In conversation with Rajiv Malhotra – RW Culfests and the need to have a B2B ecosystem

With the bar to entry being low, it is essential that RW ecosystem organize itself as B2B and B2C, similar to what is found in the Left system. Thoughts on how to become a critical thinker and more


  1. This video was an eye opener for me. Very disappointing that organisations like Srijan Foundation are undercutting other Hindu efforts. While I commend their efforts, we should grow bigger by growing ourselves , not pulling other people down.

  2. Agree. Rajiv was the pioneer and did a truly great job of exposing the break-India forces and their infrastructure. He has inspired a generation of intelligent, young, Hindus to spread the word via social media and other platforms and confront the sinister forces – be it the leftists or the Abrahamic forces (Christian, Muslim) and their media empire in the west and their agents in India. That is a good thing. The young people spreading Rajiv’s findings and fighting the anti-Hindu forces are mostly volunteers with a different day job. Unfair to expect that they should, or can, do research to build on what he has done. That responsibility belongs to paid professionals sponsored by Hindu organizations, temples or foundations set by billionaires. In fact, we should shame billionaires like Narayan Murthy who prefers to donate $30 million to Columbia university for Indology studies with an known fraud (Sheldon Pollack) who is shaming Hindus with his misinterpretations. So, also, Ambani, Mahindra, et al.

    Rajiv is showing frustrations that others are stealing his thunder. That is unfair, unless they are doing harm to Hindu causes. We need more volunteers and foot soldiers, that’s how Hinduism has spread, with different flavors and icons to serve different tastes. Also, Rajiv’s YouTube shows are lacking excitement and, often, drawn out. We need shows that are crisp, sharp, hard hitting and factual with irrefutable data (not a hollow rant like Trump’s or hard to listen, noisy, TV talk shows)

  3. I don’t quite get this video. Rajiv Malhotra has done good work, and contributed some original ideas, however, he hasn’t been able to put together a team of presenters. There are good reasons for that. Some of those who have had some interaction with RM are aware of those.

    On the other hand, Srijan foundation is also doing excellent work. They have a broader base, and they have been able to bring forth diverse talent.

    The leftists have container load of money and other resources at their disposal. To compare their structure with that of those who have got very limited resources is disingenuous.

    It is good to have many voices say the same thing. The market will pick the winners. The message will reach wider audiences. I can’t see a good reason to complain.


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