Is Karnataka crisis fast becoming a Mega Serial? Sree Iyer weighs in

Wheels within wheels. No one can explain why the Speaker won't accept the resignations. CM won't resign despite all signs of having lost majority. What are the stakes and is BSY afraid of fresh elections?


  1. Two weeks ago 22/28 ministers resigned! 17 MLAs holed up. 6 more MLAs were absent! Yesterday Speaker said 24 absentees! CM alone is taking decisions! Government is in a minority for nearly 18 days now! Yesterday night JDS and Cong-I left for home! Speaker injects sugar coated pills into the mouths of everybody and tells us that how he has been virtuous and follow rules for 40 years and through lunatic CM defies Governors’ directive twice!! Do not understand SC interim order. Their is no plan with speaker how many intend to speak…….first day it 20 rose to 26 now 35, yesterday agreed for 6 plus CM reply! Each one seems to have taken on an average 2 hours repeating the same points. Nothing new in their arguments.
    Speaker said he is answerable to people of Karnataka but allows pre-planned ruckus and massive delays!
    Speaker did not cover himself in glory but did some pep talk to please BJP. Just 34 MLAs of JDS, 66 Congress, illegitimate govt dictating terms to 105 BJP MLAs is pathetic! Speaker set to script a new chapter in our adopted Westminster model of democracy ” the house is the master of its own business!!”
    If election is held today BJP will win 175 assembly seats but still 46 months to go!
    Today 23/07/2019 may not happen trust vote. If lucky SC should ask CM on his petition “stating that Governor has no role to play” that he should take floor test first and then come to SC for clarifications next week/month!!
    Governor should recommend Presidents rule and take over administration till Maharashtra, Haryana elections scheduled for Jan 2020.

  2. On situation occurred in Karnataka the best way with BJP is to wait and watch as JD & Congee won’t last for long and instead of working with rebel MLA’s best option is to go in for elections.. Let citizen of Karnataka take the call and stamp the democracy. As Congees & JD knows that they won’t be coming back to Assembly.. Let them enjoy the last breath. BJpeans leaders have to learn a lot from our Prime Minister Shri. Modiji.. His faith, His determination, His Confidence, His Sincerity, His Achievement to reach Goals and forth most is ” HIS PATIENCE”. Work in the interest of Kannadigas and not as the party.. BJP will have Landside victory.. all the Best


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