In conversation with T R Ramesh on Sabarimala – the way forward

T R Ramesh discusses the reason for the spontaneous reaction in Kerala to the Sabarimala verdict and lists the legal options available, and on the Kerala HC verdict on Muslim women entering Masjid.


  1. Two important points need to be discussed in this context. First is the atrocity act that has been discussed on this website. It is one striking example where central government intervened to nullify supreme court decision. The second is the funding of the court cases. Who is spending for lord ayyappa? Does that side have enough funding? If the temples had control over their money, this case would likely have taken an altogether different route.

    Please make sure you discuss these points the next time.

  2. Let Subramanian Swamy fight for the birth place of Ram in Ayodya!!!!!!, in North India. We the South Indians will fight for the birth and living place of Lord Ayyappa. Customs and orders given by our intellectual forefathers should be maintained at any cost. Let us take a vow that we will not see the TV and news media, who are taking sides on this matter against public perception including women of Kerala. Stop seeing television and stop buying newspapers for the next one month, so that they will feel the pinch. Who are they to send girl reporters instead of males reporters? specially in this critical circumstance. Simply to create problem and increase their trp ratings.

    • Sir well said, South India is citadel of Hinduism. AP has Tirupati and 3 Shaiva and many Narasimha temples. Kerala has Padmanabha and Guruvayur temple. TN has innumerable Devi temples.

      North Indian temples were razed to ground, as Rajputs sold their wives ti Mughals. These idiots are not able to build One Ram temple and RSS jokers pretend they are for Hindus. Visit N Indian temples and you will find our toilets are cleaner than them.

      All English TV channel anchors are jokers. More so expert panellists.Though they carry Hindu names, their knowledge of Hinduism is zero. NDTV calls, the ladies who sneaked into Sabarimalai as devotees, who in fact are Muslim activist and a journalist. It is time South Indians wake up , plenty of money is with temples, take them over from govnt control and earn from spiritual tourism. Tirupati Hundi money alone can feed all South Indians.

      • Please be careful with your words. With so many enemies and hardly any friend, our temples can not afford to alienate more people.
        Write to gather and align, not to offend friends and well wishers.

  3. It is unfortunate that Subramanian Swamy by supporting SC order has shown his ignorance of Hinduism. A person who can’t differentiate between devatas and God ( paramatma ) is a pseudo Hindu. All temples in India have a murthy of a specific devata, with specific rituals, and specific naivadyam being offered. It is fundamental in Hinduism, that no women worships deity at home or temple during periods. This is not gender inequality. More shocking is how a person with brahminical background is ignorant of this fact. His fighting for Ram mandir is ridiculous while ignoring his disciple Sabari and Ayyappa deity of Sabarimalai.

  4. The people of our country and especially Kerala have every right to give our opinion on the wisdom of the judges of our supreme or high courts. I do not understand the denomination clause.Why can’t we submit before the bench that Ayyappa temple daily pooja and special poojas are not a regular one as followed in other temples. They are tantric in character and that is the denomination. The special pooja like 18 steps are not in any other temples. The followers are to follow one mandalam vratham etc. These are special and the denomination as wanted by the Bench. Suppose if I say that I should be allowed to enter Parliament building and sit with all MPs, as per my fundamental right to enter any place specially public places, can the SC allow me? There are certain rules framed for that. Similarly our ancient sages have formed certain practices, in the interest of mankind. Are our constitutional experts have any simple idea of all the details?
    As Krishna has said that many things are going to happen Kali Yuga. Let us face it. All the Ayappa followers have to follow the poojas etc in their own houses to Ayyappa and make the Government to suffer for want of income. That is only solution.


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