#Episode52 1.95M CCP members in UK, US businesses and other govt services

#DailyGlobalInsights #Episode52 1.95M CCP members in UK, US businesses and other govt services

Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to episode number 52 of Global Insights with Sri and Sree. And today we have some important breaking information, before I start sharing those things with you. Let’s welcome our guest Sridhar ChityalaJi. Sridharji, Namaskar and welcome to PGurus channel.

Sridhar Chityala:  Namaskar and very good morning to you on this Monday most important week in the US Election. Drama is the 14th to 18th when things need to happen.

Sree Iyer: So viewers, let’s first take a quick look at the US elections and then we will tell you about some very very interesting breaking news about members of the CCP party (The Chinese Communist Party) being embedded in various organizations in the west and also another big potboiler, all that coming down the pipeline but to start with the US elections take it away, SridharJi.

Sridhar Chityala: Thank you, sir. So, the US elections have reached its most important phase, December 14th and December 18th is important dates. December 14th, when all the different states are supposed to certify the elections and assigned their Electoral College votes, so, that the president can be selected. So, the six battleground states have been hanging in balance. There’s been a number of cases filed the Pennsylvania case has been, where you had the 39 States, 17 Republican and 22 with president’s legal team doing the intervention. So 39 that’s been rejected by the SCOTUS, which is effective to state that Texas had no jurisdiction in terms of extending its tentacles in other states. And even before they could hear Pennsylvania, so, Pennsylvania is making a case, which is to say, at least hear us out, so that we can tell you, what the rationale is? I am unlikely, that they would reopen.

Sticking to SCOTUS, Sidney Powell has made a case that, she’s making another appeal that they found new evidence in Michigan on this 220,000 mysterious kind of ballots from the dropbox drop boxes. And she says that she has new evidence that she can present. So, therefore, the SCOTUS must take a look. She’s also made another plea which is they will provide overarching evidence as to why they elections need to be decertified, based on what they’re saying in Arizona,  based on what they’re saying in Michigan and of course based on what they’re saying in Georgia, which is the most kind of contentious in terms of the evidence. You still have that 600,000 postal ballot votes, which have been certified on 83 per cent of them have not been, you know tracked you also, have now Lynwood has discovered that there are close to 200,000 postal ballots, fake or otherwise found in Arizona. And some of the ballots being shipped from Arizona into Georgia, this is besides Michigan, there are 1.2 million votes, they continue to be in the discovery process in Pennsylvania. Also, both in Michigan and Georgia the forensic evidence data, Georgia is withholding, but I think Michigan is likely to release the forensic evidence on the Dominion voting machines and they are saying, it’s not an error, but the adjudication is actually a fraud. This is a claim of Sidney Powell.

Wisconsin, you know, they seem basically resolve to the fact that you know, they’re not going to hear anybody, they have heard everybody and they want to move forward. The federal judge has dismissed Trump’s as well as other election petitions that are that were pending. In the meanwhile, there were 3 million dollars due from the Trump’s team from a recount point of view; they have refused because they saying that the recount was fraudulent when they assigned 87 seats in one of the counties that to the president-elect Biden.

So, that brings us to Nevada, Nevada is yes told, you know hanging but I think they have certified already there outcome given 11 seats. I think that is background legal case that will go on, will be wrapped up.  Primarily, the issue is around non-domicile, duplicate plus there is again abnormal pattern of allocation of votes to President-elect Biden. So, that was the contention in Nevada.

Arizona has not yet kind of certified, Arizona, the legislators are pastel is resolution after their State hearing, last week to say that the SCOTUS should set aside the certification because they believe that the integrity of the system and the integrity of the process the way the elections were conducted is in doubt. So, therefore, the election is void. So, the Republican members of the legislators are filing that in the Supreme Court. So, this is on the kind of at a state level, what you are observing. In the meanwhile, there is the growing chorus within the United States, especially around the security community and agencies as well as some of the legal, avid supporters of President Trump that he should exercise the 2018 executive order that he had passed.  And effectively in kind of a high-level summary of this executive order is that in the event the national investigation agency the head of the NIA determines that the elections were not fair and transparent and he suspects fraud in the whole process. Then, he can basically conduct an independent enquire and submit a report and that is December 18th. I think it’s 45 days from the election date, that’s the due. So, that date comes to December 18, so they would be then report tabled by Mr Ratcliffe after Consulting, conducting due process. Remember the due process is subject to scrutiny is not random and arbitrary.  Then an executive order can be passed which decertifies the elections.

