Mamata Banerjee leaves West Bengal behind to forge united Opposition in New Delhi

Mamata Banerjee leaves West Bengal behind to forge united Opposition in New Delhi


  1. Didi and the likes are worried over the BJP gaining ground in areas where they believed won’t . This is evident in her haste.

  2. Mamta Begumji’s delhi moves is at the behest of her jihadi masters who are in total control of the polity of WB and Begumji is their most successful prop. Though Mamata knows she is punching much above her weight she has no option but to be part & parcel of the jamat strategists in WestBengal & BanglaDesh who have made her CM of WestBengal. All those who met Mamata in Delhi know very well that for them the jihadi kiss/shakehand will be death kneel for them in their own states. After all no other states in india have the unique distinction like WestBengal where muslim votes are almost 40% of the total votes cast and hindus are prevented to vote by extreme violence or intimidation and police exists only on paper. Hindus in other states (except Kashmir valley) are still capable of defeating jihadi violence and showing jihadi agents their place both on the streets as well as though the ballot .

  3. Result is no doubt neirher there or here. She dont have any agenda othere than forming a United Looters friends(front). With Modiji as PM this is impossible and not only after 2019 with majority in both houses the looters will be exposed and will be counting the bars in Thihar. Modiji know the looters and traitors and waiting for the right time for surgery. Indians must support Modiji to clean the system affected by virus installed by british and maintained by our politicains beurocrats and justice system. 2019 must be a year of freedom from Lutyns


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