Sunanda Murder case: Subramanian Swamy’s untiring legal battle fixes Shashi Tharoor

Despite every trick in the book by the powerful to divert and obfuscate the Sunanda murder case, the Delhi Police is finally calling it a case of murder

Despite every trick in the book by the powerful to divert and obfuscate the Sunanda murder case, the Delhi Police is finally calling it a case of murder
Despite every trick in the book by the powerful to divert and obfuscate the Sunanda murder case, the Delhi Police is finally calling it a case of murder

The murder case of Sunanda Murder is a classic instance of how silence can be bought to hush up a crime when powerful people are involved. Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in Hotel Leela on January 17, 2014, days after her bitter tussle with her husband and the then Union Minister Shashi Tharoor. All knew that it was a murder, but kept criminal silence till, on February 24, 2014, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy blew it wide open with a tweet that he got information that Sunanda was killed using Russian poison[1].

The UPA Government was in power at that time and many were blaming Swamy for the “Russian Poison Conspiracy Theory” to malign “suave” Shashi Tharoor. Delhi Police (DP) was like an Ostrich and did not even register a First Information Report (FIR). What was worse was that the then Joint Commissioner Vivek Gogia returned all the crucial evidence like cell phones back to husband Tharoor the very next day of her death. The cunning Shashi Tharoor was buttering up the new Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he was even selected as Modi’s Swachh Bharat Ambassador in October 2014 and was seen partying with BJP leaders such as Arun Jaitley and the Lutyens’ Cheer girls kind of journalists.

Subramanian Swamy deserves all the credit for his untiring battle to bring justice to Sunanda Pushkar.

By the first week of October 2014, Subramanian Swamy again conducted a huge strike on Tharoor by exposing the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Post-mortem report of Sunanda. The report, photos, and videos clearly detailed that she was poisoned and physically tortured. The report also exposed the grave faults and non-cooperation from Delhi Police. At last, to save face, Delhi Police registered an FIR for murder without naming Tharoor on January 2015.

Then came Tharoor-saving tactics by all crooks in the Cricket betting syndicate blessed by uncouth politicians. Two years were wasted by cunning elements trying to find the poison and even sending it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lab in the USA for analyzing the poison! Swamy reminded the Delhi Police that there is landmark Supreme Court judgment that stated that there is no need to find the name of the poison and urged for the immediate arrest of Tharoor and filing of a charge sheet. Delhi Police’s Vigilance Department found grave illegalities committed by the first probe team headed by Vivek Gogia.

At last Swamy approached the Delhi High Court in mid-2017. At first, the case was before Justice G S Sistani, who pulled up the Delhi Police on every sitting for sheer illegalities. After the sixth sitting, the case somehow came before Justice S Muralidhar, who dismissed the petition on the very first day, without even hearing Swamy. There was a huge war of words between Swamy and Justice Muralidhar over the bad judgment[2]. It was curious that, in the entire Judgment, there was no mention of Sunanda’s death and Justice Muralidhar preferred to blame Swamy for filing the case! There were no instructions to the Delhi Police in the Judgment, which meant freedom to the DP to close the case.

With the Delhi Police now pushing to add murder charges on Tharoor in the trial court on August 31, 2019, we hope Justice Muralidhar would reflect on how he drafted such a bad judgment on his part. These kinds of dirty games are par for the course for the Lutyens racket. At least that is was what history tells us.

In January 2018, the indefatigable Subramanian Swamy approached the Supreme Court, against the Delhi High Court verdict. Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Amitava Roy issued a notice to the Delhi Police. Sensing danger, before answering to the apex court, Delhi Police filed a charge sheet against Tharoor charging him of domestic violence and abetting suicide. Now Delhi Police tells the Supreme Court to add murder charges also against Tharoor detailing all his involvement in the murder of Sunanda. What a difference, an election makes!

The Lutyens system should hang its head in shame – the wife of a Union Minister gets murdered and no one has a problem with it! A saga of crime, sex and money laundering that the wife promised in a Press Conference (PC) was extinguished in a Seven-Star Hotel (Hotel Leela). Sunanda was eliminated within hours of her intention to call a PC about the IPL Cricket frauds and role of Shashi Tharoor. What is baffling is that a murder most foul occurs in a high flying hotel and the media does not want to find the truth?

