engaged in joint ventures with the Karti-controlled company, are SM Arena Complex Corporation, Sports Entertainment Events Management Inc.
  10. The Advantage had also had financial transactions with another real estate company in Singapore known as Real Beyond Pte. Ltd. having three subsidiaries in Malaysia. The investigation has unearthed that these transactions led to 16 land purchases in Thailand.
  11. The Advantage’s Singapore unit has set up a firm in British Virgin Island (BVI), namely Somerset Surridge Ltd. Advantage also invested 400,000 Singapore dollars in another BVI firm known as Full Innovations Ltd. It also has financial dealing with Geben Trading Limited in BVI and offices in Switzerland. This firm’s major transactions were through the famous Swiss Bank, namely UBS. The investigators got proofs of transactions in Dollars and Euro. The Advantage also has transaction of five million Singapore dollars with another firm in Singapore, namely Unison Global Investment Ltd.
  12. The Karti-controlled company in Singapore entered into joint ventures with Gravitas Investments, Match Point International Tennis Events to buy a franchise Tennis team called ‘Manila Mavericks’. This deal was worth of 12 million US dollars and the money was paid in 10 installments.
  13. Karti’s Singapore company also acquired a residential flat in Malaysia worth 1.9 million Malaysian Ringgits from a firm called Peninsular Smart. The probe team also found some agreement papers which shows that the Advantage holds franchisees of Café’ Coffee Day in some locations in Malaysia. The investigators have found several transactions to Karti’s Singapore firm with Malaysian companies. Malaysia is the head quarters of telecom giant Maxis which acquired Aircel in 2006. The IT and ED officers seized payment details amounting to more than Rs.30 crore in foreign currencies.
  14. The Advantage in Singapore also opened a subsidiary firm in Barcelona in Spain known as Advantage Estrategia Esportiva SLU in August 2012. This is a sports academy having four acres with seven tennis courts in Spain.
  15. Karti-linked Singapore firm has also one million US dollar investment in a company in France known as Pampelonn Organisation. The Advantage also has transactions with a Greek firm known as Pisani John Sakellarios in Athens.
  16. Karti’s firm Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited (ASCPL) had transactions with Aircel Televentures, DCB Client, Diageo Scotland Limited, Katra Group, Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Unifi Wealth Management Ltd, VST Tillers Tractors, Carlton Trading Company, Claris Life Sciences’, ITC Centre, Best Land Realty Limited, Essar Steel Limited, Gokul Builders and Estates, S Kumar, INX Media, Reflections, Thiagarajar Mills Private Limited, Saksoft, EL Forge Limited.
  17. The Income Tax which seized hard disks from Karti’s companies also found that Karti used to get huge money as kickbacks in several Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) deals pending with father former Finance Minister P Chidambaram.
  18. On Sept 22, 2008, ASCPL received Rs.35 Lakh from INX Media (now known as News X TV Channel), which applied for FIPB clearance of 220 million dollar during the period. Same day another Rs.60 Lakh was paid from INX Media to Northstar Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. Major shares of this Northstar Software Solutions Pvt Ltd controlled by C B N Reddy, who is a Benami and Director of ASCPL and its Singapore subsidiary also. On Sept 24, 2008 another tranche of 20,000 Dollars were paid to ASCPL’s Singapore subsidiary by INX Media.
  19. On Sept 26, 2008, ASCPL had a money transaction of 50,000 dollars with Geben Trading Limited in Athens in Greece. This company’s address is 4 Zaf.Matsa Street, 14564 Athens, Greence and incorporated in British Virgin Islands (BVI). The money transactions of ASCPL also show to Geben Trading’s bank account in UBS, Geneva in Switzerland. The emails of banking transaction details were marked to Karti also and documents shows about a business takeover of healthcare and rehabilitation centers in Greece. All these transactions happened during the INX Media’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) approvals for 220 million dollar were pending with Karti’s father Finance Minister P Chidambaram. In short, the murder accused Peter and Indrani Mukherjea who sold their INX Media paid around 9 crores rupees to Karti linked firms for FIPB clearance.