So, we have those two, then we get to the January 6th House and Senate, all it requires is one House member and one Senate member to express doubts and say that the electoral process and the electoral vote allocation should be discussed. Chuck Schumer has come up and told Ron Johnson and Mo Brooks that you know, President-elect Biden has been fair and Trust. We don’t want another discussion, other what you call a witch-hunting going on here. So, the story is that we must accept the norms of the people. But, that should that come up that and the NIA is the last bastion.

In my view at least SCOTUS seems to have indicated this is not the forum for conduct and determining the outcome of the elections. You have to use your legislative branches to determine that this is not a judicial branch decision. So, that’s the sequence of events that we will see as we go on. What happens beyond January 6th, whether this can go on till January 20th is a matter of conjecture, but people are saying January 20th by the constitution is not cast in stone, when there is so much of doubt.

Sree Iyer: Thank you very much for that overall roundup. And now, we take a look at some other fast-moving development. First of all Sky News, Australia came out with a detailed video about the fact that about 1.95 million Chinese Communist Party members are embedded in various organizations in the west in the United Kingdom, in the United States including in Companies such as Boeing, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and so on and so forth. And perhaps as retaliation, we don’t know if that is true or not. So, we should not say that it is because of that. The entire Google network was down for I think about an hour before it just started coming back up. We were not even sure, we were going to be able to broadcast this Live on YouTube, but luckily everything settled down and we are now broadcasting Live on YouTube. Sir, this was information that was released by a Chinese dissident in the 2016 and four networks across the world had up to four years to go through all this information. Why do you think it took so long before they came out with the story and that too after the elections?

Sridhar Chityala: Why? I think that this specific story that you’re alluding to is part of the What you call IPAC (Independent Parliamentary Alliance looking at China) so, this is basically looking at whether there are Chinese interference and influence into policymaking bodies and think tanks and so on. The fact there is 1.95 million people are embedded in across the world in various institutions and high commissions and embassies. Either, it is a significant intelligence failure or it is an obvious intelligence failure or it is obvious but not obvious, that seems to be the situation now. Mind you, this is not an isolated one; I think we had a very detailed coverage yesterday on this specific topic, not just this topic, but broad overall in terms of the Chinese strategic kind of approach ever since they formed this new policy. Mr Pompeo also made a comment that close to 6.5 billion dollars are injected into many universities of which he listed 12 of them as part of endowment by three countries. And China tops the list and Russia is number two in terms of influencing the policy education and the mindset in terms of why that there’s a favourable thing that needs to be. Why they didn’t discover this before, because there were no disclosures. That’s God’s view, which is to say that you know, there was no disclosure. So, then we could find out there’s a disclosure violation. But, you’re asking the very fair question, this is a significant number why they didn’t do it. I don’t want to second-guess but I think that nobody wants to speak about it, that’s about it. And why didn’t want to speak about it, why today? Because, there is a mass interference whether one agrees are not in the US Elections, which is the oldest democracy in the world. When you have infiltration and this attempted level of magnitude of perceived and alleged fraud, where you see evidence, but nobody is willing to go deep dive and analyse this evidence. So, people are now saying let’s investigate and open up everything that that is around this ecosystem because many of the democracies are waking up and saying this could happen to me tomorrow.  And I think, that could be the only reason that there has been I call, retooling and reconnecting all the data points and coming up with the evidence and maybe some of the dissidents are speaking out because China is not walking the exact bed of roses, as far as Hong Kong is concerned. Hong Kong has had problems whether these servers were located in Hong Kong whether anybody from there is picking up, we don’t know but, all I can say is all these things are opening up, as a result of what we have witnessed and witnessing. When you take Dominion systems, there’s a lot of data which says that Dominion systems have connections going into China though, the Chinese deny but, it says is going into so, that’s all I can kind of speculate and contemplate by way of an answer.

Sree Iyer: What is striking is that the United States had four years to fix the system because allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 elections were aired. And people have been sitting around, this is the most advanced democracy in the world. But, somehow America managed to make a mess of its 2020 elections. Now, there is more stuff that is coming down the pipeline. We are about 13-14 minutes into the program. But this is also very important. It cannot be swept under the carpet. So, what happened on October 20th 2020 that is just days before, the third and final debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was going to take place. There came the news that there was a coalition or an agreement between an entity that comprised of Joe Biden’s brother Jim Biden and Hunter Biden and a few other associates who is going to get into a deal with China energy and in this deal, there were many names mentioned and these names and what are implications? We are going to talk about it. Sir, this is a video that is running right now because you will not be able to see it. I am showing all the names that are mentioned in this and I’m also going to be sharing the email itself that was written by Jim Biden and that also will be part of our story in the web. So, people can take a look for themselves as to how these people are involved. Sir, what do your thoughts, how come they did not come up at that third debate? And now it is slowly coming out, which is what is striking me that after the story is over, a lot of you know stories are coming in. It’s really strange.

