CBI informs Delhi High Court on registering FIR against Chidambaram family and IOB officials in the hotel grabbing case

More trouble for Chidambaram and his wife Nalini as CBI registers an FIR in the Tirupur Comfort Inn Hotel grab case

More trouble for Chidambaram and his wife Nalini as CBI registers an FIR in the Tirupur Comfort Inn Hotel grab case
More trouble for Chidambaram and his wife Nalini as CBI registers an FIR in the Tirupur Comfort Inn Hotel grab case

Corrupt former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s family is facing more troubles. In a big setback to the former Finance MInister’s family, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Wednesday informed the Delhi High Court that the agency will register a First Information Report (FIR) on the hotel grabbing case involving the family members and the bank officials. CBI in November 2017 registered a preliminary enquiry on a complaint by an industrialist Dr. Kathirvel, accusing Chidambaram’s wife Nalini and her sister Padmini for grabbing his hotel in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu by conniving with Indian Overseas Bank officials[1].

CBI informed the Delhi High Court that they will file a detailed probe report by the next hearing, scheduled for April 21. Arguing before Justice Rajnish Bhatnagar, Advocate Yatinder Chaudhary pointed out that for the past three years, CBI is delaying the case. CBI’s counsel told the court that the agency has finished the probe and decided to register an FIR on the hotel grabbing case and will file detailed probe findings by the next hearing.

According to Kathirvel’s complaint, in 2008, his hotel Comfort Inn was grabbed by Padmini by conniving with Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) officials. He said that his business was illegally declared by the Bank as a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) and conducted an auction and granted the hotel to Padmini. Those days Chidambaram was the Finance Minister. Kathirvel produced before the CBI and HC the letters from Chidambaram to him on the issue and Nalini’s conversation records with him to settle the case. He also produced a cheque given by Nalini also to the agencies and court.

Soon after CBI registered the probe, Padmini passed away and CBI had questioned many senior bank officials involved in the illegal auction of Kathirvel’s hotel facilitating auction, leading to ownership of the hotel to Padmini. The hotel’s value was more than Rs.10 crores and Padmini got the hotel through a fake auction for just Rs.4.25 crores. Hours after the fake auction, Padmini arrived at the hotel with bank officials and bouncers and grabbed the hotel from Kathirvel.

Earlier presenting the case, Advocate Yatinder Chaudhary told the court, the Bank officials illegally declared Kathrivel’s business as an NPA as the then Finance Minister Chidambaram’s sister-in-law Padmini wanted the hotel, which is at the main location in Tirupur Town. He also produced the phone conversation with Nalini advising Kathirvel to succumb to her sister’s wish to own the hotel[2].

“Bank only had symbolic possession and they took physical possession with the help of goondas because they knew about Honourable Supreme Court Order. Don’t’ tell anybody that I am involved,” said Nalini. This should cast a spotlight on the arrogance of Nalini, a Senior Lawyer in the Supreme Court, in evading the law and possibly blocking the opposite party getting a favorable order from the Supreme Court. A Senior Lawyer of Supreme Court saying her sister used goons to take physical possession of the hotel knowing that Supreme Court may issue some orders!

Nalini also reminds Kathirvel that if it was not for her husband, any other politician would have put him behind the bars. This was her response when Kathirvel reminded her about Chidambaram’s letter and a later phone call to him on May 8, 2008. She also tells Kathirvel that she is angry about his attitude and cautions him not to scandalise the issue.

The full details of the hotel grabbing case by Chidambaram’s family can be accessed from our earlier report[3].


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  1. This man & his family should die in jail only & not in any other place for his high levels of corruption & for terming Hindus as terrorists

    • Yes I agree. He is shameless . The most corrupt politician of all times. Rose to be the Finance Minister thanks to Madam Sonia . Corrupt Gandhi family

  2. I thought that the case was closed as all the judges of high court and supreme court were selected by PC’S CONGRESS and TAMILNADU’S DMK PARTY and all the officials in CBI and IOB were hand picked by PC and by his son KARTHIC.It is very difficult to file a case against PC and get a final verdict in the supreme court even after 20years. BY the time both the petitioners and the respondents would not be alive.

  3. dear mr iyer,
    it is nice of you exposing corrupt people in india.
    you have said at the beginning of this video to buy from AMAZON,
    Why are you promoting US company ? why not an indian company?
    You may be aware AMAZON selling floor mats with image of Hindu Gods?
    Do you accept such sale by AMAZON?
    Subsequently Late Ms Sushma Swaraj gave a stern warning to AMAZON to withdraw such sales of mats with image of Indian Gods.
    So what reason for you to promote AMAZON?
    Further you wrote corruption on individual and media house ?
    But nothing happened ?
    Are you proved wrong on your findings??

  4. There are many holes in the story.. There is no bar in attaching the property under SARFAESI act even if it’s pending in SC, unless it has stayed recovery..there seems to be no stay in this case..Bank officials would not have done so..and in all cases the bank auction value is much lower than prevailing market prices and if they have followed open auction bidding, bank officials cannot be blamed… precisely why CBI could not move forward.. like all other cases against PC, this case can have harassment value only.no conviction possible

  5. Sir, Dr. Kathirvel is also not a genuine person. See how he has taken multiple loans under different companies (he is the director for all of them) and offered to settle via write-off scheme upto 1 cr.
    Court should send all parties (Kathirvel, Nalini and co) to jail.

  6. P Chidambaram aka PC is a Pucca Chor….He is a mafia don. Seen how his sister-in-law Padmini died soon after CBI started probe within weeks in Nov 2017 after HC order….See how Padmini’s son-in-law found murdered in June 2018. PC-Nalini now wanted to save themselves from this case. So mysterious deaths happening. PC is a CROOK, FRAUD Mafia Don. He may even finish son Karti who accepted bribe on behalf of him in INX and Aircel-Maxis cases or Karti will finish him. Mafia Family


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