Many Editors, Journalists, and women were hobnobbing with Shashi Tharoor as if nothing was amiss. Many lady journalists were getting pleasure in getting so-called exclusive bytes from Tharoor, though he was charge-sheeted for heinous crimes. Tharoor was giving bytes to these lady journalists on all subjects under the Sun and no one asked him about the charges against him! And this passes off for journalism in India. It is good that the Delhi Police has declared in a trial court that it will push for a murder charge. Subramanian Swamy deserves all the credit for his untiring battle to bring justice to Sunanda Pushkar.


[1] Sunanda Tharoor was given ‘Russian Poison’, claims Subramanian SwamyFeb 24, 2014, India Today

[2] War of Words between New Judge and Dr Swamy inside Delhi High Court on Sunanda Murder ProbeOct 22, 2017,

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  1. Charge sheet should include the judge, Muralidhar, a scamster and urban naxal anointed by corrupt to the core scamgress mafia too who terrified the agencies in disguise through Dr. Swamy

  2. Dr Subramanian Swamy is no physician by profession but he is undoubtedly a ‘sagalaa’ doctor. Nothing misses the eye of this legal eagle. Being an economical economist that he is I am confident that he would be able to not only sort out the slowdown but also with his influence with Israel & USA he would be able to turn the tide of trade towards India. The post of the Finance Minister is not that of sports to be easily handled by everyone. I hope my point is made. A small blister made by a nail in the leg if not treated properly may form gangarene. In the same way if not handled properly now by a professional may become unwieldy at a later stage by anyone. Thus far & no further is my take on it.

  3. Lutyen’s Delhi has its own rules. ‘ The Nehru Gandhi Dynasty -Family’ is God. Beyond any comment except overt and covert praise. Next the close confidents of the Family. The journos of Lutyen will not even utter a word against them but report anything these honchos have to say about Modi,Hindus, BJP in that order. Even a simple local fight involving a Hindu with any minority community member any corner of India will be blown up as ‘INTOLERANCE’, minority bashing etc etc even if the cause of issue may have araisen from the minority community. Urban naxals, so called (by themselves) ‘intelligentia’- like leftist historians artists and writers and cine filed- are next in the pecking order. These worthies will denigrate anything Indian, Hindu and the armed forces and the Govt. Will issue atrocious statements to help Pakistan and spread canards and ridicule Hindus, Hinduism and India in general. They will doubt army, will call the General of the Indian Army ‘sadak ka gunda’, will call the PM of the country in unspeakable language, request Pakistan to help topple lawfully elected Indian government etc. But for Lutyens they are creame de la creame and what they say is gospel truth. The Lutyen journos will support such drivel and try to justify these. If anybody condemns their false propaganda, then will take up cudgels for ‘freedom of press’. Suddenly democracy is under danger in India for them. These intellectuals will twist anything will do award wapasi kind of games (but will not return the money given by government along with the award) to show their ‘liberal’ credentials. Then the judges and police and bureaucrats come in the pecking order. Strategically placed in various courts, govt. posts by the scamgress these worthies will scuttle any case (even murders like Sunanda case) against the Lutyen’s elite. This is the eco system developed and nurtured by Scamgress for last 70 years which is serving them faithfully, if not India,

  4. Congress and its members have committed unpardonable mistakes during U P A tenure under the able ROBOT ruling the country. Now skeletons are falling one after another from the cup board.

  5. Mr Swamy has been very good lawyer and deserves not only congretulations but mire than that by appreciating his very pain taking and valuable contribution for improving
    Legal system.
    I pray to God for his very long and healthy life to enable him to serve the nation with his legal skills
    For justice.

  6. Honourable Mr. Swamy deserves not only congratulations but national award as the best lawyer of the land.
    He deserves a head of the commiittee for necessary amendments in rotten corrupt discriminatory legal system running at snail speed. Sooner the better.
    God bless him with lot of
    Strenth with long and healty life to serve Bharat and prepare a team of constructive lawyers.
    Mr KS and S team of pC should not put their professtional reputation at stake like Delhi Police, press reporters in case of S.T of ex congress minister exposing all on top covering up murder case proving
    Rich and powerful r above the laws.

