S K Srivastava reveals role of PC in NDTV & why 2 lady officers accused him of sexual harassment P1

Of the two female IRS officers who complained against S K Srivastava, one has taken Voluntary Retirement and has settled in Paris. Why did the Government give permission? A discussion with S K Srivastava.


  1. Mr SKSrivastava informed the reader of 3 distinct issues:
    a) “Why did Government of India keep its eyes closed, while civil servant Ashima Neb engaged in activities (through out, since… till 2019) which are not allowed by laws”.
    b) “Ashima Neb, a civil servant who accused me of sexual harassment escaped to Paris, while the penal law proceedings were following the due course”.
    c)”Baba Ramdev has been keeping NDTV the otherwise ‘sinking ship’ afloat”

    In my view :
    a)Panchsheel-2020, e.g. Regardless of what you are getting, »bend over, lest it might cause inconvenience to adversary ».
    David Coleman Headley (mastermind of 26/11/2008) was running a business in Mumbai and Mumbai government was clueless (pretensions) about it. He surfed through Immigration Check at the international airports in India.
    A significant number of Babus, bureaucrats while drawing their salary from Government of India are busy anchoring (example of SK Pnadey you named) their future abroad. Why India has been way behind other countries which became independent at about the same time ? Because of India’s Babus.
    These Babus sell (transmit as expert advice) India-centric policies (evaluations), which are given them by their Masters in occidental west.
    [Manmohan Singh’s daughter, ex NSA (Secretarial level) civil servant are/were employed by India’s arche-enemy George Soros]
    b)You have been hunted since 2006.
    Why and when did Ashima Neb choose France of all the places ? Because an average Indian does not know much about France. Even when, during first decade of 21 century, events in Paris, France influenced (undesirable) course of India.
    Request :
    You are the one who has access to information. If you can write a Timeline/Chronology, a possibility exists that available evidence would complete the Zig-Saw puzzle and open a channel of relief for the collective.
    For example, in Mumbai- pieces are coming together :
    Of course, Palaghar Sadhus murder case, Sushant Murder case, News anchor Arnab Goswami is being relentlessly pursued by Maharshastra government, but giving its CM sleepless nights.
    c) You said,« Baba Ramdev is keeping NDTV afloat »
    Request to Mr SK Srivastava :
    Please prepare an Appeal to Baba Ramdev, put it on the Internet. I promise to send it to Baba Ramdev and ask others to do the same.
    Appeal to Baba Ramdev :
    The objective and interests of your organisation and NDTV are not only divergent, but contradict, clash and tear in to interests of public in India at various points.
    For detoxification of the choking atmosphere which NDTV created, nurtured, your assistance, participation is requested.
    The roots of the ‘Life’ tree planted by your organisation would be better looked after, nourished once the grip-strangle hold of NDTV on over-burdened fellow innocent’s lives is loosened.

  2. Proverbial 3 Ws – Wine, wealth and woman applies to PC and his gang.
    NDTV et al continues its anti-national activities 24/7/365.
    One should not expect anything positive from PM Modi and his cowardly administration.
    PM Modi likes to have mediocre people around him since he became PM in May 2014.
    Most of the people coming from RSS background lacks sophistication/understanding of DEEP STATE barring Dr.S.Swamy.

  3. Shocking. Questions is why Modi Govt allowed to continue the probe on fake allegations against SK Srivastava? Answer is Arun Jailtey obliged to Chidambaram and executed by Jaitley’s Steno Nirmala Sitaraman. So vicious is the system


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