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think it’s there was again this discussion around this topic across the country. One of the themes’ that’s presented is it’s very clear that the mainstream media is anti one way and pro the other way. So the mainstream media refuse to take this up and not even ask questions that relate to this. So when you have no interactions by mainstream media, there is no mechanism by which this issue can be raised. Either you raise it with the concerned people or you publish stories so it props up as an issue at least in the eyes of the media. So the mainstream media played its part. The tech and the social platforms they even furthermore, so you have to go and put this issue up, you will continue to find there is a little strand that comes up in Facebook or Twitter is even more Draconian. If you do it three-four times, they will just simply ban you. Remember this was done by the New York Post. What did Twitter do? Twitter brought New York Post down. When Hunter Biden issue was thrown up, they brought it down. They shut it down. And so, therefore, you have the social media and tech platforms who play this role. Now, if I asked some of my Democratic friends on the other side and Republican friends are helpless because they’re clueless and they can only say ‘Hey we would like to see that happen, but the story is now… but you ask the other side well. Bad luck, that’s happened to us. This happens all the time in the United States.’

So, you have tech platforms and you have no kind of… What is more amazing is that there is no intention across the United States by the community to come together in a centre ground which is to honestly assess, ‘look we have a problem, that problem needs to be fixed.’ So, in other words, we have said this, there is no centre, there is no objectivity. We have moved either right or we have moved either completely left, so which is the reason why you did not have this issue surface up. It is possible that some of these agencies have started to, I mean, I also hear the Department of Justice has been doing this because both Scalisi Ron Johnson and I think it’s Ron Paul raise the issue. How come we were not, the House and the Senate were not made aware of this investigation when the department of justice has been looking at this since I don’t know 2018 or 2019 because they have stated that they have been looking at this since 2018 – 2019. So this seems to be a complete collective failure on the part of the agencies as well not to have brought this issue much ahead of the elections rather than just on the eve of the elections.

Sree Iyer: Thank you, sir. And this is developing events again, and we will have to see what happens and stay tuned on this one. So Hunter Biden’s name – front and centre of many a scam and this is going to be weighing-in very heavily on Joe Biden’s presidency, now that his running mate, his vice president-elect also is named in this camp. It’s going to be troubled waters. That’s all I can tell but let’s see how this thing plays out sir.

Sridhar Chityala: I want to add two points.

Sree Iyer: Yes, please. Go ahead.

Sridhar Chityala: I think the first point that I want to add is this 1.95 million names is a bigger concern and whether it’s just 1.95 or whether it is 5 million, we don’t know, because it is now reported that there is a DNA based database that’s being created by the Chinese which is look at the most influential members. That’s number one.

Number two. I think you alluded to the fact whether the systems crash relates to possible incidents that you alluded to but there’s one more incident that occurred over the weekend, so we should not rule out which is the Russian crack jacks taking down and intruding the treasury and the Department of Commerce email systems what they were trying to find we don’t know but they did crack into that system. Well, that’s possible into Google. I don’t know.

Sree Iyer: We’re going to be touching upon that in this segment, sir. Let us take a look at covid next. Covid vaccines are beginning to roll out of their Michigan Plant and what can you tell us about how covid is being contained in the whole world, sir?

Sridhar Chityala: I think covid seems to be expanding at a rapid pace when I just heard this morning that China’s three provinces are under lockdown. Obviously, they haven’t mentioned which provinces but three provinces are, by now maybe that news is out. So the story is, three provinces are on the lockdown for the virus.

Korea is saying escalating cases, South Korea. North Korea, we don’t know. South Korea is escalating cases. Indonesia is saying, Germany is going to do your full lockdown, full shut down. Europe has seen a resurgence in the cases. The talking point is, the United States is saying, escalating cases in the United States. So while that goes on there is a very positive force, which is called as the vaccines. The first set of shipments went out yesterday in Michigan from Kalamazoo Factory of Pfizer. So we expect a hundred million first set of vaccines to be starting from Tuesday, which is tomorrow. People getting vaccinated, Frontline Workers, Health Care workers, people who are in hospitals, who are in emergent need including the government officials who are in need of critical positions to continue to care for the conduct of the business.