  20. In August 2008, Karti’s Singapore company got 60 lakh shares in the media firm Network 18’s London based company Artevea Digital UK This deal happened when Network 18 applied for a series of FIPB clearances, when Chidambaram was the Finance Minister. This led to around 25 crores kickback for processing the FIPB clearance.
  21. The documents unearthed by Income Tax shows that ASCPL received money from many companies when their FDI investment files were with FIPB and Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) during Chidambaram’s tenure as Finance Minister. The companies which transferred money to Karti’s ASCPL are Claris Life Sciences, Diageo Scotland Limited which acquired fugitive Vijay Mallya’s UB Spirits, Katra Group, Arcelor Mittal linked Saksoft, Reflections belong to Spark Capital Advisory Private Limited. As per the Income Tax Analysis Report, all these deals involve around Rs. 500 crores kickback to Karti linked companies for necessary FIPB and CCEA clearances during Chidambaram’s period in Finance Ministry.
  22. The documents seized from the raid also show that ASCPL received money from Best Land Realty, when the company got a Rs.304 crore loan from Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) Banks.
  23. In a bizarre incident, the British company Diageo Scotland Limited which acquired fugitive Vijay Mallya’s UB Spirits even paid 15,000 dollars as Service Charges to Karti’s ASCPL for fixing appointments with then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Chidambaram. Diageo’s emails thank Karti for fixing appointment of company owner Lord Blyth with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Chidambaram. The thanking email also attached the 15,000 dollar pay out receipt as Service Charges for fixing appointments with PM and FM. This is a clear case of abuse of power initiating case under Prevention of Corruption Act.
  24. Another clear case of favoritism to son’s company by abusing power by Chidambaram is – In September 2006, Russia’s National Industrial Bank (Nazprom) appoints Karti’s ASCPL as Business Consultant for their Joint Venture with Indian Overseas Bank. The documents seized by Income Tax included ASCPL’s agreement with Russian Bank Nazprom and Nazprom’s series of communications with IOB including the meetings in Chennai. The emails show that in each transaction with the Russian bank and PSU IOB, Karti’s ASCPL minted money in the form of consultancy. The Russian Bank’s agreement says Karti’s ASCPL’s Singapore subsidiary will get 5% as commission with all transactions with Indian Overseas Bank, apart from the initial 25,000 dollar processing fee. This is a clear case of abuse of power by Finance Minister Chidambaram to get a cut for son Karti’s company for each money transfer between PSU Bank IOB and Russian Bank Nazprom.
  25. Karti’s ASCPL also received huge money from a South African company Nicholas Stynes Associates Limited. This South African company was engaged in providing security to IPL Cricket and the money transactions with Karti’s company happened when Chidambaram was Home Minister.
  26. The documents also show that ASCPL got huge money as commission from Allianze Securities for sale of NABARD Bonds when Chidambaram was Finance Minister.
  27. The money was paid to Finance Minister Chidambaram from Karti’s Meltrack Ltd in relation to sale of shares and selling of huge tract of land in Mysore to VST Tillers & Tractors Limited. The land was mortgaged to Union Bank of India. P Chidambaram was shown as unsecured creditor to Meltrack Limited.
  28. A very interesting thing in all Karti companies including ASCPL – there are five common Directors like C B N Reddy, Bhaskar Raman, Mohanan Rajesh, Ravi Viswanathan and V Padma. The Income Tax found that all these five persons have entered into a curious WILL that they owe all properties and assets to Karti or his daughter Aditi in consideration of respect and love to P Chidambaram! This shows that these five persons are nothing but Benamis of Karti and P Chidambaram.
  29. Hotel Mozart is a famous hotel in Croatia and the hotel building has historical importance. This building was the Headquarters of the Yugoslavian Army during Second World War. Circumstantial evidence suggests that Karti may have invested $5 million into this hotel.
  30. As per the Income Tax Report, Karti’s company Advantage Strategic Consulting Private Limited (ACPL) even accepted 15000 dollars from UK’s liquor giant Diageo for fixing appointments with the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram.
  31. Documents revealed that P Chidambaram pays a rent of Rs. 2 Lakhs per month to his wife and only son for use of one floor of a four storey Jor Bagh house. Does the PC family own just only the one floor? Who owns the other three?

