What is preventing Modi Govt. from acting against Chidambaram family?

Despite compelling evidence no action has been taken against the Chidambaram family

What is preventing Modi Govt. from acting against Chidambaram family?
#BlackMoney Nalini Chidambaram and P Chidambaram

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As the Narendra Modi government completes two years, it is a million dollar question as to why the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) are not acting against the Chidambaram family. Violations and illegalities committed by Chidambaram are clearly mentioned in the CBI’s chargesheet in Aircel Maxis scam. In the chargesheet submitted before the 2G Court in August 2014, CBI had emphatically said that the probes against Chidambaram will be finished soon and CBI counsel on record informed the court that they will soon file a Supplementary Chargesheet on this regard also. On BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s petition, the Supreme Court in October 2014, directed CBI to submit the progress report on the probe. Yet there is no action.

Are there Trojan horses in Modi government protecting the Chidambaram family?

The Apex Court’s direction led to summoning of the former Minister by CBI on December 6, 2014. But what happened later was that the officer, Joint Director Ashok Tewari who summoned Chidambaram was unceremoniously shunted out from the organisation. He is now working as Chairman and Managing Director of State Road Transport Corporation in Himachal Pradesh.

Who is protecting Chidambaram? It is a known fact that Chidambaram and current Finance Minister Arun Jaitley are good friends for the past 26 years. This was revealed by none other Chidambaram, when Jaitley cornered him 2012 in Rajya Sabha during the heated debate on Aircel-Maxis scam. It is an admitted fact that both were buddies in the law profession and may have helped each other out. But then the question is why CBI under Prime Minister Narendra Modi tolerates such connections? It is alleged that in the current Finance Ministry, majority of the top bureaucrats are Chidambaram friendly officers and ED is totally under the Ministry.

Rajeshwar Singh, ED’s Investigating Officer of 2G and Aircel-Maxis scam was shunted out from the organisation during Chidambaram’s tenure in Finance Ministry. On Swamy’s petition in April 2014, Supreme Court had ordered to reinstate him. But it was intriguing that the Finance Ministry which came under Jaitley in mid May 2014, did not obey that order. After Swamy’s fight, the Supreme Court in September 2014 gave stern warning to the Ministry to post him back in ED and ordered that the officer should not be transferred till the end of the trial. During the arguments the then Revenue Department under Revenue Secretary Shaktikanta Das even allegedly lied in court that the officer’s services were not needed as ED had completed its probe in Aircel-Maxis scam. Shaktikanta Das is said to be a known Chidambaram protégé.

There are still Chidambaram compliant officers in CBI too. Once in a tweet, Swamy accused CBI Director Anil Sinha as “Chidambaram compliant” officer. It is a fact that the same officers’ lobby works in CBI which gave a clean chit to Chidambaram in 2G cases, while fixing all the blame on Telecom Minister A. Raja.

Apart from Aircel-Maxis scam, CBI has not acted against Chidambaram in the Swan-Etisalat approval deal. This comes under 2G case streams and ED had already registered ₹10,000 crore ($1.5 billion) fine slapping notice under FEMA. If FEMA is slapped on a dubious deal, then why is the CBI not imposing Prevention of Corruption of Act against Chidambaram, for approving this questionable deal? Rajeshwar Singh slapped FEMA violations on this deal in 2011 and invited the former Finance Minister’s wrath.

It must be remembered that all these unholy nexus dare to operate when the cases are monitored by Supreme Court. At last the ED and Income Tax conducted raids at Karti Chidambaram linked companies in December 2015.  “The Pioneer” had reported the details of the raid and massive wealth amassed by these companies in 14 countries –  UK, Dubai, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, British Virgin Island, France, USA, Switzerland, Greece and Spain.

All the wealth acquired by Karti linked companies was during the period when father Chidambaram was Finance and Home Minister during 2004 – 2014. The accumulation of such huge wealth is a clear case of launching Disproportionate Assets case against the Chidambaram family for misuse of power. The wealth in these 14 countries would easily cross the value of ₹3000 crore($451 million). According to the affidavits of Chidambaram and his wife Nalini Chidambaram both are having assets of ₹11 crore ($1.65 million) and ₹12 crore ($1.8 million) respectively. This was according to the mandatory affidavit filed by Chidambaram to Prime Minister in 2012. According to the affidavit filed before Election Commission by Karti in April 2014 is that his total assets come to around ₹60 crore($9 million). When this became an issue in Parliament, Jaitley claimed that the government would go deep into the probe and fix the culprit. Now 45 days have passed after Jaitley’s assurance to the Parliament. In Indian Parliament such assurances were made by Ministers in the past also and nothing happened on the ground.

