Dr. Swamy on Demonetisation

An in-depth look at Demonetization, its side effects and the way forward

In this video, noted Economist, Politician and Senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy talks about some of the side effects of De-monetisation and the way forward.

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  1. The conversation with Dr. Swamy on DeMo raises few questions :

    how many countries among the top 10 economies of of the world have abolished taxation as a source of revenue

    Share of tax revenues direct and indirect taxes in the total revenues of top 10 economies

    In case of 3G/4G spectrum auctions the govt. charged exorbitant prices, which the telecom companies paid by borrowing monies from banks and now the telecom sector is sitting on huge NPAs, contrast

    power was subsidized by state govts as incentives resulting in discoms ending with NPAs and these NPA’s of discoms were eventually cleverly converted into borrowings by state govts by current Minister for Railways

    assuming that proportion of black money was 25% before DeMo or say 3.50 lac cr., if govt kept only 25% of this or Rs.87.5 KCr. makes no economic sense as the cost of DeMo will be minimum twice or Rs.1.90 lac Cr.


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