Rahul Gandhi caught in his own web

Rahul Gandhi finds himself between a rock and a hard place as far as his British citizenship is concerned

Rahul Gandhi finds himself between a rock and a hard place as far as his British citizenship is concerned
Rahul Gandhi finds himself between a rock and a hard place as far as his British citizenship is concerned

Most people are aware that the Home Ministry has sent a notice to Rahul Gandhi regarding his citizenship. Why did the Ministry seek this clarification and what is the thought process behind sending the notice?

Firstly, we need to understand that this entire issue is not at all with respect to Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship. Confused? The whole issue is in relation to the property owned by Rahul Gandhi in foreign countries.

The question of citizenship is only a cover.

If Rahul Gandhi replies to the Ministry that he was and still is an Indian citizen, the question arises who was the owner of the British property and money in British banks.

Secondly, then Rahul Gandhi has to say that in order to do business in UK he had to fake British citizenship but he is an Indian citizen.

There are two issues which thus arise:

The first is how he purchased property in the UK.

  1. The Indian law is very clear that any Indian citizen who wishes to purchase property abroad has to take permission from both the Home Ministry and External Affairs Ministry which Rahul Gandhi has not done.
  2. The second issue is why didn’t he take permission when the UPA was in power in 2005. The reason is simple. When black money is used for buying property how can one report it and take permission?
  3. Due to this, he will be forced to give a reply stating that he took British citizenship. Once he accepts this his Indian citizenship automatically gets canceled.
  4. Now let’s come to the question that if he has property in the UK why did he hide it from the Government. What was the reason behind this and what was the business he was doing in UK? Because his office is located 90 miles outside London in a remote village where no one resides.
  5. Assuming that he had purchased the office for running his business why is it closed since 2004. Where did the income come from for which he has paid income tax in the UK and filed an income tax return? This proves that this was laundering of black money.
  6. If Rahul Gandhi decides to forego his properties in the UK and wants to continue being an MP in India he has to lie that he is not a British citizen. In such a scenario, the Government of India can seize his foreign properties since Rahul Gandhi’s signature is there on the documents.
  7. If he accepts that he is a British citizen, then his Indian citizenship will get canceled. On top of this, his MP position would be stripped and he could go to jail for having fooled the country and the Parliament all these years.
  8. Whatever Subramanian Swamy does, he does it with proper evidence and complete preparation. Though he is not a lawyer he has been successful in all his cases. This case of Swamy has tightened the noose around Rahul Gandhi’s neck.

Now Rahul Gandhi is literally caught between the devil and the deep sea!

This is a translation of a Hindi post by a newspaper columnist Mr. Sushil Kumar Saroagi Jindal (सुशील कुमार सरोगी जिंदल), New Delhi.

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  1. Why people are so obsessed with the Congress and the Nehru family. The crime committed by Nehru was kept under wrap all these years. Likewise u people don’t want anything to happen to that dirty family. Come out of this Communist mentality then only the country will progress.

    • we are not impregnated with sweet people hence any action should not be counterblasting with sympathy votes so that everything achieved hitherto will vanish

  2. We get to read such articles now and then – however nothing comes out of it in reality. Earlier, a PIL to this effect (based on the same evidence) was dismissed by the CJI H.L.Dathu of SC in 2015 December.

    Also, RaGa was given a fortnight to respond to the notice – however has he officially responded ? – if not, why wasn’t he pulled up for this? These are the real questions to be asked. Looks like this topic of RaGa’s citizenship gets raised only during ELECTIONS and there is no real Intent to nail this crook once and for all.

  3. What is Home Minister Doing when this is pending for a long time. Be it democratic or autocratic or Military regime, by now, it would have been resolved anywhere else in the world.

  4. The question of his nationality was raised during the 2019 elections. How many more days will the Home Ministry wait to take action?

  5. Stupid people in our country will only be misguided by still talking about Rahul and Pakistan and other shitty not important things. Talk about our economy, wake up.

  6. The Indian law is very clear that any Indian citizen who wishes to purchase property abroad has to take permission from both the Home Ministry and External Affairs Ministry.
    Very vague statement.
    Please quote the relevant law.

  7. The whole clan of Antonia Maino a/k/a Sonia Khan (fake Gandhi), Raul Vinchi a/k/a Pappu and Priyanka Vadhara are the most corrupt and boldest robbers of India…. Dr Swamy believes Antonia M has close to Rs.250,000 crores (appr. $25 Billion US dollars) in black money, most of it is stashed in tax haven countries around the world.
    All three of them need to be exposed and prosecuted in the court and the Prosecutor should ask for nothing less than death penalty for looting the people of Bharat.

  8. Please check also Chidu Lungi as it came under both his ministry of finance and Home. Please tell SC not to be a road block in wiping out corruption

  9. In our country, some people and families are above law, thanks to vote bank politics, especially regional political families

  10. Trust me , with the help of UPA friendly bureaucraps and due to incompetent people at critical position in the Govt., Pappu will advance the argument of the need to project himself as British citizen for security reasons for children of ex-PM for posing as a British national. The Gandy family keep always their track either covered have a fall guy. If I remember the notice was sent more than 6 months back.. why it should take such a long time to answer once nationality?

    • You must be so innocent to believe that bjp n congress are two parties…
      Both are controlled by west n missionaries…
      They only fight to fool the public…
      Nothing will happen to the Italian mafia since missionaries run bjp through modi…
      I really wonder when we will get real freedom… Swaraj?

      Have you ever seen any missionaries or any Christian godmen being punished ?
      Be it Mohan Lazarus, Paul Dinakaran, Esra sarhunam, jagath Casper– these people too run a lot of businesses n get a lot of money…

      Now even fireworks in Sivakasi have Charlie Chaplin name — aren’t there any Tamil words to name the crackers ?
      See through the list of now released green fireworks in Sivakasi in today’s daily Dinamalar… Jackie Chan fireworks etc..

      Why don’t dumeels or hindi opposition parties protest for having Tamil names for crackers ?

      Missionaries rule us indirectly n it’s okay if economy is bad… When bad prevails…

      Hindu temples should be fred n Hindu organisations should stop supporting parties blindly… They should have a common charter n whichever party gives them priority, they should chose that rather than blind support..

      If a person that too MP is accused of dual citizenship, that must be the top priority of any country n he should be punished…
      But raul keeps talking n Modi lets him talk n judiciary is so happy to see the corrupt family inside the parliament…

      Those who escape now will be punished in future..
      Nehru was projected in almost most of the Indian history books …
      But now people know how bad a ruler he is..

      So history will show true colours…

      Jolly murders in Kerala — not even one media continuously writes about this because if the accused is a Christian even media become silent… But a Hindu abirami was the talk of the town when she poisoned her kids n tried to poison her hubby…
      But this jolly could fake her identity, kill a lot of persons for almost 10 years n escape n still doesn’t make the news….

      Really worried about Hindus in India.

  11. What is preventing courts in cancelling their bail.in national herald case and convict them? This fellows NSG/SPG COVER SHIULD BE REMOVED SINCE HE MOVED AROUND WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE. WHY EX-CMs AND such people be provided with hundreds of security personnel. CHANDRABABU naidu is provided with nearly 100 security personnel where as common men of 1000 is guarded by 15 policepersonnel.in AP. Let him pay for his security. If such rule is there he may not engage even a single security guard.


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