Businessman Kathirvel files complaint with CBI against Chidambaram, family & IOB for hotel grab

Businessman Kathirvel files a complaint with the CBI against the former Finance Minister and his family

Businessman complains to the CBI against Hotel grab by P Chidambaram, family, abetted by IOB
Businessman complains to the CBI against Hotel grab by P Chidambaram, family, abetted by IOB

Last week, a businessman from Tamil Nadu has filed a complaint with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram, wife Nalini and family members and top officials of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) for grabbing his hotel in Tirupur. The businessman Dr. K. Kathirvel has filed a complaint with CBI Director, after the CBI Tamil Nadu unit’s reluctance to entertain the complaint.

Kathirvel is a businessman in his late 40s, is running hotel, poultry, education and real estate business in southern states. According to his complaint, in 2007, ‘Comfort Inn’, the hotel in Tirupur in which he was a partner, was grabbed by Padmini, sister of Chidambaram’s wife Nalini with the help of top management of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB). The hotel worth more than Rs. 10crores ($1.5 million) value had a loan due of Rs. 2.5 crores ($375,000) with the IOB and IOB declared the loan as a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) and announced auction. Kathirvel approached Madras High Court and later Debt Recovery Tribunal and paid Rs. 64 lakhs ($96,000) to the IOB to avoid auction. Chidambaram was the Finance Minister then.

After receiving Rs. 64 lakhs ($96,000), the Bank promised cancellation of auction. According to the complaint, the Bank cheated him and conducted a farce auction and allotted the hotel to Padmini at a very cheap rate of Rs. 4.5 crores ($675,000). The hotel’s value was more than Rs. 10 crores ($1.5 million) and all of a sudden Padmini with the help of mob of goons barged into the hotel and forcefully acquired the hotel. And after some years, the hotel was inaugurated by P Chidambaram.

Kathirvel went ahead with complaints to Chidambaram, the then Finance Minister and Bank authorities. According to him, the Bank authorities threatened him to withdraw his complaints against handing over the hotel to Padmini and started blackmailing him by sending loan recovery notices and stopping finances to his other businesses, including the poultry farm.

Chidambaram wrote to him in May 8, 2008 that he was not a party to an issue with him and a private party. The private party is none other than his sister-in-law Padmini. Chidambaram said he had advised wife Nalini to leave handling the files of Padmini. Nalini called Kathirvel and offered Rs. 2.5 crores ($375,000) to withdraw from all cases and his hopes to get back the hotel. Returning the cheque of Rs. 2.5 crores ($375,000) given by Nalini, Kathirvel started knocking the doors of authorities for justice.

The 82 page complaint with all documents filed by Kathirvel is published at the end of this article. The documents show Chidambaram and Nalini’s communications with Kathirvel including photos, bank transactions and the misuse of power by the IOB. The documents reveal, how Bank authorities ignored the court orders and violated banking norms to help Finance Minister’s sister-in-law Padmini to acquire a hotel by force and fraud.

In the complaint the businessman seeks to register case against Chidambaram, Nalini, Padmini and IOB’s top officials including then Chairman S. A. Bhat for conspiracy, misuse of power to grab his hotel and trying to collapse his business. After BJP government came to power in the Centre, Kathirvel approached CBI’s Tamil Nadu unit in August 2014. For the past two years they did nothing, except for a series of interactions and promises to Kathirvel. Consulting his lawyers, Kathirvel filed a complaint with the CBI Director in New Delhi on September 19, 2016. The entire 82 page complaint with documents is published below. Why is the CBI not acting on this blatant misuse of power by Chidambaram and family? Will the political leadership order the caged parrot – CBI – to act?

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Below is a copy of the complaint to the CBI.

CBI Complaint Against Chidambaram by Kathirvel

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  1. In an unbelievable operation, this bank has almost sold my property just because I found a sensational scandal that will ruin the image of this bank perpetually and beyond redemption. Whether I will be able to save my hard earned properties or not, I don’t know. The bank, a public trusted institution should not suffer.

  2. I am also a victim of corruption by IOB. More details at . They have punished me for having come to know, the AGM with help of his relative Chartered Accountant stole Rs.27 Lakh by fraud. The Managing Director and others, instead of taking action on my complaint, partook in the loot and sold my property in e-auction to help another bank GM.

  3. I was there in that hotel during my business trip to india my God if i had known it had such a Bad History i would not have stayed with my Indian business team.poor guy who owned that hotel what would have ben his mental status when this mob took over?

  4. I do understand what is India now and for close to 15 years now. From personal knowledge and experience. There is no real justice. Only corruption at all levels and in all systems. Modi needs to take action. Right now it appears that he is on an ego trip.
    And if Modi is in cahoots with Jaitely, there is no hope at all for India.

  5. In every scam of India from Fair growth scam in 1992, you can find Chidambaram’s connection. He is being hailed by congress paid media as ” saviour of economy”. PC ( perfect criminal ) must be jailed along with his son and wife.

  6. Whon you are trying to corner or insult. this amount is pittance. Nalini charges 1 crore per apperance a day and PC half a million pounds or USD or euro. Do not be little the FM of a poor country.

  7. Yeah…well said. PC will get away with all this as the Gandhi family with the present govt. bumbling or appearing to do so. There has to be political will, not just the mandate, to wipe out corruption or all those indulging in it. Sadly the present govt. lacks that.

  8. It is a wonder how this guy still be a member of parliament committee of home affairs when a charge sheet has been filed on him for interference in Israt jahan case?I think 56″ and his merry bunch of confused jokers are making a mockery of voters who voted for them thinking that they will bring in a change.India’s tragedy is that on the one hand they are looted by a bunch of hardened bumbling crooks controlled by a italian remote and on the other hand they depend on a joker bunch of clueless jelly beans to rein in the crooks.Which ever way the voter turns,they are hit with shit on their faces.

    • No sir, use common sense,this jai italy lost the election during BJP wave and has been put in this powerful ministry by none other than Modi.I think Modi is two timing this nation and it is clear he is not going to touch any of the crooks nor will he bring in corrupt free government.Unless corruption is taken on, only crooks will run this country.The above charge sheet from DrKathiravel reminds me of the ways of the don vito corleone.Am sure if pucca chor is given one more term, he will start knee capping the likes of Drkathiravel.You must understand the seriousness of the situation in India.Entire justice machinery on the one side,bureaucrats and politicians on the second side and businessmen on the third side are screwing this country left right and center.Our future generations will be left with a banana country and we will start seeing the same human migration to distant lands from this corrupt looters country as we are currently seeing from syria.

      • Dear Mr. Shiv,
        I have been an ardent supporter of Modi and BJP. Of late, I am beginning to worry about the direction in which the country is going. I am sure it will take quite sometime for any PM to right all the wrongs of the Italian remote control, but only if he is in the right direction.
        I still think he must be given the benefit of doubt…………. That by itself is a big climb down when compared with the support of the confidence of the whole nation.


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