Tirumala Christians working at TTD institutions

Many more instances of Christians working at TTD institutions have surfaced

With several new video evidence emerging from Tirupati, it seems there are still many crypto Christians working in the departments affiliated with Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). In these new videos, we can see employees named Ms. Soubhagyam and Ms. Sujatha going to a church. Ms. Soubhagyam works as a staff nurse in Srinivasam Complex (Managed by TTD) and Ms Sujatha works as the Head of the Department, Padmavathi Women’s college, Tirupathi. In another video, we can see a TTD vehicle parked inside the church premises in Tirupathi.  A few months ago similar incident came to light exposing the Christians who acquired jobs in TTD in SC/ST quota.

Deputy Executive Officer, Ms. Hemalatha got caught while she was attending a Church Prayer using TTD Official Vehicle. Surprisingly, all Christian groups and Communist parties jumped in to protect her. There was a huge protest lodged by CPI(M) demanding ‘Job Security’ for minorities who currently work in TTD, and till now there is no action against her. CPI(M) also wants to distribute temple lands to the poor farmers but they never demand the same from Church lands do and Waqf lands. We all know that Church is the biggest landowner in India, but CPI conveniently forgot that fact.

After the Hemalatha incident, TTD had identified nearly 40 non-Hindu employees working in its institution, and issued a show-cause notice to them. After receiving the notice, these 40 employees jointly approached High-Court requesting to allow them to work in TTD. Finally, the High Court of Hyderabad issued a stay notice, allowing them to continue in their respective duties until its further proceedings.

After receiving backlash from Hindu groups such as Hindu Chaitanya Samithi, TTD had sought all their employees to give a written statement (declaration) about their religious inclination. Despite submitting such declaration, Ms. Soubhagyam, Ms. Sujatha now got caught going to Church. It will be interesting to see the response of the Government of  Andhra Pradesh with this new video evidence of crypto-Christians working in TTD.

Since Telugu Desam Party came into power in 2014 several famous Hindu temples in Vijayawada were demolished and there are ongoing preparations to demolish 10 more Hindu temples in Tenali, Guntur district. It seems Mr. Chandrababu Naidu does not care about Hindus and he seems to follow the same route as Congress in minority appeasement. TTD is a Hindu Dharmic organisation, there is no place for communists or people from any other religion in Hindu Dharmic place.  Andhra endowments department is filled with Christians, where corruption takes place at a large scale. In Nov 2017 Anti-Corruption Bureau seized several hundred crores worth of assets from Mr. Medepalli Vijayaraju who was Joint Secretary, Endowment Department in the AP Government[1].

It seems that the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam is being monetarily exploited at various stages systematically. The local newspapers reported that the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. N Chandra Babu Naidu wants to use temple money[2] to fulfill his Electoral Promises made in the year 2014.

Hindus are donating the money for Hindu Dharma Prachar, and for the maintenance of temples, but most of this money is diverted to the common good fund, and subsequently used for secular purposes. It is a well-known fact that several Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh disappeared in the last 10 years and Crores of Temple money and temple lands were misused. The Chandra Babu Naidu’s administrations seem to be taking Hindus for a ride, and the minority appeasement is hitting the highest level at the cost of Hindus.


[1] Official issued 104 fake NOCs for temple lands of VijayawadaNov 10, 2017, NewIndianExpress.com

[2] Is cash-strapped Andhra Pradesh eyeing Tirumala’s surplus funds? Jul 14, 2016, Firstpost.com

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  1. Sir again they are distributing Christian paper along with hindu papers without intimating the govt. Is not showing any interest in resolving so please sir take this serious and make sure this news goes to subramaian swamy sir so that with his fire they can resolve this issue

  2. TN Brahmins recently appreciated CBN for his support to poor brahmin priest and even saw news that the unauthorised land grabbing done during YSR period and distributed to coverts which was reclaimed back by CBN. Now the above news is shocking to hear. Appeasement disease of minorities started by MKG and it is impossible to remove this from politicians blood unless the voting right is snatched from non Hindus. The current BJP NAMO Govt also not free from this disease.

  3. As I recall, in Dec. 2013, Chandrababu naidu held a christmas mass with a pastor and few rice bag converts/children with candles before the 2014 elections. The Telangana govt. assured for the construction of a christian bhavan (they may have constructed by now?) in Telangana. Similarly both telugu state govt. announced free doles (rice bag + other cooking stuff, money for marriage of minority women,etc.) and even pushing for special muslim reservation (by telangana govt/dont know if AP govt joins them but CBN promised kaapu reservations during his campaign for 2014 elections). So the idea of these brainless appeasements is to divide the Hindu society and consolidate the power of minorities against Hindus (in India, although they fight here as well as else were in the world for various reasons).

  4. We r afraid to talk on our religion , these people r carrying hindu names and misguiding to all, south India leela to andhar everywhere we can see slient actions to dominate son of soils, all hindu n our organization need to come under one flag else no wonder we wipe out systematically

    • You r very right ….Lot of non hindus use hindu names to carry out their hidden agendas! This practice is also rampant in the lutyens eco system where powerful hindu haters who hv nothing to do with hinduism use hindu names to carry out all kinds of sabotage to weaken hinduism & through it the indian state!!

  5. TTD must be made a fully independent body without govt.interference i its administration. Monies from the hundial collection, etc should be their own property and should be spent for the welfare of hindus. If this system cannot be brought in, the devotees should form an association of their own and all offerings to the Lord should be collected by them as donation under a trust and used for hindu welfare projects. Hindus should unite to form a political force to oust the present set of politicians who want to loot the temple funds in the name of secularism. As a first step, donations and offerings to the TTD administered hundials,etc. must stop.

