In conversation with Mohandas T G on the mischief played by Mathrubhumi

In conversation with Mohandas T G on the mischeif played by Mathrubhumi

Translation of what Mohandas TG said:
1. Explained that courts will not normally enter the legislative area but will not sit idle if the legislature doesn’t carry out its suggestion – won’t brook a legislative vacuum for long.

2. This is the limitation of courts. That is why I say this is the first step. Let us wait for few months. However, if Parasaran and Swamy feel that we must go to supreme court, fine, I will abide by that.

3. If someone not satisfied then agitation (kalaapam) is the only method. By kalaapam I don’t mean using gun and bombs. Hindus must be seen on the roads. Take a lesson from other communities. How they organize their programs! Learn from it. Learn from our old generation. They didn’t have any facility. No money. But they had dedication. Somewhere we lost it. Not a big thing. If we stand united we can regain it in no time.


  1. If only PGurus would– if only PGurus really could– attach either an appropriate subtitle or a transcript, preferably both, in the medium of the article, it would indeed be marvelous!

      • As I bow down, as I feel I must, in gratitude, I look up in reaction, as I see a shadow growing beneath me.

        What I have in sight is PGurus handsomely hovering high above, awesome in its approach toward its audience.

        God bless PGurus, as well as its endless striving toward a glorious, harmonious and homogeneous world, truly a Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam devoid of any missionary, mercenary or mafia detrimental to Mother Earth’s health, happiness and history.



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