With the Pawars and the Gandhis humiliated where must the BJP go?

Having secured a massive mandate, where should BJP train its energies?

What are the
What are the "must-do" items for BJP in the next few months?

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]harad Pawar must now eat crow – lots of it. On 5th February, 2017, after the recent marathon elections had started in five States, he had publicly predicted in “The Indian Express” that the “The BJP will taste defeat in all the poll-bound States” because “The country’s landscape is changing” and “There is visible unrest against the BJP in all nooks and corners of the country”, he said.

Rahul Gandhi is another who must have his face plastered with at least half a dozen stinking eggs.

Now, after the BJP triumphed with unbelievable strength in Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Uttarakhand, and cobbled up enough strength to form two additional State governments, what does Sharad Pawar have to say? Nothing, so far. He need not. All that the man who has been in politics for half a century and who was once the Defence and Food & Agricultural Minister of the country, the Chief Minister of the industrially advanced Maharashtra must do is simply hang his head in shame. Often known as the wizard of politics and who had the renowned Yeshwantrao Chavan as his mentor, must at least retire from politics and go back to Baramati town in Maharashtra from where he began his career as “Pawar sahib”.

Rahul Gandhi is another who must have his face plastered with at least half a dozen stinking eggs. Though born in a famous political family, the man has revealed such naiveté in matters of politics that even a 10-year-old boy today calls him by the pet name of “Pappu” that’s now stuck to him like the adhesive Fevicol. What’s worse, this Pappu has displayed a terribly gross impudence towards the country’s Prime Minister by inflicting all kinds of insults and abuses on him for the last four years. Considering that he descends from a waitress mother whose father was a soldier of Mussolini before going over to the KGB, the question comes to mind as to whether the upbringing of Congress’s “Rahul Baba” is a case of “the blood will tell”.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]adly, with perhaps the exception of Nitish Kumar and Naveen Patnaik, there seems no sign of any change coming in the mindset and thought process of our Pawar Sahebs and Rahul Babas, of our Behenjis and Lalus, of Akhileshs and Mamatas, of the Karats and the Rajas, of the Dravidians and Muslims and the Reservationists of all kinds. They are all still stuck in the quagmire of their own narrow, outdated webs. They simply cannot think of exiting their “secular” versus “communal” mindset; they still believe that the “mai baap sarkar” must do everything for the needy — from loan waivers to farmers and homes, hospitals, security to the nation as well as to women, etc etc — all must be done by the sarkar an precious little by the initiative and hard work of the citizens. And yes, I forgot that they all want freedom of speech and expression to demand azadi that breaks the Indian nation into segments for dominance of the old or new kind, damn the consequences and the Constitution of India.

Fortunately, there is the BJP under Narendra Modi which is seeking out a New India wherein the poor are first served and then enabled to bear the burden a little so that the middle class is less burdened than it now is.

Even within the BJP, there are clusters which tend to close the windows to a pan-India picture. There are those who believe that, with the BJP riding high and mighty in the country, now is the time for PM Modi to stride quickly into constructing the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, enact a uniform civil code and abrogate Article 370. This thought appears a suicidal step for the BJP.

It is suicidal for the following reasons.

  • The Ram Temple case is in the Supreme Court. Any step to construct the Temple through legislation will therefore result in the charge of communalism being revived with fury by the “secularists” against the BJP. In any case, the Temple construction law is unlikely to be passed in Parliament; even with the law coming about, the Supreme Court could justifiably strike it down as being illegal as long as the appeal against the Allahabad High Court’s verdict is pending. And the resultant disharmony created in the entire country will be devastating and put the breaks on India surging forward in any way, socially, economically and politically.

  • Ditto with any attempt to enact a uniform civil code that will particularly arouse the emotion and equanimity of our largest minority community which, in the recent UP elections, had large numbers voting for BJP’s development agenda rather than for Hindutva. Besides, the Law Commission has already initiated a Questionnaire on the subject a few months ago. Let’s see what the response is, of what happens. In short, let the people at large decide without the BJP government fishing for trouble.

  • There is a huge running debate on the possible constitutional way to abrogate Article 370, considering that. as that Article now stand, the abrogation process requires the concurrence of the dead Constituent Assembly of J&K State that stood dissolved after it finished its assigned work of enacting the State Constitution in November 1956. It therefore seems advisable to this writer for the Modi Government to work silently on it instead of crossing swords publicly with the “secularists” and the vicious Kashmiri “separatists” on that subject.

Fortunately, there is the BJP under Narendra Modi which is seeking out a New India wherein the poor are first served and then enabled to bear the burden a little so that the middle class is less burdened than it now is. It’s truly a restructuring of ideas rather than the “organizational restructuring” talked about ad nauseam by the Rahul Baba folks.

