Report by Col. Purohit in November 2007 on fake currency rackets, terms Abu Azmi as Mastermind

Col. Purohit, an Army intelligence officer details how fake currency was created and exchanged in several states

Col. Purohit, an Army intelligence officer details how fake currency was created and exchanged in several states
Col. Purohit, an Army intelligence officer details how fake currency was created and exchanged in several states

PGurus is bringing a sensitive report on fake currency racket, prepared by Col. Purohit in November 2007, now languishing jail for UPA’s controversial ‘Hindu Terror’ theory. This report is on the modus operandi of fake currency operators in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. Those days Purohit was a Major in Special Task Cell in Southern Command’s Liaison Unit.

In his four page report to his superiors in the Unit, Purohit identifies Abu Azmi, Samajwadi Party’s controversial leader in Mumbai (Page 3). The report says the fake currency racket operates with possibly the knowledge, involvement of several politicians, government officials, businessmen and local policemen. The full report is published at  the end of this article.

“Own sources have functioned with two such modules on at least three occasions. One getting close to these gps (groups), it was revealed that the entire business is masterminded by Abu Azmi, an MLA from Samajwadi Party, Mumbai,” said the report detailing how Purohit’s team penetrated into the fake currency racket.

Purohit’s report lists out Maharashtra’s Bhiwandi, Malegaon, Solapur, Vasai (Basain), Jalgaon, Balsad and Surat (in Gujarat) and Bidar and Vijapur (in Karnataka) as prominent producing centres of fake currency. The report also says other areas are Kalyan, Igatpuri and Wada in Nasik and Thane and Purohit’s team had landed in these areas.

His report says his sources were introduced to fake currency modules by local politicians. His sources approached the fake currency racket to learn the techniques of printing. It also details the methods of printing fake currency notes and the code words used in the field.

Another shocking revelation in the report is the smuggling of chemicals from the Indian Security Press in Nashik. The procurement of chemicals from the Government’s currency printing unit by the fake currency racket was confirmed by General Manager to the Army Intelligence officials.

The report also says that the possibility of radical and fundamental elements penetrating into this business cannot be ruled out. The fake currency racket’s current exchange rate is three to five lakh valued notes for original one lakh rupees.

Purohit was trying to get his intelligence reports to the superiors for his arguments in the ‘Hindu Terror’ alleged cases to prove his genuineness working as an Army Intelligence Officer. He got this report after Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar allowed the Army Headquarters to provide a copy.
Col (then Major) report on fake currency rackets
Col (then Major) report on fake currency rackets
Col (then Major) report on fake currency rackets
Col (then Major) report on fake currency rackets

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  1. Really Indian Army done a great job by working out on internal security. They must have felt something fishy in this matter for which they have initiated this action. And the most interesting thing is that since the interest of political party in power were hampering due to coln purohit’ s report they simply tried to trap him.But a Armyman after all a Armyman. He is paid till this time. When patriots like Modiji came to power they found the credibility of his hard work and now the real game will start.
    Jai Hind

  2. Pre-independent India had patriots like Bhagat Singh, Nathuram Godse who couldn’t even tallest leader of Freedom struggle in Mahatma Gandhi for an act of appeasing Minorities soon after independence. How are we tolerating selfish Congi leaders in modern independent India? These selfish Bandicoots have virtually kept India on platter to the nefarious elements. We are truest tolerant Nation to bear with ignoramus leaders long ruling of almost 38 years directly and ten years indirectly until 2014 by GOP.

    • If this Govt does not act the real vandals in the previous UPA govt, it will give reasons for JANTA to douvt ots real intensions.

  3. An issue that has gotten sidelined in this whole affair – Armed Forces ‘normally’ don’t have a mandate to collect intel within the country that doesn’t directly affect their functions/operations. Under what provisions/charter/mandate did the UPA allow IA to collect internal intelligence, that too during a ‘non-war’ period? Or is it a case of IA overstepping it’s mandate without authorization? Or is it an unstated arrangement between different security agencies of the country to collect intel on issues that would complement the other?and hence wasn’t considered as IA ‘overstepping’ its mandate?
    If institutions are stepping each others toes and the Govt (UPA or NDA) have a couldn’t care less attitude – God help us!

    • Dear Mahatma, army is officially & directly involved in the war with jihadi savages. It also has its own dedicated intelligence unit for the purpose and any sabotaging activity directly helping its adversaries in its operation must come under its preview.
      Heard of technical intelligence unit set-up by General VK Singh which was latter sabotaged to directly help jihadi hell hole Pakistan?
      Hope this helps.

  4. Being the organisation why P guru could not take up the matter to PM during the last two years. If already taken what is the outcome . Why P guru is not publishing /requesting openly now. What support is required from Indian citizen for the rescue of Col. Purohit.

    • You are a castrated idiot to question pgurus for this.Ask the fake cut out modi..why is this guy languishing when he could get that amit out?

      • Good point. Its a mind-boggling crime and conspiracy thriller against civilisation, not just the country. A daring plot if succeeded could have simply wiped out the whole defence mechanism of country with the active collusion of the then highest officers of judiciary, Police, intelligence agencies with the direct involvement of the top layer of then government and party (internal and external enemies working in tandem) in power with the aim of not just finishing off political rivals but even also with the direct attempts made to irrecoverably weakening the army.
        This must to be tried under treachery again the nation and its society and current ruling dispensation has inescapable duty to do it.
        As journalistic duty you should provide the opinion backed by available verifiable information, whether this is a must case for prosecution under treason or not.

  5. This seems like a plot of a sinister block buster with a tag like “based on a true story”.
    I for now believe in it andoes is seconded by aur judicial system’s unbelievably quick execution to put Maj. Purohit”s in jail.
    Hope that our current govt. take quicker action so set the course correct and take apt actions against the perpetrators.

  6. A fair enquiry by a team of unbiased,non politically aligned,intellectuals,unbiased investigating journalists,untaunnted and fairest of the fair retired judges having impeccable careers and records,can only bring justice to persons of integrity like col Output,who are victims of Congress’s appeasement policy,corruption and Nexus with criminals at highest beauracratic and political levels.PM’s personal intervention can ensure some fairness in whole investigation.

  7. And yet today col Purohit is incarcerated. A tragedy beyond descriptin and it baffles me as to how our present PM is tolerating it.

  8. What more can u expect ? Honest Officer made villain & then made to rot in Jail. Makes lots of sense. One word on this report – Obviously!

  9. True I have also found Deep routed Politician Official Police Corruption Nexus (POPCN) during Service.
    With Revealation of Samajwadi Party Leader Involvement in Fake Currency Racket Indicating that

    Most Likely Col Purohit is Victim of Congress Gimmick of #HinduTerror to continue Minority Appeasement Policy even Victimising Army Soldiers.

    What is Right or Wrong fair investgation be done by Army and None Else.

    Share urs views


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