  7. The fourth pillar of a good democracy is rotten and so are some judges.Hats of to Dr swamy who is teaching moral values to the high and mighty.

  8. One can a wide difference between Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah as home ministers. Rajnath played guddy guddy and did nothing. Shashi Tharoor should had been in jail by now if Rajnath Singh the then home minister had pulled up Delhi police for going slow on Sunanda murder case.

  9. System needs a whip , How we can say constitution Fundamental Rights r safe , people who r to act sleep over issue.tThe Criminals roam freely.
    Heads up

  10. And Hindustan Times and Karan Thapar together ( today’s Sunday HT Opinion Section) are dying to make a suspected murderer as Leader of Opposition!
    By espousing the one allegedly killed his spouse, will the Congress want him to be the ASPIRATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL icon to be emulated?

  11. Who destroyed the tapes of the hotel remote cameras needs to be known, published & hanged. No doubt that Shashi Tharoor has murdered her through Pak goons in India supported by Italian Bar maid.

  12. It’s a shame on those journalists who start shouting at the top of their voices even if a scratch comes to one of them( Lutyens cabal) or some one even questions one of their masters. Such a gruesome and calculated murder happens to the wife of one of their very own and they remain quiet all these months; not even a whimper? Not even a feeble protest? And shame on Vivek Gogia led police team too. As an IPS officer, the job is well protected and still you start crawling when asked to bend? Sad indeed.

  13. Shudder to think of the day before murder. Some VIP living in heart of Delhi calls all of whoswho of Delhi journalists like Barqa Dutt asking them to report for interview, where she is going to reveal all about rift with her husband and events Ike IPL and scam involved. Somehow the journalists were all too busy or tired because of earlier day’s work. But the husband against whom the revelations may go against was busy present in national level conclave attended by the PM, supremo of then ruling Congress and other MIPs. Incidentally, the famous “Chaiwala” remark that catapults the Opposition and Narendra Modi to absolute majority made on that day. The conference had defeat writ all over the faces of the ruling party VIPs at the impending General Elections. They must also be definetely worried about the ruckus likely to be created by the wife VIP of the ruling party and its effect on the upcoming results. Or were they in the know that the issue had already been “settled” during the day even as the Part Conference was being held.Suddenly in the evening the TV media starts reporting that the VIP who had invited all for the tell all news conference was found dead in her hotel room. All the CCTV coverage of the hotel corridors suddenly breaks down on the eve of VIP checking in itself. Reason for the VIP couple to quit their residence and live in hotel was about whitewashing their house. Or was it something else? Unless, the husband of the victim against whom accusations were about to fly was level of Central Minister, was involved or knows much more, how can this death investigation get hushed up at every stage? These are doubts of most ordinary citizen of 130 crores population. Don’t other equally powerful officials in judiciary and in Police like the Minister husband of the victim, know much more? Why everyone silent including women rights activists silent on injustice being done to a woman? What about safety and security of women living even within the confines of Star hotels? So many doubts and aspersions. The seat of the Supreme Court of India doesn’t at all do justice. What about safety and security of ordinary people living in nook and corner of the country?

  14. Judiciary is more corrupt & brazen in that. Judges like Muralidhar, Saini should be closely shadowed & all their properties (owned & Benami) listed.

    Attachments under Benami Act should be carried out against these criminals.

    Modi’s WAR ON CORRUPTION seems to have little or no impact on Judiciary.

    The going-rate for Bail is between 5 to 50 crores. Imagine how much Raja & Kanimozhi would have paid for obtaining acquittal in 2G.

  15. Surely the “bytes” Tharoor was giving these lady journalists must have been misunderstood by them for being real bites of love, creating a very deep sexual arousement among these journos clouding their rationale and fair judgement of events. These journalists have acted in total disregard of events that led to the murder of another lady. Even Delhi police behaved like they too do not have mothers, sisters and daughters and are a creation of unknown fathers, that they could aptly be branded as debased “ba$tards”. Such injustice is most painful to swallow. Sigh…


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