Chidambaram’s wife Nalini Chidambaram was also not new to controversies. Her name was dragged in Saradha Scam and Hasan Ali related money laundering cases. The TV channel owner Manoranjana Singh, who was associated with Nalini in Saradha Scam is facing the music now. She is in jail and chargesheeted. The scamster Chit Fund owner Sudipto Sen had clearly written in his confession letter about how around ₹40 crores ($6 million) were siphoned by Nalini and Manoranjana. Both CBI and ED had questioned Nalini. But yet no action!

In June 2015, Sunday Guardian had exposed the money trails of Nalini with Hasan Ali’s associate Kashinath Tapuria. Nalini’s air tickets were funded by Tapuria in 2009 and 2010 in as many as 16 trips. Chidambaram was the Home Minister then. Is it ethical for a Home Minister’s wife to give legal advice to the biggest money launderer? At the very least ED and CBI should ask this question. These air tickets were found by ED and IT during raids. How small officers can act against Nalini is a different question.

Apart from all these cases, the controversial purchase of more than 40 aircraft for Air India was approved by Chidambaram. He also approved the resale of some of these new airplanes at throwaway prices to Etihad. Till date CBI has not moved an inch on this deal.

It is really intriguing as to why the Modi government is not taking action against their sworn rival Chidambaram. It is a known fact that a coterie including Chidambaram worked overtime against Modi and BJP President Amit Shah to fix them in Gujarat related encounter cases. Then why show leniency to Chidambaram when in power? What compulsions are preventing the Modi Government from letting the law do its job? Are there Trojan horses in Modi government protecting the Chidambaram family? The nation wants to know!

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  1. Typo correction:-

    sonia gandhi’s scullery maid. pratiba patil was actually making tea in the pantry for sonia gandhi & her children. She was made the president of India. She being a Maharashtrian shiv sena bal thackeray etc approved of it . That is all. No one is bothered about credentials. sonia as unscrupulous as her sycophants made one chawla another unmitigated criminal some top election commission official. He is no TN.Seshan.
    All along entire aam janata willingly accepted everything. All of it was orchestrated with the connivance of vir sanghvi , barkha dutt , rotten tata ( Thanks to Subramaniam Swamy ratan tata is actually ROTTEN tata) , suhel seth & PERENNIALLY cleavage exposing niira radia the SLUT.

    barkha dutt etc aare very much ALIVE. She goes regularly to Jaggi Vasudev asking ” what will happen to me after my death…where will i go “….. & I am flummoxed how various swamijees are sssso TOLERANT towards such rotten SCUM.

    • Very well said, it is sickening indeed how all these political big wigs are hands in league with each other and as yet maintain an outer fake façade of carrying out investigations for corruption. The political class has been so thoroughly exposed that nothing comes as a surprise to common tax payers, they look on helplessly as the nation gets plundered at the hands of politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists and mafias. Modiji is helpless and he knows it very well, all the corrupt men surround him and will never allow him to work honestly.

  2. With UNSEEMLY alacrity almost all are willing to hold Sri.Narendra Modi guilty for the crimes & misdemeanours of various congressis.

    P.Chidambaram & his family’s entire LOOTING details were all long exposed by EX-IAS Officer called V.Sundaram. He wrote a series of articles when congress -dmk -communists coalition was in power.
    We also know both Subramaniam Swamy & Jayalalithaa pointed out chidambaram did NOT win the votes . He LOST. Yet the voting machine was tinkered with by foreign vested interests declaring him a elected minister. Manmohan Singh , Pranab Mukherjee all the MPs , election commission , allegedly anti corruption abdul kalam whose statue everyone is circumambulating around today , pratibha patil sonia’s cullery maid elevated as president supreme or apex court ALL KNEW .

    So it is egregiously UNFAIR to blame Modi.

    Would you all stay quiet supporting Modi should he give ORDERS to Firing Squad to exterminate all these scamsters ?? In such a case I am sure Modi would not hesitate to take action. Whereas it is the same good for nothing mob that would scream ” fascism…let the law take its own course…..” drivel.

    That jaitley is close to congress is also an open secret. Modi did the right thing by empowering him. Think of the harm he would & could have inflicted on Modi’s governance had he not been empowered.
    That we the people are ALLOWING all these corrupt congressis , communists , dmk etc to EXIST as political parties is the most GALLING. These are the terrorists. Get rid of them. Problem solved.

  3. Why Corruption is a hobby in the west,it has become a way of life to many in in our Country. What cannot be cured must be endured.
    Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)

  4. Frankly if Modi govt. starts probing corruptions of Chidambaram his relatives and other UPA ministers
    ,Robert Vadra etc. not to talk of corruption relating to BJP state CMs then he will have to stop all Govt. work and do only corruption investigations.