This is arguably one of the largest catch of black money in India from a politician’s family.

The billion dollar question is when will the Government order CBI, ED and Income Tax to initiate proceedings under Prevention of Corruption Act, PMLA, Benami Transactions Act and seizure of Black Money against Chidambaram and his family members.

Here is a list of 21 Foreign Bank Accounts being held by Karti Chidambaram:

Dr. Swamy letter to PM on P Chidambaram
Fig 1. List of Foreign Bank accounts of Karti Chidambaram

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  1. It is known fact most of the Indian policians are corrupt, so why can’t government body should check n correct these politicians on regular basis. This will improve the efficiency of politicians n govt.

    • Unfortunately the cheats are 10 steps ahead. They would have now already transferred the money to elsewhere. Neither our political leadership has the inclination nor our investigative agency the capability to prepare a quick and watertight t case. The fact that more than 99% of the cash came back in to the system and went out again itself shows everyone is sure that they can’t be caught ..

  2. Well, One thing is clear that neither India was a poor country, nor it is. Only thing is, the direction of Money Flow was changed by some corrupt politicians. Wish, some day some one Honest may rule, and reverse divert the flow towards Poor or true needy of the Money or its benefits. Proud to be a citizen of Rich India. May be X,Y or Z any crook can not earn respect of the citizens.

  3. Mr.Karti, after red-corner episode against him, is scheduled to attend CBI court tomorrow i.e, 23 Aug 2017.
    I suggest that all the assets and funds of father n son should forthwith forefeited n continue with forefeiting the new unearthings in future. Allow PC n Karti to re-claim their thus forefeited assets, funds etc., by producing satisfactory proofs of genuine ownership. Then a criminal case may b filed against the duo etc., whenever they re-claim an asset forefeited. Meanwhile both should b booked and sent to jail with immediate effect, as there is every chance of influencing the proceedings by the authorities.If everything as said above is completed, then every citizen of this country can sit n relax, pending completion of enquiries etc.etc.etc.etc. If their assets etc not forefeited they wil definitely escape.

  4. Why do you demean a profound phrase from our aadhyatmic heritage called ‘Chidambara rahasya”?
    If you need to, please use some other terminology to describe these crooks!

    High time our judiciary was FULLY revamped to bring these crooks to justice!
    And for that to happen, grassroots campaigns to elect highly-responsible MPs into our Lok Sabha & Rajya sabha – with more than 80% majority! Which means we Citizens really have to work hard!
    Can we trust that happens?

  5. Why don’t we ask accused to disclose all.
    If mistakes penalty life imprisonment.
    Bcoz endless arguments with Time loss goes in thin memory of people with corruption paste…

  6. My discomfort is why there is no further development seemingly in public domain.
    I am sure Chidambaram(s) will have been asked to furnish the correct facts against each item

  7. Chara chor is roaming Free…..It appears public money we are spending for all these scams to come out, goes waste unless guilty is punished….punished quickly……cases drag for 10 – 20 – 30 years without any result… Time bound result is needed

  8. Central Government should immediately initiate punitive actions against those looteras of public money. Otherwise people will stop paying taxes to Govt.

  9. First how come P.CHIDAMBARAM and his son KARTI were so careless to keep this all proof with them self during the time of raid , he should immediately come to know as soon as CONGRESS lost that we are finish and they should hide it out systematically before the raid .Even they are so powerful that they can hire top brass of lawyers & legal experts .

  10. These powerful people on this seat (Finance) should be punished severely because he is looting the public money. We pay tax, so the authority should take action against P Chidambaram. His full family should go behind bars.

  11. I think politicians as a class are just taking the people of this country for a ride by releasing sensationalism for their own selfish ends without any logical end to any of these revelations. these are are only spicy material to divert attention and keep the nations focus from burning issues

  12. Nothing is going to come out of this big raid. We all know very well that a person like Chidambaram will easily come out of this revelations

  13. We all know that nothing is going to come out of this big raid. A shrewd person like Chidambaram will easily come out of this revelations.

  14. Being a CA, I am at loss of word when they mention why we need to pay taxes & what do we get in returns other than scams, frauds??? My only reply is that you will get, what you give!!! Or jaisi karni, waisi bharani!!! Punishment to these corrupt politicians will improve trust & faith of common man

