How to control Petrol prices a chat with M R Venkatesh

One of the areas that this government can look at to control petrol prices is the expenditure of various departments that contribute little to the economy. All these can be dissolved. Make Babus use public services and more...


  1. Even if they travel by car it should be ” made in India ” car starting from narendra modi
    This will boost made in India products

  2. Dear Iyer

    I saw the video of yourself chatting with Mr.M.R.Venkatesh regarding suggestions for controlling petrol prices. I am sorry that I differ from Mr.Venkatesh in this regard. I record my views as under. When you are seeking suggestions (practical) for reining petrol prices your participant is dwelling on certain issues on which now no one has any control. Control of babudom and reduction of government machinery are steps to be thought over in the long term. The immediate relief (whatever feasible) for the common man from the relentless rise of petrol is what we want. Unfortunately Mr. Venkatesh is dreaming about an utopian world with unpractical ideas to control petrol. I found out during the conversation that you were little embarassed by the steps suggested by him.
    I feel (to my limited knowledge) that India can explore the possibility of sending ONGC engineers to Venezula , discuss with that government for increasing the output of oil. Possibility of leasing out the wells by ONGC can be examined. A barter arrangement in rupee trade can be arranged. Of course Venezula is a banana republic. How we can proceed ? that is another question.

    Let no you and Mr.Venkatesh be offended by my remarks.

  3. Such sane discussions – we can’t get to find them anywhere else, i guess!
    Keep up the great work, Sree Iyer ji. I really agree to what MRV said about babus’ salary causing such a big drain on our Revenue. In Kerala, we face a similar situation with an added twist. This is with respect to organizations like Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and Aided Schools – where you can get a job by paying a hefty bribe (much like a soft loan – which will be returned when you retire, + you will get Govt Salary, Pension and all govt benefits). I am told that as much as 40 Lakh Rupees has to be paid to become a teacher to the Manager of the Aided School at present. (There is nothing more to be said of the quality of teachers in Govt Aided Schools here!)

    (Kerala has ZERO development – the only 2 things the successive governments concentrate are promoting LIQUOR and LOTTERY)
    The Kerala government is struggling to pay salaries every month to the extent of having to take loans. There is even a fantastic analysis by Dr. B. A. Prakash on the situation in Kerala.


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