  5. Most of you guys maybe right or wrong ?and if you think that the whole Government structure is corrupt and that only Modi is clean. Something is really wrong with Modi and has to be careful. In democracy if majority are corrupt, one person cannot do anything. There are two possibilities 1) that there were no scams which can be pinned on these concerned people. 2 ) It was a propaganda which was a good one to believe. Lastly the people of Inida are slowly getting used to the growth and realising that the increase in expenditures is directly proportional to growth, which gives rise to perception. Your perception was boosted by Mr, RAI from CAG but there was a perception of Kapil Sibal with Zero loss which you did not believe. Why is the spectrum auction today short of 5 lakhs crores ? why is there a call drop ? Today if India cricket was not on top people would have question why spent so much ?why are we not getting enough Gold at the Olympics ?Why the dal prices went soaring besides other vegetables. etc. There may not be so many people like RAI and like you and me who can really question the Government that besides providing the Gau rakhshaks and other fanatic groups with employment there is no employment generation for a common man. Do you really thing that cruelty of Ravanaa is the highest ? I don’t think so, he was much educated, respected women, did not force himself on Sita, and died with forgiveness from Rama. How many parliamentarians are as close to him forget Ram. Are you ? Happy Dussehra.

  6. Modi is gradually dwindling in the very eyes of his well wishers.It is high time he pulls up his stockings and hasten up all needed actions lest it is too late.

  7. Remember govt has changed but bureaucracy has not most of govt corruption is done through bureaucrats who are still loyal to communal congress leftist & marxist secularist because bureaucrats also made tons of money during their corrupt regime

  8. Maybe Modi is biding time regarding political rivals till he completes 4-4.5 years as PM. Then all skeletons will tumble, which will again portray Modi as an action man and Congress as super corrupt.

    But there are so many skeletons in Congress closet, that each case can tumble out every month

  9. I have supported and supporting Modi plenty. But the view conveyed by you is coming to my mind often. What you have said a100% truth. We shall be thankful if it could be possible to expose us tge reason for this, we are grateful to you. When 2G final hearing went in the court, we, our friends are all discussing that the judgement likely to come before TN Election which went away recently. We do not know what is going on? Telephone line cable as alleged between DMK HQ and Marans House is a open and shut case, according to the articles by our Hon’ble Gurumurthy. Nothing had happened. Judge who gives postponing the case months together. Await your feed back sir as a patriot citizen of this country.

  10. Let us accept Modi is spineless in this respect. “The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones” So spoke Shakespeare! All the good work of Modi will wither away if he is not taking action soon against all the culprits whether they are with him (BJP) or outside.

  11. Modi is losing credibility. He probably thinks his job is a external affairs minister’s job. He does nothing more than that. He is least bothered about internal scams (dal scam, mallaya’s escape,etc). This is not good for him & his party..

  12. Very clear that Jaitley is responsible for all delays and for some reason Modi is unable to remove Jaitley.
    There appears to be too many wheels within wheels with Jaitley in all the wheels

  13. There seems to be a growing public opinion that Modi is dithering taking action against PC and his family/other scamsters and as a result trying to keep Dr. Swamy at bay, disappointing the citizens at large. My expectation was that PM Modi would go after the corrupt from day one, but none of that has happened. Providing a non corrupt government is not enough, all scamsters should be brought to book and an precedent set in this corrupt land that no matter how high or mighty you are you will be punished. Look at how USA punishes the corrupt, for they now that if the termite of corruption goes untreated it will eventually swallow the country. Wonder what the RSS is doing, why aren’t they pressurizing Modi to act against the corrupt, elevate Dr. Sway to Finmin to exterminate the corrupt. PM Modis soft approach toward the corrupt is extremely disappointing. Think its time to show some action and less bhashan.

  14. Swamy knows the facts and what relation fin share with past fin and he could successfully expose, however it affects the image of bjp and right now there is no better option than bjp for India.

  15. jaitley and chidambaram are both sides of the coin. Arun Jaitley is the congress affiliated minister in BJP. Since chidambaram and Jaitley are professional Lairs(Lawyers) they now the means of escape

  16. It is good article.But the writer has forgotten one more scandal which Ram Jethmalani exposed in 2013 by way of writing a open letter to PC about the money laundering in the name of NDTV. vasan eye care also to be probed.

  17. You guys are supposed to be insiders and you are whining like an outsider.Use your connections to findout what jaitley has on Modi/Shah.Is he the secret fund raiser to the duo?Is he the guy who fixed Advani and paved the way for Modi’s ascension as PM candidate? Has Jaitley some secret info on Modi during his “dilli” days?or Modi is just a chaiwallah who wanted to be Pm and jaitley paved the way for him?There is a farce going on in BJP and they will get a big bamboo in the next elections.Just as Indira voted back to power,sonia will come back and ensure everything gets swindled with no remorse.All because we put our trust in a chaiwallah.


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