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  16. what MODI is doing is wrong
    He is showing the opponent that now he has full power and courage to command all the agencies and take decisions without fear or favor.
    He is not punishing the corrupt. He is not punishing the criminal. He is allowing them to get away from him, his politics and asking people to change themselves. Will this happen?
    Augustawestland scam… it dragged, the politicians , army brass, money launderers, but stopped before it gets to alogical end.. started during election times to create a perception.
    coal gate , created an online sales of allotment of coal mines, after that … stopped. no logical end
    Ishrat Jehan.. created a flutter to show Chidambaram and Congress that Modi knows all. then … stopped
    Saradha scam, Narada scam.. CBI used to jail few .. then stopped.. only during elections. to frighten Mamata
    Tamilnadu… raids on ministers house, to bring the ADMK to bring down to knees, but after that?
    So i can go on…. No criminals are ever put behind bars, at least no politicians or major Beaurocrats.
    what does this show, He is doing things like our Drama bazi Kejriwal. People can see through these things. They get fed up after some time. It helps Tv channels to jump up and down daily, as he is giving fodder to their daily program.
    People want to see them punished.not just frightened off and let off. They are all hardcore criminals.
    don’t think common people has not suffered in their hands. They have, indirectly. Look at decades of corruption, under development,or no development, caste division, the creation of inept officials, high institutions made inefficient, all these need to be corrected. People need justice. It is not MODIs justice, but Peoples. Modi should not try just frightening them to get them away from him and he can rule in peace, this won’t work. Will MODI realize this?

    • I agree with your observation. People want to see these scamster politicians behind the bars after giving a fast track fair trial. In order to uphold the faith of people in the democracy and the political system a cleansing exercise is the demand of nation. PM has shown an initial interest in this cleansing exercise but he needs to take this exercise to the conclusion before 2019 Lok Shabha election. Now he has majority in LS and RS and most probably President will be also of BJP choice. He has now no excuse to not to take to the conclusion all these scam cases against currupt politicians and high profile civil servants.

    • Please be informed that albeit stern warning by Morarji Desai, Charan Singh arrested Indira Gandhi. What was the result? She invited sympathy and won and came back to power. But Modi handling is different. he would see they become obscured of themselves and people would erase them for ever. Any action against the political b…rds will be replied as vendetta as the good for nothing Gulam uttered over Vadra issue or would face in the court since they know the black sheeps as maran bros know

      • All these proves that people of India are idiots and they vote for people who are corrupt and criminal. Proof of this lies in the way Many politicians have .ome back even though they are implicated and convicted. Look how daringly pc says that he had the other beuraucrats sign for Ficb approvals. How deviously he brought the promissory notes. How arrogantly he arm twisted the intelligent gathering organisation of India for their poltical benefit. But people want justice. These people should be behind bars and rot. That will be a deterrence to future politicians and babus

  17. These peole come to politics to become millionaires thro tax payers money. They know how to cheat bank how to make policies. Who can do what they r the kings. Most eole are unaware of all these things. Telecast in the tv let people watch.

  18. Enough in his world for all mans need but not for 1 mans greed, they have proved this is so true.
    Also power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  19. Why are they not in jail yet ? Had it been America they would lose huge wealth as penalty and also go to jail immediately. Indians please learn good things from America.

  20. Chidambaram become finance Minister in earlier govt to develope for his own & his family assert and not for this country. He has looted money from Indian public by the way of imposing various taxes and manipulated and transferred to his family business
    Present government must investigate and take the firm action & recover the entair looted money from this looters…

  21. What is the use of such findings?until the money stolen by these people is recovered and brought back,these investigations are of no use.I have totally feeling hopeless.

    • They have to start somewhere we are not some communist country where you can put anybody in jail without proof. The investigative agencies are doing their jobs, it’s up to the judiciary to administer punishment.

  22. On reading all these details of Chidambara wealth; I am not commenting but just wondering! I would like PC or any of his family members or others who are hand in glove with Mr. Chidambaram to answer a question: with such huge wealth acquired by you or your family, what are you going to do? How are you going to enjoy life and to how long time? Or did you people find any method of transferring the huge kitty to heavens or hell along with you so that the babus and staff there may be bribed to give you VVIP treatment? Just wondering! Any answer is most welcome.

    • Many such looters and investors die suddenly, leaving huge undisclosed deposits and properties abroad. Obviously, these become the wealth of the concerned countries since the legal heirs of the deceased do not know the secrets or would not be interested in such illegal wealth, in view of the watching eyes of our sleuths, ED and IT Dept. In short, this is how our government loses crores and crores of our money to foreign countries!

  23. The revelations in the raid reflected in the documents seized are adequate to send the entire family and their benamis for a life time jail term. Do we need to go through the courts for validation of these evidences? Let him get that opportunity so that the judges wouldn’t strike down the jail terms.