    • Exactly….this is what I have been telling too….
      We should stop all hundial money. Don’t pay for anything which is done by government. Let them hand over temple administration to hindus. Again here lot of non Hindus… comment that temples should not go to Brahmins…
      What’s wrong in that..? Why are they bothered about Hindus and Hindu temples…
      Non believers and non Hindus don’t have to dictate rules to Hindus on who should manage.

  6. These working Christians in Hindu endowment boards are spies & moles leaking & providing information on how to break Hindus & hindu society.
    Infact, Christians have no right to live in Hindu country & survive on Hindu money

    • What should be done? BJP should come to power in Andhra …
      Didn’t expect this from Naidu..he is going to follow Rajasekar Reddy… Already Tripathi – fire incident. Let’s wait n watch.

      • Chandrababu Naidu demolished the aayiram kaal mandapam (1000 feet mandap) of Sri Ramanujacharya in Tirumala. Naidu is anything but a Hindu.

        • Is this true.? Could this be true?
          What were the journalists doing? Why was this not brought to public.
          Lot of Hindu news agencies and Hindu journalists are needed to bring all this scam out.

          • Addressing the core issue of unplanned expansion of the city or route to Tirumala kshetram the govt. resorted to demolish the 550-year old structure. Also in this context the 400 years or so old prakaram at Kalahasti was left for self destruction although cracks started appearing it in for many years before.

            TTD to rebuild thousand-pillar mandapam :
            “The massive granite structure which once majestically stood opposite to the hill temple was razed to the ground in the year 2003 as part of the implementation of the master plan aimed at de-congesting the area around the main temple complex.

            Even though the decision to dismantle the centuries old structure was taken as back as in the year 1983 the successive managements repeatedly postponed its implementation owing to political compulsions.”

            “The sentimental wave that swept across the State was so strong [at that time] that even the aborted attempt on the life of Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu the following month at Alipiri in Tirupati was attributed to the proposed demolition of the monolithic structure.”

            “According to the latest proposals, the mandapam will be reconstructed in the sprawling Narayanagiri gardens in an area of about 10,000 sq ft. The pillars of the erstwhile mandapam will be used in the new structure.”


            Supposedly this Vayyi Kalla mandapam is a 550-year-old structure when demolished in 2003.


            And the demolition was defended as well by our very own lot :

          • I meant: Rather than addressing the core issue of unplanned expansion of the city or route to Tirumala kshetram the govt. resorted to demolish the 550-year old structure (unplanned expansion is such a serious and pervasive problem across the length and breadth of the country and every govt is happily/willfully oblivious to this “very very important” issue. I dont know how the supposed smart cities are going to be built but I dont have any positive feeling about them either).

  7. Hindus we’re already divided and even now antinational parties are trying to divide Hindus further. Hindus don’t have any country to go. They have to die like a depressed soul. They don’t have any external help and on the other hand the external forces with the help of traitor antinationals trying to destroy Hindus and eliminate them completely from this land. Hindus don’t have any leader who can unify Hindus. All Hindus institutions are getting converted or destroyed and the income from temples is distributed among non Hindus to further strengthen their votebanks and to destroy Hinduism. Only God can help. Oh God. Gods properties are being looted.

    • Don’t worry…things will change.
      Same happened in Tamil cine industry
      .. lot of conversions and lot of christian movies…but now look…the whole cine industry is in stunted state.
      Changes will come in trimala too. Pray sincerely.

  8. A Hindu temple cannot be compelled to engage the services of a security agency owned by non-Hindus, the Madras High Court has ruled. Ultimately, reforms in matters of religious administration, if any, have to come from within and not outside, and the court could not thrust reforms.

    Section 10 of the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act clearly stated that all servants of a temple, right from the Joint Commissioner to the last grade servants, including the security guards, must be Hindus.


      • Congress should be eliminated from India at all cost. Mother n son pose a danger to India…let them be driven back to Italy penniless.

  9. The popular Goddess Kanaka Durga temple landmass mountain has been “cut” into to facilitate a road construction. Such a thing is never done to remove the “kabra / kaber” of muslim persons which come in the road center. The day may not be far away that this holy temple of Goddess Kanaka Durga fall due to instability caused by rains in that Vijayawada area.

    At least for this reason, Chandrababu Naidu govt has to fall.

    Chandrababu Naidu has played a dirty game with BJP. He is lies & blunt lies. The sole person who contributed to the bifurcation of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh, the credit goes to Chandrababu Naidu for seeking to enrich himself he went ahead favoring bifurcation & with his personal ambition to build a new city (every Rakshas in Hindu puranas) prayed & did it, only to be demolished by Lord Shiva. Do not understand why the fertile lands are taken to build this city

  10. There is an urgent need for Hindu organisations to work together to expose politicians having Hindu names but in reality they are anti Hindus.

  11. Need to get them removed. What are the Hindu organisation doing. They better get their act together and see that these elements are thrown out. Absolutely crazy. Give them an inch they will take it by the yard.

  12. This article is the best illustration of the phenomenon which Honorable Dr Swamyji calls ” The Siege Within ” of Sanathan Dharma & indic traditions in present day India! If TTD one of the most foremost & powerful Hindu institution is being penetrated by ‘hindu haters’ & it seems helpless to thwart their evil designs despite being so resourceful , one wonders what is the situation in other not so powerful/fragile institutions! There seems to be an ongoing full proof plan to penetrate Hindu sacred orgs/institutions and wreck havoc from within and it has tacit support from the Nehruvian state that India was and still very much is. Another instance of this phenomenon can be seen in WestBengal where a nearly 3 century old Shiv Temple’ control has been handed over to islamists of BangladDesh so that they can wipe out this precious Sanathan symbol from WestBengal as has happened in BanglaDesh!!


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