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Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dr. Swamy's dramatic entry into RS on August 10, 1976
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Dr. Swamy's dramatic entry into RS on August 10, 1976

June 26, 1975: Swamy at 5AM goes underground on a tip off. Later Nanaji Deshmukh also underground and makes contact and then till Nanaji’s arrest on August 24, 1975, the two together plan the underground network with RSS underground cadres. After Nanaji’s arrest Swamy goes solo, but soon RSS No.2 Madhav Rao Muley adopts him and shows him JP’s secret communication asking RSS to send him abroad. On January 7, 1976 Swamy flies out of Chennai to Colombo, and after a day he flies out to London and sets up Friends of India International Society (FIIS) of RSS cadres. Indian High Commission declares his passport cancelled.Then Swamy reaches Cambridge, Massachusetts on a “cancelled” Passport, and despite Indian Embassy’s protests the United States (US) admits him to US on a visitor visa. Then with Jitendra Kumar and Mahesh Mehta, Swamy sets up US FIIS. Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson helps him by writing a Newsweek column condemning the Emergency. Simon Kuznets and Harvard Dean Henry Rosovsky invited him back to the Faculty. Swamy tours 23 states of the US to create huge support for early India elections. Then he plots to give Mrs Gandhi a nerve racking shock to wake her up from her smugness. So he travels on his cancelled passport to Delhi and on August 10, 1976 enters Rajya Sabha and makes a Point of Order (see graphic below) and again escapes via Nepal with the help of his Harvard student King Birendra of Nepal. Again he enters UK and later US on his cancelled passport.
EmergencyHeroSwamy a time line
Here is the infographic…
EmergencyHeroSwamy a time line

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  1. May he clean up the corruption in our motherland and sound the warning bugles to those who want to indulge in unfair practices. An old man that I am i wish him all round success.


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