So these are all kind of prioritized and there is also Statewide prioritization in terms of the distribution. We expect about a hundred million people to be vaccinated. Britain is well on its way in terms of vaccinations. India will soon commence its vaccination program. They probably are testing various protocols. They got three different schemes going. Japan is leading with again Pfizer, Moderna and the Astra Zeneca version and so they wanted all 300 million 50 million and some 40 million vaccines. So they are on their way. Europe is the headquarters of the biotech industry. So you will see that Europe also, so there is a very positive disposition on this whole vaccination program and we expect things to even out in due course.

Sree Iyer: Okay, sir, let’s take a look at markets and economy. What does the Dow future tell us? Last I checked it was up. What is the latest on that sir?

Sridhar Chityala: So it’s called as the vaccine stimulus. So the Dow Jones was up at 2:49. The markets don’t open for another hour. So the Future is about 250 points. All three indices are up – Dow is up, NASDAQ is up and then, of course, the S&P is up, all three are up on the back of positive disposition towards the vaccination programs that are underway. Also, there is a hope that the stimulus will be back in the discussion. I gather that the 908 billion dollars which are put out by the Republican Party Mitch McConnell, seems to be leading the pack right now as we speak but then the whole stimulus discussion has been like a yo-yo going up and down but there would be a stimulus. I think that whether that happens before Christmas whether that’s something that is done and then gets rolled out January remains to be seen, but very much everybody is looking forward to the stimulus program.

Sree Iyer: Thank you very much, sir. And one little thing I forgot to mention in this email that was written by Jim Biden and discussion around it, data has emerged that there is mention of a big guy who’s supposed to be getting 10 million. Who’s the big guy? We don’t know but we are sure we will see more of this. That is one other Smoking Gun that is doing the rounds today and the 1.95 million CCP members almost all of them appear to have come from the Shanghai region, whether that is important or not, I don’t know. What is the significance of that? And that will be the last thing we’ll discuss before we log off today.

Sridhar Chityala: Shanghai is the headquarters of the finance, trade, and commerce of the central institutions that govern the world are located from a Chinese point of view in Shanghai, right? It is the biggest next Beijing it is the biggest ecosystem, the epicentre of activity. The only thing that I can say is that if Chinese have adopted a hub-and-spoke model, which is what they do because it’s command and control from one single. So this is won’t be a surprise if it is from that specific region. I mean almost all of the major epicentre of activity originates out of… when the shifted things from Beijing, Beijing was government and Shanghai was commercial.

By the way, just on that point since you said all the three and Alibaba and what’s the third one? They have all been now subjected to further regulation. Further regulation so they mean they are containing them even further. This is again another breaking story for the regulation and where would they come from? Shanghai.

Sree Iyer: And this doubt is nicely revealed a few days ago when we talked about a Chinese Professor influencing United States policies and politics before Trump came along through the Wall Street, isn’t it sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Yeah, from Renmin University, which is not too far from Beijing. Mr Dongsheng was the professor who has come out and indicated that ‘look China has been controlling and managing and influencing many of the activities. Look, without any doubt, this is the case, why it is the case because even you look at each of the market pundits who come and opine in the television shows and as it relates to markets, not one person talks about three important things which we touch yesterday – One – Democracy, Two – Human Rights, Three – Trade and Commerce practices and Forth – Legal and Compliance, nobody speaks this. Everybody talks about ‘Oh they’re good, they’re managed this, it’s a 6% growth, you got set up etc, but they are willing to take the punishment and turn a blind eye to the other facets which they conveniently use, for example, when they pick India, they pick all these issues, but when it comes to China, you will never see a market pundit or a leading Finance executive talking about this. Because then, why they don’t talk about it, because it’s probably there is no butter on the bread because there’s enough layer of butter on the bread to know that they prefer the butter.

Sree Iyer: Okay, and viewers we have got a lot of stuff on China for you, by the way, and we hope you will continue to support us and follow us and give us a very very strong thumbs up.

Subscriptions are beginning to go up. Again. Thank you once again and do subscribe to our channel. Refer to our names to your friends and family. There is a lot of stuff coming down the pipeline. We have are going to analyze China threat there. We are going to tell you what exactly were the things that were happening in their kitchen. We kind of know how they think and it’s amazing how many things have been orchestrated over the past several years and all those are now coming home to roost. That’s what it took to put the current government in place. This is my conjecture. I could be wrong of course, and I’m hoping that I’m wrong about this because if a Biden presidency makes things easier for Chinese that’s going to be a very very hard difficult time for the world. Let’s hope that Biden will not move away from what Trump has been doing in the last four years against vis-à-vis China because you have a bigger problem and I hope they don’t move away from that. Let’s see how it plays out.

Thanks once again Sridharji and we’ll be back next tomorrow. Same time. Same channels.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar.


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