And, even as one waits for the Prime Minister’s plans for a New India to be spelt out, one cannot but resist making some suggestions for what both Old India and New India always needed. So, here goes as what the Modi-led government must tackle on an urgent mission mode to make large contributions to the Prime Minister’s New India vision.

  1. Judicial Reforms to be undertaken for faster delivery of justice by curtailing the various existing layers, abolishing frivolous litigation, reducing the number of adjournments via various means like fines. A Commission under ex-Chief Justice, H.S.Dattu seems ideal in view of Justice Dattu’s openly expressed warnings on pending court cases.

  2. Creating special Police Force to act as vigilantes for crimes against women and minor children. Aid and advice can be taken from the Rashtriya Sevika Dal which has a very large number of women already trained in police work, including use of arms.

  3. Creating a large and comfortable public transport system to reduce road congestion all across urban India.

  4. Subsidy towards bail bonds to those thousands stagnating in jails because of their inability to pay for bail bonds. Creation, simultaneously, of a large number of budding young lawyers to provide legal aid at highly subsidized rates.

  5. Assigning “Swachh Bharat” work to prisoners in jail all across the country. This work to include removal stones from all lanes and roads so that “stone pelting” activity will also be curbed in Jammu and Kashmir.

  6. Huge additions to the construction of schools AND provision of adequate teachers at all levels of schooling. Close monitoring of such teachers is essential.

  7. Huge addition to public/private medical centre as well as affordable housing in rural India.

  8. Resume Boy Scouts/Girl Guides and NCC activities on a big scale to inculcate patriotic as well as combat qualities. This will also aid recruitment of suitable people to our armed services.

The above are schemes which can be shared financially with the States that are willing.

The above schemes are apart from the several financial and entrepreneurial activities already being undertaken by the Modi government.

They all could give the New India which we are all looking for.

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2. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Arvind Lavakare has been a freelance writer since 1957. He has written and spoken on sports on radio and TV. He currently writes on political issues regularly. His writings include a book on Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

His freelancing career began in "The Times of India" with a sports article published when he was a month shy of 20 years of age. He was also a regular political affairs columnist first for rediff.com for five years or so and then shifted to sify.com. He also wrote extensively for niticentral.com "till it stopped publication."


  1. clearly Mr Lavakere has not read the Malimath Committee Report on Criminal justice Reforms which has many suggestions not only on legal reforms but other aspects of the justice system!

  2. First ..PGurus is not blowing its own Trumpet as one reader Puts it . PGurus and particularly Mr. Lavkare is a rare breed of THINKER whose in depth analysis should be FOLLOWED BY THE POWERS THAT BE …and we will have MERA BHARAT MAHAN …The suggestions aired by Mr. LAVKARE are PROFOUNDLY thought provoking ( Already so many are provoked to react !!! ) and if emulated will bring about the change most of the Indians are clamouring for .
    well Mr. lavkare’ frustration at being fooled for decades by MOTHER and Son …( old symbol of Cow and calf ) has made him frustrated to call the Waitress Mother …BUT HE IS FURIOUS at the country been ruined with ineptitude sand Scams ..
    Readers may not be aware that Mr. Lavkare has written a thesis on the origin and implications of Article 370 of the Constitution…HERE HE WANTS TO FOCUS the agenda on Development and Reforms and has toned down his views on article 370 .
    I WONDER whether this great THINKER who conducts surgical strikes and is aiming at awakening us less informed citizens has not been disappointed by MODI making YOGI ADITYA NATH … The poisonous rabble rouser who has talked of CONSTRUCTING RAM TEMPLE on The ruins of Masjid and talks of HUGE MINORITY being driven out to Pakistan or Kabristan as THE CM …of the empire. Wrested from Behenjis and the BUFFLO and the estrange calf ?

  3. Is it wrong to have a waitress as a mother?
    “Considering that he descends from a waitress mother …”

    Your bio says you have been a freelance writer since 1957. Grow up and throw up your biases against women and their choice of employment.

    • Yiu are a breed of those Portuguese/ Brit spits, the prdcts of debauchery of White/Portuguese worst criminals and the equally debauched sewer keeps of them. No Indian but a Portuguese/Brit/French “secular” prd, White Supremacist Klan ideology of genocide called Jesusvaad and their worst derivatives the Pakipanjabis, the sewer filth of 47. Mr LAVAKARE is VERY RIGHT, you may not know something called DNA and the genetic information it carries about the parentage, it is very very very high thing for a ChristoCommie to get

  4. A very good article by Mr Arvind Lavakare. Not surprising from this veteran writer. I more or less agree with his suggestions for the Central government. Regarding uniform civil code i feel the need for this but the timing is important. Better to wait for the government to get reelected in 2019 and then take it up, say, in 2020.

