Pakistani establishment rattled by Modi’s words; Media put a brave face

A post that summarizes the reactions of Pakistan media on Narendra Modi's speech in Kozhikode

A post that summarizes the reactions of Pakistan media on Narendra Modi's speech in Kozhikode
A post that summarizes the reactions of Pakistan media on Narendra Modi's speech in Kozhikode

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]tung by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at Kozhikode last Saturday that Pakistan was exporting terrorism and terrorists instead of trying to address the poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition haunting that country’s population, the Pakistani establishment has lamented that India was engaged in a vilification campaign against that country. Sidestepping from the points raised by Modi in his speech at Saturday’s massive public rally, his first after Pakistani terrorists attacked the Indian Army camp at Uri killing 18 soldiers, Nafees Zakaria, a spokesman of Pakistani Foreign Office said on Sunday that “India is trying to distract world attention from the atrocities perpetrated by its occupation forces in Kashmir,” reports The Dawn, a leading Pakistani newspaper in its Sunday edition, quoting a state-run radio service.

“It is unfortunate that Indian leadership continues to indulge in a well thought out vilification campaign against Pakistan b making provocative statements and baseless accusations,” Zakaria has been quoted by The Dawn. But Zakaria was silent on the salient points raised by the Indian Premier.

He said the ‘irresponsible display of behaviour at the highest political level was regrettable’. The Foreign Office Spokesman termed the killing of Kashmiri terrorist Burhan Wani by Indian security forces in July 2016 as an extra-judicial killing though he remained silent about the number of persons butchered by Wani.

Zakaria referred to the arrest and confessional statement made by Kulbhushan Yadav, whom he charged as an intelligence operative working for the Indian government and alleged that India was engaged in promoting terrorism in the Islamic Republic.

The Dawn in its editorial on Sunday has termed Prime Minister Modi’s Saturday speech as ‘a breach of diplomatic norms’. A rattled Pakistani establishment would see this statement as a threat , said the newspaper.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Express Tribune, another popular daily in Pakistan, said the Indian leadership was not in a position to wage a war with Pakistan in spite of the rhetoric by Prime Minister Modi. “India has understood the truth that any kind of military adventurism against Pakistan would have catastrophic consequences not for the two countries but for the entire region,” said The Express Tribune on Sunday. The daily described Prime Minister Modi’s Saturday speech as a backing down from the possibility of an overt or covert Indian military strike against Pakistan. “The Prime Minister is now speaking about isolating Pakistan diplomatically,” said the daily.

But the same newspaper has ratified the statement made by Prime Minister Modi that Pakistan establishment is not doing anything for the development of that country’s people or regions. The editorial by Tribune states that the Sindh and Khyber provinces have held back their support for Shariff’s sustainable development programme which was approved by the Pakistani cabinet. This proves that the Pakistan Prime Minister has become a prisoner of regional; forces and is made to dance to their tunes.

The Ameer of Islamic fundamentalist, Jamaat-e-Islami, Sirajul Haq has warned India that it would be facing a Pakistan which is thousand times stronger than the Pakistan faced by India in 1965, said Pakistan Observer.

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  1. In the above article there is nothing to suggest that Pakistan is rattled. On the contrary i feel there is truth in their statement,thanks to US and China Pakistan now several times stronger than in 1965. India can stike bigger blow diplomatically,politically,economically,internationally than militarly going on full scale war.

  2. After Uri attack everyone from pm, hm, dm went to town saying that uri terrorist s will be dealt with immediately. Mrs Swaraj promised longtime ago, that she will get ten pakistan heads if in power. Now is the time for her to bring 170 heads; probably she is sharpening her battle axe.then there is this lady purifying her mouth with gangajaland raring to wring pakistan necks. Then DM warned Pathankot will be last. Probably Uri will be penultimate one if he still continues as DM.our HM GOES TO kashmir to assess the situationand meets only knicker langotiwallas from Jammu who mostly live in India.
    Lastly our PM says I hugged you sheriff not only Delhi, but I flew to do that in Lahore. What a gift you have given me!PATHANKOT AND URI. SHABHASH I WILL COMPLAIN TO OBAMA..

    • These Antinational psycho KHAN-grass followers never ever questioned why CONgis called batla encounter fake in spite of many security officers died

      These Antinational psycho KHAN-grass followers never ever questioned why Diggy dog went and met terrorist accused families and abused security forces

      These Antinational psycho KHAN-grass followers never ever questioned why the then home minister misled the parliament and has become the spokesperson of pakistan army insulting security forces
      These Antinational psycho KHAN-grass followers never ever questioned why mani shankar wanted to have an alliance with pakistan to remove modi . Is that a message to pakistan to destabilise the elected government by covert and overt means ????
      These Antinational psycho KHAN-grass followers never ever questioned why CONgress has become a defender of SIMI , IM and their terrorist activities in india ??????
      These Antinational psycho KHAN-grass followers never ever questioned why the lawyers belonging to KHANgress party are defending many terror accused in many courts ????
      We don’t need any filthy logic from crossbred filthy antinational Animals on national security
      Keep giving your filthy logic !!!!!!!!! Keep on certifying yourself as an intellectual commentator !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pointless article from you.There is no evidence that Pak establishment involved in fomenting terrorism is rattled.Don’t undermine their expertise in subversion.Even to US they cocked a snoop by clandestinely using taliban to squeeze american cajones and further protected the mother of all terrorist right next door to Islamabad.These jokers are capable of high level of madness and they are clever too.They have cultivated a bunch of crooks from our side “the Aman ki asha” idiots over the years cutting across party lines which includes joker party reps.Unless we are clear how to call pakis bluff, they will continue to set the agenda on kashmir.They have the chinks too on their side along with US of A.Till we strengthen our armed forces and get people solidly behind tough actions,nothing much our 56″ can do other than coming out with Groucho like statement” You fight us on poverty not thro’ terrorism”.I am sure whole world will be having hearty laugh on this statement.I will not be surprised if john oliver picks this quote

  4. Rattled is the right word.For decades they were freely abusing India without any fear in the world but now they are getting it back and it is like hammer on the head.First when Sharif ranted about Kashmir India threw a bouncer called Balochistan.Before even they could come back to their senses Sharif again raised Kashmir at UNGA and in return got his horoscope analyzed in Calicut.They are just at their wits end to see PM Modi raising damaging issues and driving them sleep less.Pakistan awaken the times have changed now for every foolish trick you want to play you have to lose some thing precious.Beware!


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