Home Ministry cancels Indian citizenship of TRS MLA for holding secret German Citizenship. Is Rahul Gandhi next for his secret British Citizenship?

The action of the Home Ministry to cancel the Indian citizenship of a sitting MLA will send shivers down the spine of Rahul Gandhi

The action of the Home Ministry to cancel the Indian citizenship of a sitting MLA will send shivers down the spine of Rahul Gandhi
The action of the Home Ministry to cancel the Indian citizenship of a sitting MLA will send shivers down the spine of Rahul Gandhi

Giving nightmares to ex-Congress President Rahul Gandhi, the Union Home Ministry on Wednesday canceled the Indian citizenship of Telangana MLA Ramesh Chennamaneni for concealing his German citizenship and facts about his visits abroad. The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) who won elections from the Vemulavada Constituency from 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2018 recently lost the case against the Home Ministry in all Courts.

In 1993, Ramesh obtained his Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Germany and secured employment as an Assistant Professor in Humbolt University in Germany. He took the citizenship of Germany in the year 1993. Consequently, he lost the Indian Citizenship. But in 2008, he obtained Indian citizenship (without the mandatory one-year stay in India), again suppressing many facts and continued traveling to Germany giving false facts and hiding his continuation of German citizenship.

Similar is the case of Rahul Gandhi, who has not yet given a proper reply to the Union Home Ministry which served notice to him in April 2019[1]. In November 2015, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy exposed that Rahul Gandhi had declared himself as a British Citizen in the United Kingdom (UK) Company Registry. In his company Backops Ltd.’s filings to the UK Company Registry, Rahul declared himself as a British Citizen.

Subramanian Swamy also produced Rahul Gandhi’s secret bank account in London’s Barclays bank in the name of Raul Vinci. This account was opened in 1994[2].

Home Ministry’s stern action against the TRS MLA is a real nightmare to Rahul Gandhi, who is involved in similar illegality in obtaining British Citizenship secretly and continuing illegally as an Indian Citizen.


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  1. Under congress rule even all working for govt have become corrupts . Time to fix all govt official asking them to sign the document of truthfulness or lose all they have if caught lying .

  2. well asked. these bastards should not only be stripped of their indian citizenship…all their movable/immovableassets be confiscated instantly.they be put in prison for breaking relevant laws

  3. Looks like our governments, irrespective of political affiliation/incline, seem to think alike in dealing with “swindle/fraud” on the Nation in the “Hua to Hua” mode ensuring the Citizen is Always Mocked at. This seem to be the case even in National Security. Most politicians, once in power, act despotic AND NO ONE CAN APPARENTLY MAKE THEM ANSWER LET ALONE PAY FOR THEIR PURPOSEFULLY COMMITTED CRIMES. Sad state of our Motherland & Sanathana Dhara. Jai Hind. Bhatatha Matha ki JAI. Jai Sree Rama.

  4. It is weird that neither the Home Ministry, the Congress party nor the Parliament of India take a rapid decision in settling Rahul Gandhi’s UK citizenship issue but keep it brewing in media debates. Perhaps, it is to be ignored as a nonissue as media frenzy or India as a whole be considered as a lazy, corrupt, inefficient administration incapable of governing allowing frauds to sit and make decisions in Parliament. K

    • That issue gets raked up in a big way during Election Times usually. After that no action is forthcoming. The common man is made to look like donkey as always. Bjp will keep this issue alive for getting mileage in upcoming elections. Who wants to kill a goose that lays golden eggs??


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