    • No one will ever go to jail, and all those who go come out and boast of their freedom (lallu). I have never heard of properties being impounded of politicians , ever. Every one gets to keep the loot with some stupid sentences.

      I am sure, Jaitely and team might be working overtime to make/convert this legal. Like the Swiss bank account scam.

      Nothing will ever happen, rest be assured.

  24. PC claims to be honest by giving statements against the present Govt. The present Govt. should take adequate steps immediatly to put these people behind bars under pre-judice. This will make sure these guys do not run away like KF Malllllyyyaaa!!!

  25. No we should not lose hope modiji trying his best to hold this culprits he is having many more jobs along with this let we hope in coming days he will be behind them

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  27. Vasan eye care hospital has not added in this group , where hundreds of citizens employees lost there time and money which is in irrevocable base no body is responding regarding the a arrears of pf and expenses , which has to be given to vasan eye care hospital employees all most all the branches have been closed slowly , addressing to honorable prime minister sir kindly do the need full

  28. Good work. Let us expose all politicians of India. If one can still 3 Billion US$ in 10 Years one wonders How many Trillion US$ are stolen from Indian economy keeping India poor.
    Let us hope BJP under leadership of Modi brings back all stolen money since independence and prevents further thievery by anyone.

  29. Mind boggling revelation. Wonder how could a Harvward educated, lawyer, who is otherwise rich with ancestral assets, and appeared to be an efficient administrator, stoop down to this level of corruption, mortgaing his honor, name and prestige.Astonished that we have intelligentia in the key posts who could be so dishonest and deceive the country. Admittedly, the God fearing conscience is lost on all these offenders. Although Dr Swamy did a good job, it is now with the Government and the judiciary to initiate action to put behind bars such traitors. Public has some hope after seeing the case of TN CM who was convicted after over 20 years. Even if it takes more years let justice be done to the honest, sincere, law abiding common citizens. Even if some of these offenders die in bewteen let them be declared convicts posthumously.

  30. Common man is squeezed by this Govt. and Income Tax, if an amount of Rs.2.5L is deposited in his account and one has to run hell lot to give an explanation. But these types of politicians, superstars of film industry(including Kerala) which dupe the Govt by Crores through foreign satellite rights of film releases etc…are given free run….Two justice system in India is still prevailing under this Govt???

  31. Nothing will happen. There is some tacit understanding between ministers of the present govt n the past. Is Jaitley not heading the finance ministry ?Does not the income tax dept report to the finance ministry ?,Is the finance minister not made aware by his junior officers of such a sensitive political raids findings ?

    Begs the question. Why was Jaitley sitting on these findings over the last six months, no less. And Modiji has rewarded him further by giving him charge of Defence too…!

    So much for desh bhakti. !

    • Please,please do not make wild allegations without evidence
      If you were the PM how would you have dealt with this matter Write an open letter to the Print Media and publish at your cost as otherwise they may kill it ab initio.

  32. Most netas as well as media seem to have dismissed these data/reports of Swamy as that of an eccentric noise-maker or simply a gadfly out there to simply exaggerate things . If action on ground is not seen immediately (which anyway is not goin to happen through this present Govt but possible due to courts only after long years of roller-coaster ride) then most public as well would start to feel that Swamy is exaggerating concocting stuff.. Unfortunate if it happens but cannot avoid..

  33. During elections we as a citizens carried away by the political manifesto playing with our emotions and once elected none of them fulfill their promises.

    As stated above we need to find right candidates to vote for or change the political system. Create a political crisis and create the opportunity to change the system.

    We need a party who support Lokpal, Right to Recall MP\MLA and Electoral Reforms.

    Now is a time to ask political party what they did to fulfill their promises and don’t vote if they don’t give satisfactory answer.

  34. Fairly well documented.But nothing will come out of these documents and investigation. Never hv political crooks been conclusively punished in India.It has always been I scratch yr back,you scratch mine.

    Dt 16.3.17

  35. From above comments it is easy to see why invaders could not be thrown out of India for centuries. Bjp is the only party since independence that has delivered on fairly clean and efficient administration. So just because these guys have not gone to gaol you want to throw out bjp and bring back corrupt Congress corrupt amp and regional parties. How asinine can that be???
    Who do you think destroyed institutions so much so that judiciary/ police/ cbi etc are all compromised. Do you think without govt machinery it’s possible to get these goons.