    I appreciate the anxiety of some of the readers to see action taken against people like Chidambaram, Reddy. Action is due also against those who converted huge old notes with the connivance of bank officials. But the government or for that matter investigative agencies cannot act in haste. Better to have a case with irrefutable evidence even if it takes time than to have the case thrown out with flimsy evidence. See NDTV case. The noose is tightening around them.

  5. Kudos, excellent analysis.
    Message to PM Modi–Make haste slowly/carefully.
    Govt appoints primary teachers primarily to solve unemployment of political supporters/act as foot soldiers with political leanings/make use of various expenses on schools/enjoy full pay for no work; not at all for imparting basic information, not at all for education/knowledge/wisdom.

  6. A brilliant analysis and forward looking suggestions.The broad spectrum thinking is vanishing to day ,as everything revolves around speed ( not velocity ) power position and money. This indeed is a very sad development after the decade of decay during M.Sing. But Modiji will succeed,eventually and turn around mother India’s fortunes and capabilities.

  7. Lavakare – Girl guides and boy scouts , but no mandir and aborration of article 370 in Kashmir ? You must be joking.

    All this and mandir too. Time for mandir – we have waited many many years now.

  8. Dear Pgurus,

    Enuf of blwing BJP trumpet.. BJP won in UP not because of their good governance at center but for the intolerance of akiilesh clan and pappus comedy shows.

    All the evidence have been produced by Pgurus implicating Chimdambaram family..yet no action taken against him. Whts is BJP’s Stand in this one..PGurus doesnt write about it. whats the point in Demonitisation when no actiion taken against BIG FAT Wedding of mining baron at Karnataka…if action taken why not write here as BJP demonitisation success.What happened to Vijay Mallaya case(Dont write loan saction during UPA tenure.. need action taken by BJP)

    No arrests were made or no results were shown after demonitisation…All Ever demonitisation brought was people inconvenience.


    N Thangadurai

  9. Its very easy for folks like N Thangadurai and Kishore to sit in their cyber cafe chair drinking hot coffee while questioning what BJP and Swamy have done to bring rougues like Chidambaram and Kejriwal to Justice? I agree the process is slow but a compromised judicial system and the complexities of a crappy British anointed bureaucratic system doesn’t help matter. I, though, revel in the fact that there are things that have changed/moved for the better in the past 2.5 years that I am hopeful for a better India in the future. What have you guys sitting in your high horses done to make India better and have you ever taken to task the previous govt that have ruled our nation for 60 years and left it in tatters whilst filling up their own coffers!! So my advice to you bozos is drink your coffee while its hot and leave serious business to people who are doing their job!!

    • Pragathi madam,

      Seriously ..the same answer provided by everyone in the cyberspace.. congress ruled for 60 years blah blah BJP was not in govt.. What was BJP doing as opposition party.. Why didnt they expose corrupt bureaucracy when in opposition. Yah i agree they exposed 2G ,Coal scam etc.,
      I was just vocing out my opinion against the author claims as BJP for messiah for the chaos left over by UPA..

    • Dear Bhakth,
      You don’t have to worry about me or my coffee for i do my duties properly which itself is a big thing these days and more often it is perfect!
      Please introspect on the questions i had posed without any bias which i suppose you cannot looking at your reply as a mad bhakt.
      So much power is vested in the hands of PM/PMO that silently watching erring officials who sway from their duty is tantamount to great sin of not doin your duty . Same goes to Swamy who is often complaining about Finance Ministry is not doing this,that etc who infact is part of BJP National Exec member,RS member promoted by BJP party itself and enjoys high security,privs from Modi Govt itself. Is he justified in calling himself a real anti-corruption crusader despite of so much privs,power vested on him is coming with silly excuses like PMO not acting,FM not acting etc? What for is he part of BJP National exec member?

  10. Is Kejriwal of AAP who is facing wrath of powerful in Govt via Defamation case/10cr a real anti-corruption crusader
    Swamy who is playing always “victim card”,drama,noise in socialmedia/Twitter ?
    (Even KirtiAzad has come out open in public and facing party suspension.)
    But look at your Swamy who is playing always sympathy/victim card of isolation among his followers but stays within BJP party enjoying all GOI facilities of Z+security, RS membership,GOI bungalow etc
    How long will he hide under this fake victim card with an excuse of “party-discipline”. ?
    So pgurus stop blowing your own trumphet and say what action has been done on ground without saying only this is goin wrong ,that is not right just like your Swamy who plays that card very well taking a mere xtreme position on all issues leaving eventually to present Govt tricking/fooling all.

    PS; i am no Cong,AAP,BJP fan, followed Swamy for a while but disgusted at the way he is just words,playin eventually a BJP hired guy to confuse people .


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