Ram Jethmalani vents at Narendra Modi

Ram Jethmalani expresses his ire at Modi and Shah for setting up a witness against him in the BJP party expulsion case

Ram Jethmalani expresses his ire at Modi and Shah for setting up a witness against him in the BJP party expulsion case
Ram Jethmalani

Accuses Amit Shah of “setting up a witness” against him

This time Ram Jethmalani strikes with another letter. A nine-page letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Though the letter blames Modi for non-recovery of black money at length, the last pages show that the immediate provocation from Jethmalani is due to the action by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah. Jethmalani vents his anger against Amit Shah for “setting up a witness” in a case filed by him against BJP for “illegally expelling” him.

The letter is dated August 23 and was recently uploaded by Jethmalani in his blog titled as My Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi. Those were the days when Ram Jethmalani’s letters were splashed on the front pages of Indian media. Remember Jethmalani’s letters to Rajiv Gandhi. Now for the past few years, media no longer publishes his acerbic letters. Once he even paid around Rs.16 lakhs to Indian Express as an advertisement to publish his letter against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley!

In the current nine page letter, Jethmalani reminds Modi and Shah for the legal services rendered by him to get out from several cases. One interesting point this time is that unlike his previous letters, he avoided making a personal attack against his arch rival Arun Jaitley. This time he put blame on Modi for failure to retrieve the promised black money parked in tax havens.

The end pages of the letter show that the sudden provocation is due to the action taken by the BJP President Amit Shah to challenge Jethmalani in court by “setting up a witness.” Jethmalani reminds Modi and Shah about their “promise” to take him back in the party when they came to power. Jethmalani had challenged his expulsion from the party in court arguing that Parliamentary Board has no power to expel. According to Jethmalani none from BJP dare to land in court as a witness in the case. But recently BJP come out with a witness. This is the provocation of this nine-page letter to Modi.

“The matter is now pending in the Court. Those who made the order have not dared to go into the witness box as defendants. Their conduct will not bear judicial scrutiny. Amit Shah has however provided his worker as a witness for the Party. The case will never end…

“Thanks to your lack of any moral sense and any sense of gratitude this matter had to end in a court case and I will recover my damages, interest, and cost. Amit Shah has set up a witness who is helplessly and reluctantly giving evidence against me. Do ponder on this matter and atone for your sins if you have any moral sense at all,” said Jethmalani to Modi.

Below is a copy the letter:

Letter to Prime Minister22!8!2017 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. What Jethmalaniji has written seems to be 100% true. By opting for Modi, we have made fools of ourselves who jumped from ‘frying pan’ in to the ‘oven’.
    I have witnessed one or two Rajya Sabha proceedings wherein the BJP hooligans are shouting down Jethmalanaji whenever he raised the issue of GERMANY LIST OF INDIAN BLACK MONEY HOLDERS
    Now the moot questions are:
    (1) Why did the BJP make no attempt to obtain the GERMAN LIST?
    (2) Who r the black sheep in the BJP trying to protect those whose names r in the GERMAN LIST?
    On the issue of GMOs too, Modi Government seems to be acting as agent of corporates like Monsanto
    Can Narendra Modi clarify his stand on the GMOs?

    • You should ask your Jethmalaniji why he defends known crooks like Kejriwal and convicted criminals like Lalu besides countless gangsters and criminals. When he can conviniently charge huge fees, honesty and public probity can be forgotten even if that fees is paid with ill gotten wealth and tax payer money. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Ram Jethmalani is least concerned about black money but he uses it to make statements to stay in news.


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