    • So what you suggest?push it under carpet?keep quiet,don’t rock the boat..after all how these crooks survive in the world of indian politics if they are not allowed to loot? According to you,It is idiotic that 2G court is still investigating 2G scam, why not allow all the crooks scot free so that they can have a good time enjoying their loot.After all, the 56″ cut out said he will not eat and he will not allow another to eat.He never said whoever ate belly full before the idiotic public voted him to power will be investigated.indian voters have a situation of outright crooks on the one side and a bunch of jokers on the other side to choose from.If the joke continues, in 2 years time, the crooks will come back and do a proper job of finishing off this country.

  36. Just fighting and exposing corruption is not a great quality to be PM. Yes it is a great quality and should be head of anti corruption squad with full power to punish.

  37. Make Dr.Swamy the Prime Minister of India. That should be good. A good suggestion would be, remove Modi, and Vote BJP only if Dr.Swamy is the candidate for P.M of India. afterall, It is Dr.Swamy who has proven himself over and over again , Not the other jokers in BJP (Of course Modi has proven himself but the People around Modi should be sacked).

    • Why should the others be sacked? Piyush Goyal has done a stellar job. Prabhu is trying hard to revive railways. Dharmendra Pradhan is working overtime to ensure Ujwala scheme is taken to every deserving household.
      What does Swamy do? Swill whiskey, come on prime time and make an ass out of himself.
      Agreed, he is an anti-corruption crusader but can he be trusted? Is his whimsical behavior consistent? No.
      Btw, it was Swamy who brought down the Vajpayee Govt. by brokering a deal between Sonia Gandhi and Jayalalitha when AIADMK voted against and Vajpayee Govt. lost the confidence motion by one vote. Swamy was at the tea party between Jaya and Sonia. Guess what was it called? Yes, “Chai pe charcha”.
      So calm down before you hyperventilate and hyphenate others as “corrupt” or incompetent.

      • Let Swamy be left to do whatever he is best at, pounding husk in the hope of grains, overcrowding the courts with more never-to-be-decided cases; PM ship is a different game altogether than continuous mischief-making.

  38. If this Government does not put thugs like Chidambaram family, Jagan Reddy, Janarthan Reddy, Maran, etc..
    well do not vote for Modi or anybody else. Certainly not for Congress, Aam Aadmi or any other stupid parties like that ever again. find other candidates to vote for or change the political system. Create a political crisis and create the opportunity to change the system.

    • What was MMS doing for 10 years facilitating all these corrupt guys to make money still call him as honest? Or punish him for safeguarding corruption and make india loose its money?

  39. Excellent work.Now , that it is in public domain , Mr.Jaitly would find it very diddicult to support the duo & not take action.Mr. Modi would obviously find out reason for this inaction.Let us wait & see.

    • Sir,, don’t live in fool’s paradise.There are use and throw objects which serve a purpose but are not important that they need to be retained.Buyer of such objects know very well how flimsy the object is and how long to keep it.AND there are fake objects who look like the real deal which fool a buyer for some time that they are really what they claim to be.Customer initially gets fooled but then over time realise that they have bought a dud product.Market place is full of skulduggery.

      • Shiv, By the time people realise , it will be too late for India. Both Congress and Modi Bhakts together with the other bhakts like Amma, Appa, De Joker, etc will end up being the cause of the chaos that will soon follow with the global financial collapse. Pgurus is good but just let them show up one BJP scam and I will give them some respect; of course, not that my respect means a damn to them.

  40. No big fish is behind bars prove that a hidden deal is signed to make election victory for upcoming years. GOA is Example, though it is good for country but it’s serious if on such terms big fish are free to sit in parliament. @swamy39

  41. Great Findings. Sadly nothing is to going to come out of this. This Govt too talks big on corrupt but does the least on prosecuting the offenders. Its going to be like Bofors. Leverage on the past acts of corruption as a tool to continue to be in power and do nothing about it. Chidambaram, Maran, Jagan, Reddys etc..,, all will be going scot free and few small fries will be put behind bars to prove the Govts intent.

  42. Confiscate the properties and throw them behind the bars somewhere in Andaman, but I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Swamy who is fighting a lonely battle. I have a feeling that he will be made the next President of India so that these people go Scot free